My Game Shows, D-F

DATE PLATE-Kelly Deadmon: One episode from 2003 [OC/833.7]

Jim Lange
ABC DAYTIME, 1965-73:

  • A 1967 episode w/(then-unknown) John Ritter as a bachelor [GSN/322.2]
  • A 1967 episode w/*Siv Aberg* as a bachelorette [GSN/386.5]
  • A 1967 episode w/a mother-daughter team picking in game 2[GSN]
  • A 1968 episode w/(then-unknown) Michael Richards as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1968 episode w/Roger Ewing and McLean Stevenson as bachelors (then-unknown Lindsay Wagner is the bachelorette in game 1) [GSN/909.2]
  • Two general 1968 episodes [both KIN/166.5]
  • A 1968 episode w/Teri Garr as a bachelorette [GSN]
  • A 1969 episode w/Werner Klemperer as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1970 episode w/Karen and Richard Carpenter (who perform during the opening) as contestants [GSN/373.7]
  • A 1970 episode w/Casey Kasem as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1971 episode w/Ann B. Davis as a bachelorette [GSN/337.3]
  • A "Spring Vacation" episode from 1971 w/Maureen McCormick as a bachelorette [GSN/337.1]
  • A 1971 episode w/Ron Howard as a bachelor [GSN/1058.3]
  • A 1971 episode w/Lois Nettleton as a bachelorette [GSN]
  • A general 1971 episode [GSN/D111.6]
  • A 1971 episode w/Vicki Lawrence as a bachelorette [GSN/575.1]
  • A 1971 episode w/James Caan as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A special Independence Day weekend episode from 1971 w/Joe Namath as a bachelor [GSN/322.1]
  • A 1972 episode w/Michael Jackson (who performs during the opening) as a bachelor [GSN/303.5]
  • St. Patrick's Day 1972 episode w/Butch Patrick as a bachelor (and a hilarious blooper!) [GSN/348.3]
  • A 1972 episode w/jazz musician Jimmy Smith as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1972 episode w/Edd Byrnes as a bachelor [GSN]
  • Pre-Mother's Day 1972 episode (w/Dawn Lyn choosing for her mom in game 1 and a hilarious blooper in game 2!) [GSN]
  • A 1972 episode w/Barry Williams as a bachelor [GSN/521.2]
  • A 1972 episode w/Gary Grimes as a bachelor (parts of some original ads get past the GSN cueing system!) [GSN/461.6]
  • A general 1972 episode [GSN/340.7]
  • A 1972 episode w/Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop as contestants [GSN]
  • A 1972 episode w/Mariette Hartley as a bachelorette [GSN]
  • A 1972 episode w/Richard Dawson as a bachelor [GSN/303.4]
  • Halloween 1972 episode w/Leif Garrett and Vincent Price (choosing for his daughter) as contestants [GSN/925.7]
  • Christmas 1972 episode (w/H.R. Pufnstuf as a contestant!) [GSN/547.6]
  • April Fool's Day 1973 episode w/Rip Taylor and Louisa Moritz as contestants [GSN/526.3]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1973 (Maureen McCormick is the bachelorette [again!] in game 2) [GSN/337.2]
    ABC PRIMETIME, 1966-70:
  • The 1966 primetime premiere episode w/Sally Field and Robert Vaughn as contestants [GSN/455.3]
  • A 1966 episode w/Bobby Rydell, Paul Petersen, and Lee Majors as bachelors [GSN]
  • Pre-Father's Day 1967 episode w/Les Brown, Durward Kirby, Charlie Barnet (answering for their sons in game 1) and *Groucho Marx* (choosing for his daughter in game 2) as contestants [GSN]
  • A 1967 episode w/Burt Reynolds as a bachelor [GSN/520.12]
  • Valentine's Day 1968 episode w/Raymond St. Jacques (in game 1), Bill Mumy and Craig Hundley (in game 2; the Craig Hundley Trio also performs during the opening!) as bachelors [GSN]
