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  • 1991; guests are Jack Carter and Rip Taylor [A1/797.9]
  • 1991; guests are Meredith MacRae and Mickey Dolenz [RPT]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1991; guests are Jackson Davies and Jimmie Walker [both RPT/699.11-12]
  • 1991; guests are Leslie Easterbrook and *Eric Boardman* [RPT]
  • 1991; guests are Jo Anne Worley and Nina Blackwood [OB]
  • 1994; guests are Jenilee Harrison and Stu Jeffries [OB/D133.5]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1994; guests are Stu Jeffries and Billy Davis Jr. [both A1/390.2, 406.1]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1994; guests are Marilyn McCoo and Stu Jeffries [all GTV]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1994; guests are Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. [both GTV]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1994; guests are Marcia Wallace and Sally Struthers [all GTV]

    ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A CANADIAN 5TH GRADER?-Colin Mochrie: All 5 episodes of the series (except #4) from 2007 [all OC]

    BALONEY-Pat Bullard: Two episodes from 1988 [both OB]:

  • Guests are Alan Feinman, Evan Carter, and *Ross Shafer* [224.4]
  • Guests are Stevie Ray Fromstein, Carol Leifer, and Billy Riback (Cindy arrives late, so Big Mac the Cook briefly fills in!)

    BOWLING FOR DOLLARS (Kitchener, ON)-Jeff Hutcheson: One episode from 1990 [OB]

    "FF Canada" contestant Eve DuBois is interviewed (via phone) about her infamous "chicken" answer in this 3-minute clip from 2020.

    CANADA'S WALK OF FAME (2006): Alex Trebek is inducted in this 10-minute clip from 2006. [OB/1050.12]

    CASH CAB CANADA-Adam Growe:

  • The 2008 premiere episode [OB]
  • Two general 2008 episodes [both OB]
  • One episode from 2010 [OC]
  • One episode from 2012 [OC]
  • Two episodes from 2013 [both RPT]

    CLIPS-Paul McGuire: One episode from 1994 (missing intro) [OC]

    COOKING FOR LOVE-Thea Andrews: Two episodes from 1999 [1 OB, 1 OC/627.13]

    DEAL OR NO DEAL-Howie Mandel: All 5 episodes of the series from 2007 [all OC]

    DEFINITION-Jim Perry:

  • A 10-minute clip of a 1979 episode; guests are Audrey Landers and Terry Carter [OB]
  • 1982; guests are Tony Rosato and Lynne Griffin [OB]
  • 1982; guests are Don Harron and Valerie Pringle (end credits missing) [OB]
  • 1985; guests are Tony Rosato and Lynn Gordon [OB]
  • 1985; guests are Dan Matheson and Pat Marsden [OC/256.10]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1985; guests are Tony Rosato and Lynne Griffin (precede the episode below) [all OB]
  • 1985; guests are Dinah Christie and Barbara Hamilton [OB]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1986 (now all civilians and matches are 3-out-of-5) [both OC]
  • A general 1986 episode [OB]
  • The 1987 Tournament of Champions finals [OB/257.1]

    DOUBLE UP-Hart Pomerantz: The 1974 premiere episode [OB]


  • Howie Mandel talks about "Deal or No Deal" in this 3-minute interview from 2006. [OB/1050.13]
  • Wayne Brady shares his Emmy win w/the late Monty Hall in this 2-minute piece from 2018.
  • An excerpt of Michael Strahan's interview w/Alex Trebek from the upcoming "What is J!" special is shown in this 3-minute clip from 2020.
  • The infamous "chicken" answer from FF Canada is discussed in this 5-minute piece from 2020.

    FACE THE MUSIC-Alan Thicke: One episode from 1976 [OB]


  • The first four episodes from 2019 [all OB]
  • A 2020 episode w/the infamous "chicken" answer in Sudden Death! [OB]
  • Two general 2020 episodes [both OB]
  • A 2-minute montage of contestant audition footage [SM]

    THE FIFTH ESTATE: Bob Barker talks about his animal activism in this 13-minute interview from 2012. [OC]

    5-4-3-2-RUN-Andrew Cochrane: Two episodes from 1988 [both OC/362.4]

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT-Don Ritchie: The 1989 premiere episode [OC/223.2]

    Win Barron:
    Three episodes from 1957 [all RPT]:

