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NEW! My heartfelt tribute to the dearly departed, longtime GS community stalwart Jake Tanner, In Memory of Mr. Jakers

The late Eillen Mintz discusses her GS experience in The Ups and Downs of a Pitfall Contestant

Read some departing words to the late, great Randy Amasia as I say Farewell to a Friend

Break the Bank (1985-86)
Bumper Stumpers
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime
Dealer's Choice
Love Me, Love Me Not
The New Treasure Hunt
Now You See It
Street Smarts
Strike it Rich
Super Pay Cards!
Talk About

Read transcripts of colleague David Hammett's 1996 phone conversations with three well-known
game show personalities:

A Conversation with Tom Kennedy
A Conversation with Wink Martindale
A Conversation with Gene Wood, Part I and Part II

On June 20, 1998, colleague Tom Hornikel recieved an e-mail from actress and former "Super Pay Cards!" hostess Mary Lou Basaraba. What did she have to say? You can find out when you read A Letter from Mary Lou!

My collection of game show board games
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Wanna trade? Click here to view my game show collection! (Updated 4/30)

Read my Tribute to Tomarken, a salute to "Mr. Whammy" himself.

Read my Tribute to Gene Rayburn, a salute to one of the best game show hosts of all time.

Read my Tribute to Gene Wood, a salute to one of the best game show announcers of all time.

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