  • Christmas 1968 episode w/Rod McKuen as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1969 episode w/Richard Dawson, Bill Bixby, and Steve Martin as bachelors [GSN]
  • Pre-April Fool's Day 1969 episode w/Marc Copage (choosing for his dad) and (then-unknown) Farrah Fawcett as contestants [GSN/521.1]
    SYNDICATED (weekly), 1973-74 ("The New Dating Game"):
  • A 1973 episode w/Harold Jenkins (of Little Anthony and the Imperials, who perform during the opening) as a bachelor [GSN/373.6]
  • A 1973 episode w/Suzanne Somers and Ken Norton as contestants [GSN/455.4]
  • A 1973 episode w/Candy Clark and Kaye Stevens as bachelorettes [GSN/486.1]
  • A 1973 episode w/*Dick Clark* (choosing for an "American Bandstand" regular) as a contestant [GSN/533.6]
  • A 1973 episode w/Arnold Schwarzenegger as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1973 episode w/Phyllis Diller (choosing for her son) as a contestant [GSN]
  • A 1973 episode w/Julie Budd and Richard Dawson as contestants [GSN]
    SYNDICATED (daily), 1978-80:
  • A partial 1978 episode w/then-unknown Christopher McDonald as a bachelor (missing all of game 2) [OB]
  • A 1978 episode w/Willie Aames as a bachelor [GSN/303.6]
  • A general 1978 episode (glitchy video throughout) [RPT/D112.3]
  • A 1978 episode w/Andy Kaufman as a bachelor [GSN/414.12]
  • A 1979 episode w/Jimmie Walker as a bachelor [GSN/521.3]
  • A 1979 episode w/(then-unknown) Phil Hartman as a bachelor [GSN/596.12]
  • Three general 1979 episodes [1 OC, 2 RPT/144.16; 298.2]
  • A 1979 episode w/Pee-Wee Herman as a bachelor [GSN/691.5]
  • A 1979 episode w/Bob Saget as a bachelor [GSN]
  • A 1980 episode w/then-unknown Joey D'Auria as a bachelor (missing first few minutes, has onscreen watermark) [OC]
  • The last(?) episode from 1980 w/Jaye P. Morgan as a bachelorette (no video during part of final segment, but audio remains intact) [GSN/486.2]
    Elaine Joyce ("The All-New Dating Game"):
  • The 1986 premiere episode [OC/199.4]
  • Two general 1986 episodes [both OC/120.16]
  • Then-unknown Cuba Gooding Jr's appearance from 1986 [1 GSN/506.12]
  • A 1987 episode w/a team of twin brothers as the bachelors in game 1 [OC]
  • A general 1987 episode [GSN/440.1]
  • A partial 1987 episode w/then-unknown Judd Apatow as a bachelor [OB]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1987 (Cuba Gooding Jr. returns in game 2!) [OC/388.7]
    Jeff MacGregor ("The All-New Dating Game"):
  • Four general 1987 episodes [3 OB/D112.4; 353.9; 353.11, 1 OC]
  • The second half of a 1988 episode; announcer Charlie O'Donnell is the bachelor! [OC/D71.5]
  • Two general 1988 episodes [both OC/353.7, 424.12]
  • A 1988 episode w/a "Love Connection"-esque segment during the 2nd half (end credits missing) [OC/146.14]
  • Two partial 1988 episodes w/10-time GS contestant Don Benn [both OC/317.2-3]
    Brad Sherwood:
  • The 1996 premiere episode [OC/D57.2]
  • A 1996 episode w/a bachelor who appeared on the late 70s version! [GTV]
  • A general 1996 episode [OC]
  • A special "Soap Star" episode from 1996 w/Tyler Baker and Allison Sweeney [OC]
  • A "Salute to the Original DG" episode from 1996 (w/the original 60s theme song and no "Looks" round!) [OC/208.6]
  • One episode from 1997 [SC/D113.2]
    Chuck Woolery:
  • The entire 1997-98 season premiere week [all OC/162.2, 4, 6, 8, 10]
  • The 1998-99 season premiere [OC/262.2]