  • The 5th episode; panel is Gordon Sinclair (GS), Toby Robins (TR), Frank Tumpane, and Alex Barris
  • An episode w/Alex Barris guest-hosing; panel is GS, TR, Frank Tumpane, and Scott Young
  • An episode w/Fred Davis guest-hosting; panel is GS, TR, Ralph Foster, and Ralph Allan
    Fred Davis:
  • New Year's Eve 1957 episode; panel is Pierre Berton (PB), TR, GS, and Drew Pearson [RPT]
  • 1958; panel is GS, TR, Frank Tumpane, and Ken Sobel [RPT]
  • 1958; panel is GS, TR, PB, and Marguerite Higgins (Eleanor Roosevelt is a contestant!) [RPT]
  • 1958; panel is GS, TR, PB, and Bob Considine (a blooper occurs during the panel intros!) [RPT]
  • 1959; panel is PB, TR, GS, and Scott Young [RPT]
  • 1960; panel is GS, TR, Lister Sinclair, and PB [RPT]
  • 1960; panel is GS, TR, Charles Lynch, and PB [RPT]
  • 1960; panel is GS, TR, PB, and Ernst Waengler [RPT]
  • Christmas 1960 episode; panel is GS, TR, and PB (no guest panelist) [RPT]
  • 1961; panel is GS, TR, Barbara Moon, and PB
  • 1961; panel is GS, TR, PB, and Mary Helen McPhillips [RPT]
  • The 5th season finale from 1961; panel is GS, TR, PB, and Larry Mann [RPT]
  • The 6th season premiere from 1961; panel is GS, Angela Burke, Charles Lynch, and PB [RPT]
  • 1961; panel is GS, Marie Torre, Jack Webster (JW), and PB [RPT]
  • 1961; panel is GS, Micki Moore, JW, and PB [RPT]
  • 1961; panel is GS, PB, Micki Moore, and Ralph Allan [RPT]
  • 1961; panel is PB, GS, June Callwood, and Hal Kelly [RPT]
  • 1962; panel is GS, Marie Torre, JW, and PB [RPT]
  • 1962; panel is GS, Betty Kennedy (BK), PB, and JW [RPT]
  • 1962; panel is GS, BK, PB, and Lister Sinclair [RPT]
  • 1962; panel is GS, BK, PB, and Percy Saltzman [RPT]
  • 1963; panel is GS, BK, PB, and JW [RPT]
  • 1963; panel is PB, BK, GS, and Lister Sinclair (end credits missing) [RPT]
  • 1963; panel is GS, BK, PB, and Charles Templeton [RPT]
  • 1963; panel is GS, BK, PB, and Allan Mannings [RPT]
  • 1964; panel is GS, BK, PB, and Paul Fox (part of opening missing) [RPT]
  • 1965; panel is GS, BK, PB, and Charles Templeton [RPT]
  • 1974; panel is GS, BK, W.O. Mitchell, and PB (end credits missing) [RPT]
  • 1992; panel is PB, BK, Allan Fotheringham, and JW (a clip of Buzz Aldrin's 1974 appearance is shown!) [RPT]
  • The last episode from 1995; panel is PB, BK, Alan Fotheringham, and JW [OB]

    FRONT PAGE CHALLENGE: 1001 NIGHTS (1986)-Fred Davis:
    Taped at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, this 90-minute video salute to Canada's longest-running panel game features lots of clips, reminiscences by Fred, and much more! [681.0]

    GAME ON!
    Tim Steeves & Jennifer Hill:
    Two episodes from 1998 [both GTV]
    David Merry & Jennifer Hill: Two episodes from 1999 [1 OC/730.5, 1 GTV]

    GENERATION GAP-Jeff Rechner: One episode from 1989 [RPT]

    GHOST TRACKERS-Joe MacLeod: The first three episodes from 2005 [all OC]

    GUESS WHAT-Robin Ward:

  • Two consecutive episodes from 1984 [both OC]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1984 (episode 3 missing final segment) [all OB]
  • One episode from 1985 [OC/256.8]
  • A 1987 episode w/the champs going for their 7th win (missing intro) [OC]

    HE KNOWS, SHE KNOWS-Mike Darrow: The 1974 pilot [SM]


  • One episode from 1979; guest is John Williams (JIP at 1st subject of round 1 and missing part of guest interview) [OB]
  • The "Night of Champions" finals from 1980 (intro/end credits missing) [OB]
  • One episode from 1981; guest is Toller Cranston [OC]

    I SAW THAT-R.O. Horning, Jr: One episode from 1973 (missing last 2 min.) [SM]

    INSTANT CA$H: One episode from 2011 [RPT]

