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As of April 30, 2024...
shows and counting!

Are you looking for some cool shows or snappy theme music to add to your collection? You've come to the right place! I've been taping game shows since I was 6, and a good number of these shows are from my own direct recordings, while some were purchased from professional commercial manufacturers. However, most of these shows came from other people, so the picture quality varies greatly from show to show (although the vast majority, particularly the GSN stuff, has VG-excellent quality). This list is updated constantly, and there's always more stuff on the way, so keep checking! A new update will be posted every 4 weeks, though this is subject to delay due to possible illness, vacation, problems accessing my files, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Now for a few tips about my style of cataloging: I DO NOT count money amounts as part of titles (for example, "The $25,000 Pyramid" would be listed under "P"), and I also do not count the words "The New" or "The All-New" (for example, both "Liar's Club" and "The New Liar's Club" would be listed under "L"). After the title, the host's name is listed in italics; if a show had more than one host during its run, each host has a sub-heading of his own (Guest hosts, however, do NOT recieve a listing of their own; rather, the episode(s) of the show that they hosted are listed under the name of the emcee that they filled in for); an ampersand (&) is used to indicate co-hosts. After the episode description, the originating source for the show is listed in brackets; here's the key to the abbreviations you'll see:

[OB] - Original Broadcast
[OC] - Original broadcast, with Commercials
[SM] - Studio Master
[SC] - Studio master, with Commercials
[KIN] - Kinescope (most of these are B&W and w/oc, though some are in color)
[RPT] - Repeat broadcast (either from a local station or the "rerun cycle" of a series' initial run)
[OD] - On-Demand video service recording
[CBN] [USA] [FAM] [GSN] [PAX] [GAS] [BZR] [A1] [GTV] [CHA] - all used to indicate a rerun from the corresponding network (NOTE: "CHA" refers to Challenge, the UK equivalent of GSN)

Immediately following the source is a number, which is used for reference purposes; for example, [110.7] would mean that particular episode is the 7th show on tape #110. When doing a trade with me, PLEASE include the reference numbers for all shows you'd like from me; this will make things a lot easier when I have to go digging for the tapes that these episodes are on. If I have more than one copy of a particular show (i.e., one from OB and one from GSN), it counts as two shows on my "counter", and it is noted in the listing for that show.

"Foreign shows" are those which aired only in their originating country; shows such as "Pitfall", "Talk About", etc. which were aired simultaneously in both Canada and the U.S. do not count and are listed as U.S. game shows. If a foreign version of a U.S. game show used a different title than its American counterpart, this is noted by the words "same as..." in parentheses after the title.

Regarding my game show music, if a particular theme song had a title, it is listed in parentheses after the show's title. If I have different theme songs used for different versions of the same show, each theme recieves a separate listing, and the composer's name is listed in italics after the title of the show. All theme songs and music cues are clean studio cuts, free of applause and announcer voice-overs, and most are full-length.

Finally, if you ask me to trade for money, you will be ignored, as this is not only a violation of copyright laws, but an insult to those who worked on these (generally) wonderful shows and music. Other than that, I'm interested in virtually ANYTHING from 1993-back (but please don't ask me to trade, for say, last week's eps of TPiR, J!, WoF, or other first-run shows, except for state lottery and other local game shows), so if you wanna trade, just drop me a line, and we'll talk! In addition, cross-trades (like if you want to trade videos for game show music, or vice-versa) can always be worked out.

Now that you understand how to read my list and what I will and will not trade for, it's time to move on to my illustrious collection! Onward we go:

  • New Additions
  • A-C
  • D-F
  • Family Feud
  • G-I
  • (The) Hollywood Squares
  • Jeopardy!
  • J-L
  • (The) Match Game
  • M-P
  • Password (all versions)
  • The Price is Right
  • Pyramid
  • Q-S
  • T-V
  • To Tell the Truth
  • W-Z
  • Wheel of Fortune


    I would like to thank the following people for trading with me and/or helping me build my collection, as without them, my game show collection would not be what it is today:

    ...and special thanks goes to the 3 people who REALLY helped make this the impressive collection that it is today:

    Brendan "Beatmaster" McLaughlin
    My #1 source for "Password", "Pyramid", "Match Game" and other celebrity shows... thanks for countless hours of hillarity and entertainment!

    Matt Ottinger
    Thanks for all the great shows and the "Game Show Tapes," which contained lots of great theme songs, some of which I'd been searching for for some time.


    Jake Tanner
    Thanks for all the wonderful shows you sent me, plus the great music, as well as inspiring me to start a game show board game collection!

    However, I would also like to give a VERY special thank you to:

    Larry Carella

    A good friend of mine (although just about everyone I trade with also falls into that category!), Larry was instrumental in converting my collection to HTML and was responsible for about 80% of the work you see on these pages. Without his help, this project would not have possible, and if you're out there, I want to thank you for all the hard work you've put in.

    If you wanna trade, e-mail me at:
    and maybe we can make a deal! (no pun intended)
    Hope to hear from ya!