    DEAL OR NO DEAL-Howie Mandel
    NBC PRIMETIME, Dec. 2005

  • All 5 episodes of the series [all OC]
    NBC PRIMETIME, 2006-09:
  • The first five episodes from 2006 [all OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/Howie's daughter as a guest model (end credits missing) [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/two unlucky contestants [OC]
  • The first episode w/"the vault" from 2006 (a $252,000 deal is made...but it could've been MUCH more!) [RPT]
  • A 2006 episode w/Miss USA contestants as guest models (a contestant makes a "deal" w/his girlfriend, and a $301,000 deal is taken!) [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a $464,000 deal made (missing last 2 min. or so) [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a crazy contestant who makes a $340,000 deal (poor audio) [RPT]
  • A special 1:40 episode from 2006 w/appearances by Regis Philbin and Jay Leno [OC]
  • The hour-and-1/2 season finale from 2006 (w/a video appearance by Celine Dion and a $5,000,000 top prize!) [OC]
  • The first four episodes of the 2006-07 season (w/a grand prize jackpot; episode 1 is 2 hrs.) [episodes 1-3 OC, last RPT]
  • A 2006 episode where a planned video reunion goes wrong (or does it??) [RPT]
  • A 2006 episode where a contestant makes a "deal" w/her boyfriend! [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/TWO big deals made (the contestant in game 1 joins the models for game 2!) [RPT]
  • A 2006 episode w/an appearance by the LA Laker Girls [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a $321,000 deal made [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a surprise reunion [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a $313,000 deal made [GSN]
  • A special "Double Deal" episode (w/twins playing and increased stakes) from 2006 [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode from Thanksgiving 2006 (w/a live appearance by Celine Dion and video appearances by NBC sportscasters!) [OC]
  • A 2006 episode where a contestant wins *$10*! [OC]
  • A 2006 episode where Howie gets "roped in" by the game 1 contestant [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode from Christmas 2006 (w/an appearance by Big Bird!) [OC]
  • The first episode w/the "double or nothing" option from 2007 [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/a VERY emotional reunion! [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/appearances by Magic Johnson and (via satellite) Italian "DoND" host Flavia Insinna (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/an "appearance" by Bobby Generic! [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/a $211,000 deal made [RPT]
  • A 2007 episode w/a contestant who looks a lot like Howie [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/a video appearance by Joe Torre in game 2 (precedes the episode below) [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/an appearance by Jason Giambi in game 1 [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/an appearance by Bill Bellamy (missing first 2 min. or so) [OC]
  • A special "Double Deal" episode (w/increased stakes) from 2007 (missing intro) [OC]
  • A special "Mardi Gras" episode from 2007 (w/an appearance by Larry King) [RPT]
  • The 100th episode from 2007 (w/lots of clips, a former $10 winner playing and appearances by Jay Leno, Regis Philbin, and Ozzy Osbourne!) [OC]
  • NYC subway rescuer Wesley Autrey's appearance from 2007 [OC]
  • A 2007 episode that's played in a contestant's front yard! [RPT]
  • The 2nd season finale from 2007 (w/an appearance by Danny Glover and a $272,000 deal made!) [RPT]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2007 (w/Donald Trump as the guest banker!) [OC]
  • The first episode w/the "Million Dollar Mission" progressive case format from 2007 [RPT]
  • A special "Breast Cancer Awareness" episode from 2007 (w/a survivor playing and appearances by Sharon Osbourne [live], Alec Baldwin, and Elizabeth Edwards!) [RPT]
  • A special pro-environment "Green Edition" from 2007 (w/an appearance by Kermit the Frog!) [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode from Thanksgiving 2007 (w/a "Top 10 Moments" countdown) [OC]
  • A special "Summer in December" episode from 2007 (w/everyone in beachwear an exciting game!) [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/an appearance by Megan Hilty [GSN]
  • A special 2-hour episode from 2007 featuring the "Deal Wheel" and appearances by Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey, and Oscar Nunez [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode from Christmas 2007 episode (w/Howie giving gifts to the audience and more surprises!) [OC]
  • A special 2-hour "flashback" episode from 2008 (w/appearances by Deborah Gibson and Corey Feldman) [GSN]
  • The first episode w/the new "Million Dollar Mission" from 2008 (w/a 9/11 survivor playing) [RPT]
  • A 2008 episode where a contestant wins * .01*! [RPT]
  • A 2008 episode w/Ellen DeGeneres as a guest model [OC]
  • A pre-Super Bowl episode from 2008 (w/appearances by *8* former NFL players!) [OC]
  • A special 90-minute episode from 2008 [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/*12* $1M cases up for grabs! (missing last 2 min.) [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/a Banker-led audience sing along in game 1 [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/a video appearance by Tyra Banks [OC]
  • A special 2-hour "Spring Break" episode from 2008 (w/college students playing) [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode from 2008 w/a video appearance by President Bush! [OC]
  • A special 2-hour "Star Wars" episode from 2008 (w/an appearance by Carrie Fisher, the models as Princess Leia, and deals made by "Darth Banker"!) [OC]
  • A special 90-minute episode from 2008 [OC]
  • The 3rd season finale from 2008 [OC]
  • The 4th season premiere from 2008 (w/a phone appearance by Aretha Franklin!) [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/the first-ever $1,000,000 win! [OC]
  • A 90-minute episode from 2008 w/the second $1,000,000 win! [OC]
  • The 200th episode from 2008 (w/a cake and celebration at the end) [OC]
  • Thanksgiving 2008 episode (w/a $2,000,000 top prize!) [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode from Christmas 2008 [OC]
  • A special 2-hour "New Year's Bash" episode from 2009 [OC]
    SYNDICATED, 2008-10:
  • The 2008 premiere episode [OC]
  • A 2008 episode from the first taped week (w/a slightly different format) [OC]
  • A 2008 episode from "Baby On Board Week" (w/expectant moms playing and a $275,000 deal made!) [OC]
  • A 2008 episode from "Newlywed Week" (w/couples playing) [OC]
  • Six general 2008 episodes [all OC]
  • A 2008 episode from "Halloween Week" (w/everyone in costume)
  • A 2008 episode from "Holiday Wish Week" [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Firefighters Week" [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Teachers Week" [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "College Week" [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Lottery Week" [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2009 [OC]
  • A general 2009 episode [OC]
  • A 2009 episode that ends w/a marriage proposal! (missing intro) [OB]
  • A 2009 episode from "Halloween Week" (w/everyone in costume) [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Family Reunion Week" (end credits missing) [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Nurses Week" (a *.52* offer is made!) [OC]
  • A 2010 episode from "WWE Week" (w/Dolph Ziggler as guest banker and Eve & Maria as guest models) [OC]
  • A general 2010 episode [OC]
  • A 2010 episode from "Police Week" [OC]