    IT'S YOUR MOVE-Paul Hanover: One episode from 1978 [RPT/877.1]

    THE JOKE'S ON US!-Monty Hall: Six episodes from 1983:

  • Guests are Jesse White, Fred Willard, Jackie Kahane, and Soupy Sales [RPT/256.12]
  • Guests are Jan Murray, Leslie Nielsen, Jimmie Walker, and Marty Allen [RPT/840.12]
  • Guests are The Unknown Comic, JoAnne Worley, Fred Travalena, and Jack Carter [RPT/840.13]
  • Guests are Jack Carter, Nipsey Russell, Maurice LaMarche, and Marty Allen [RPT]
  • Another episode w/same guests as above [GTV]
  • Guests are Arte Johnson, Jo Anne Worley, Johnny Yune, and Alan Thicke [GTV]

    Stephen Young:

  • Two episodes from 1980 [1 SM, 1 OC]
    Fergie Olver & Catherine Swing:
  • Three episodes from 1981 [all GTV]
  • Two episodes from 1984 [1 OB, 1 OC]
  • The 600th episode from 1985 (w/staff members playing, including Catherine and her daughter Alison!) [OC]
  • A general 1985 episode [OC/256.9]

    KIDSTREET-Kevin Frank:

  • One episode from 1987 [OB]
  • One episode from 1988 [SM]
  • Two episodes from 1990 [1 OC, 1 A1/406.10]
  • One episode from 1991 [A1/390.1]

    LIFE AND TIMES: Alex Trebek is profiled in this 2006 episode. [OB]

    LINE 'EM UP-Rick Campbell: One episode from 1963 [OB]

    LOVE HANDLES-Stu Jeffries: Seven episodes from 1996:

  • Six general episodes [3 RPT/406.6-7; 699.13, 3 GTV]
  • An episode w/a lesbian couple [OC/D74.1]

    THE MAD DASH-Pierre Lalonde:

  • The 1978 pilot (hosted by series creator/producer Sidney M. Cohen) [SM]
  • The 1978 premiere episode (part of end credits cut off) [GTV]
  • A 1978 episode where Sidney Cohen's birthday is acknowledged at the beginning [GTV]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1979 [both GTV, also have SM of one episode]
  • The 1978-79 season finale (w/the champs going for their 10th win, and an appearance by the entire staff at the end!) [GTV]
  • Two general 1979 episodes [both GTV]
  • A 1980 episode where announcer Nick Hollinrake is shown on-camera [GTV]
  • Two general 1980 episodes [1 SM, 1 GTV]
  • A 1980 episode where a couple goes for the "Lucky 7 Jackpot" [SM]
  • Three episodes from 1981 [all GTV]

    THE MAD DASH PROMO REEL (1980): A 4-minute pitchfilm plugging the upcoming 1980-81 season, w/lots of great clips shown! [SM]

    MATCH GAME-Darrin Rose:

  • The 2012 premiere episode; guests are Yvette Nicole Brown, Debra DiGiovanni (DD), Colin Mochrie, Graham Chittenden, Laura Cilevitz, and Se├ín Cullen (SC) [OC]
  • 2012; guests are Kevin Mcdonald, DD, Scott Thompson, Eddie Della Sieppe, Leah Miller, and SC [OC]
  • 2012; guests are Tom Green, DD, Robin Dunne, Mark Little, Amanda Tapping, and SC [OC]
  • 2012; guests are Caroline Rhea, DD, Scott Thompson, Paul Lemieux, Emily Hampshire, and SC [OC]
  • 2012; guests are Janeane Garofalo, DD, Robin Dunne, Steve Patterson, Emma Hunter, and SC [OB]
  • 2012; guests are D.L. Hughley, DD, Joey Elias, Sabrina Jalees, Laura Cilevitz, and SC [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2013; guests are Russell Peters, DD, Bobby Lee, Kristeen Von Hagen, Ingrid Haas, and SC [OC]
  • 2013; guests are Ice-T, DD, Pat Thornton, Traci Melchor, Ennis Esmer, and SC [OC]
  • 2013; guests are Horatio Sanz, DD, Al Mukadam, Inessa Frantowski, Emma Hunter, and SC [OC]
  • 2013; guests are Catherine O'hara, DD, J.P Mannoux, Nick Fayton, Holly Deveaux, and SC [OC]
  • 2013; guests are Norm Macdonald, DD, Lauren Ash, Jason Derosse, Laura Cilivetz, and SC [OC]
  • 2013; guests are Lauren Holly, DD, Ryan Belleville, Mark Forward, Rebecca Dalton, and SC [OC]

    THE MILLION DOLLAR WORD GAME-Ian Jamieson: Four episodes from 1999 [all OC]:

  • Three consecutive episodes [390.3-4, 406.2]
  • A general episode [406.15]

    MUSIQUEST-Darlene Murphy: Both finals episodes from 1990 [both OC/223.8-9]

    THE NATIONAL:Alex Trebek discusses "J!" and his fight against cancer in this 11-minute interview from 2019.

    THE NEXT LINE-Kevin Frank:
    Two episodes from 1991; guests are Veena Sood, Neil Krone, Denalda Williams, and Pete Barbutti [1 OB/224.12, 1 RPT]

    Todd Newton talks about the upcoming "TPiR Live" stage show's visit to Ottawa in this 7-minute interview from 2013.

    PARTY GAME-Bill Walker:

  • Two episodes from 197?; guests are Michelle Finney, Carrie Keene, and Scott Walker [both SM]
  • 197?; guests are Henry Beckman, Linda Sorenson, and Stephen Young [SM]
  • Two 1980 episodes (1 full, 1 partial); guests are Liz Torres, Gloria Loring, and *Alan Thicke* (has onscreen time code) [both SM]
  • Two 1980(?) episodes; guests are Barbara Barsky, Jeannie Elias, and Gerry Salsberg [both SM]

    POP QUIZ-Devon Soltendiecki & Emma Hunter: One episode from 2013 [OC]

    QTV: Alex Trebek discusses his career in this 17-minute interview from 2008.

    Terry Garner (BC):

  • Prince George vs. Eric Hamber from 1977 [OB]
    Alex Trebek:
  • A "Geneis en Herbe" vs. "Reach For the Top" playoff special from 1978 (broadcast in English and French, w/Alex alternating between both languages throughout the show!) [OB]
    Bill Guest:
  • A national playoff episode from 1980 w/Regina vs. Renfrew [OC]
  • A national playoff episode from 1982 w/Ontario vs. Manitoba [OB]
  • A national playoff episode from 1983 w/Quebec vs. Newfoundland [OC]
  • The 1984 national champiosnhip [OB]
    Bob Cadman (Montreal):
  • Bialik vs. Beaconsfield from 1982 (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1982 w/Outremont vs. Malcolm Campbell [OC]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1982 w/Bialik vs. Chambly County [OC]
  • The Montreal championship episode from 1983 [OC]
  • Mt. Royal vs. LaSalle Protestant from 1984 [OB]
    Eric Dwyer(Vancouver):
  • Cowichan vs. Oak Bay from 1982 (part of opening and end credits missing) [OC]
    Sharon Dunn (Toronto):
  • Kipling vs. West Humber from 1984 [OB]
    Gail Keary (Barrie):
  • Bramaela vs. Orangeville from 1984 [OC]
    Mark Lade (London):
  • St. John's College vs. Sir Frederick Banting Secondary from 1994 [OC]
    Paul Russell:
  • The 1997 national championship [OB]
    Hans Budgey:
  • The 1998 national championship [OB]
    Nicole Stamp (Ontario):
  • A playoff episode from 2009 [OC]

    Alex Trebek is interviewed while serving as celebrity coin-flipper for the annual "Panda Game" between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa (his alma mater!) in this 2-minute clip from 2019.

    Gerry Dee is interviewed about his upcoming gig as host of "FF Canada" in this 6-minute piece from 2019.


  • Episode 1, "Getting On the Board": The beginnings of the genre are recalled. [OC]
  • Episode 2, "Hosts Who Reached For the Top": A look at two of the most successful emcees to come out of Canada, Monty Hall and Alex Trebek, as well as the long-running Canadian HS quiz "Reach For the Top". [OC]
  • Episode 3, "Peaks and Pitfalls": A look at the long-running Canadian classic "Definition" and the colossal disaster that was "Pitfall", as well as how numerous series were lost to the practice of tape wiping. [OC]
  • Episode 4, "The Innovative 80s": A look at such classic series as "The Mad Dash" (as well as creator/producer Sidney M. Cohen's involvement in licensing the format to Polish TV years later), "Talk About", and "Bumper Stumpers". [OC]
  • Episode 5, "When the West Was Best": A look at the success of producer Blair Murdoch in bringing GS production to the West Coast w/such series as "Kidstreet" and "Love Handles".
  • Episode 6, "Games 90s Kids Remember": A look at Canadian kids' game shows, from the disastrous "Generation Gap" to the hits "Video & Arcade Top 10" and "Uh-Oh!", as well as how the reality genre changed the TV landscape. [OC]
  • Episode 7, "Stars Born on Game Shows": A look at how both Howie Mandel and Steven Page got their start on game shows, as well as the Canadian cult favourite "Test Pattern". [OC]

    SHOWDOWN-Paul Hanover: One episode from 1961 [KIN]

    Justin Landry & Michie Mee:

  • River East vs. Crofton House from 2001 [OB]
    Mio & Nobu Adilman:
  • Kennebecasis Valley vs. Highland from 2002; guest judge is Marnie McBean [OC/798.12]
  • Mackenzie vs. Albert Campbell from 2002; guest judge is Amanda Walsh [OC/798.13]
  • William E. Hay vs. Joseph Wolinsky from 2002; guest judge is Kel Gleason [OC/840.8]
  • A 2nd-round episode from 2002 w/Joseph Wolinsky vs. Royal West; guest judge is Steven Toll [OC/840.9]
  • RD Parker vs. Kennebecasis from 2004 [OB]

    SPIN OFF-Elvira Kurt: The 2013 premiere episode [OC]

    SPLATALOT!-Jason Agnew & Matt Chin: The first three episodes from 2011 [all OB]

    SUPERMARKET SWEEP-Tino Monte: Three episodes from 1995:

  • The 1992 premiere episode [RPT/627.9]
  • A 1992 episode where the Big Sweep literally ends w/a bang! (end credits missing) [RPT/672.8]
  • Four general 1992 episodes [all GTV]
  • Three general 1993 episodes [all GTV]
  • A 1994 episode w/the short-lived inflatable cheese bonuses [GTV]
  • A general 1994 episode (part of end credits cut off) [OB/D133.6]
  • One episode from 1995 [GTV]

    TALK ABOUT-Wayne Cox: Eight episodes from 1988:

  • The premiere episode [OC]
  • Four general episodes [2 OC, 2 RPT/388.3-4]
  • A celebrity episode w/Melanie Miller & John Bayliss vs. Donelly Rhodes & Christopher Crabb [OC]
  • Two consecutive episodes [both BZR]

    TEST PATTERN-Dan Gallagher:

  • Three episodes from 1988 [1 OB, 2 GTV]
  • "A Salute To the Maritimes" from 1989 [GTV]
  • A general 1989 episode [OC]

    TIMECHASE-Sheldon Turcotte: Three episodes from 1997 [2 RPT/214.13, 1 GTV]

    TRIVIA COMPANY (local Kitchener, ON show)-Johnny Waters: One episode from 1987 (part of opening missing) [OC]

    TRIVIA PLUS (local St. John's, NL public access HS quiz)-Susan Bonnell:

  • St. James vs. Herdman from 1994 [OC]
  • Elwood vs. Regina from 1994 [OC]
  • Holy Trinity vs. O'Donnel from 1994 [OC]
  • GFA vs. Leo Burke from 1994 [OC]
  • Regina vs. GFA from 1996 [OC]

    UH-OH!-"Wink Yahoo":

  • The 1997 premiere episode (end credits missing) [OC/627.12]
  • Two general 1997 episodes [1 OC/257.2, 1 RPT/214.12]
  • One episode from 2000 (missing last few minutes) [RPT/711.10]
  • Five episodes from 2001 [all RPT]

    VIDEO & ARCADE TOP 10-Nicholas Picholas:

  • One episode from 1993 [OC]
  • One episode from 1994 (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • One episode from 2000 [OC]
  • One episode from 2004 [GTV]

    Alex Trebek chats w/Lisa Laflamme about his health, family and amazing career in this 2019 episode. [OB]

    WHIZ KIDS-Al DuBois: One episode from 1990 [OB/D134.2]


  • Both parts of a 2-episode special from 2000 (w/a pre-taped welcome from Regis Philbin at the beginning of episode 1!) [episode 1 OC/504.1, episode 2 OB/504.2]

    WILD GUESS-Neil Krone: One episode from 1988 [OC]

    WIPEOUT CANADA-Jonathan Torrens/Ennis Esmer/Jessica Phillips: Six episodes from 2011 [all OB]:

  • The first two episodes
  • A special "Beauties vs. Geeks" episode
  • An episode w/athletes playing
  • A special "Heroes" episode
  • A special family episode

    YOU BET YOUR ASS-Stewart Francis:

  • One episode from 2005 [RPT]
  • One episode from 2006 [GTV]

    Where to now?

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