    DEAL WITH IT-Theo Von:

  • Halloween 2014 episode; guests are Ross Mathews and Bobby Lee [RPT]
  • 2014; guests are Penn Jillette and Jessimae Peluso [OC]

    Bob Hastings:

  • One episode from 1974 (missing first few minutes) [SM/350.8]
    Jack Clark:
  • Two episodes from 1974 [both SM/288.2]
  • A 10-minute pitchfilm (actually one of the above episodes condensed) [SM]

    DEBT-Wink Martindale:

  • The 1996 premiere episode [OB/72.8]
  • Two general 1996 episodes [1 OC, RPT/D110.4]
  • Veteran GS champ Robert Wargo's appearance from 1996 [OC]
  • A 1997 episode from "College Week" (featuring the USC Marching Band!) [OB/D111.1]
  • A 1997 episode from "Newlywed Week" [RPT/D72.6]
  • Future "Street Smarts" host Frank Nicotero's appearance from 1997 [OC]
  • Two general 1997 episodes [1 OC, 1 RPT/D97.1]
  • A 1997 episode w/a winner who has a "hair-raising" experience! [OC/320.2]
  • A 1997 episode from "Baby Week" (w/expectant parents playing) [OB]
  • A 1997 episode from "Celebrity Week" w/Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, and Susan Olsen [RPT/211.2]
  • Four general 1998 episodes [all OC/175.8-9]
  • A 1998 episode from "Second Chance Week" [OC/175.10]

    THE DIAMOND HEAD GAME-Bob Eubanks: Seven episodes from 1975 [all GSN]:

  • The premiere episode [129.4]
  • The 2nd episode episode (a contestant gives up the $10,000 in the Diamond Head Round!)
  • Three general episodes [708.15, 847.5]
  • An episode where Bob briefly forgets what show he's hosting!
  • An episode w/a Mercedes-Benz win in the Diamond Head Round [501.1]


  • The 2002 pilot (titled "Cheaters" and taped on the set of "The Weakest Link") [SM]
  • The 2003 premiere episode (former "Temptation Island" castaway Kaya Wittenburg is a contestant) [OC/779.4]
  • Two general 2003 episodes [both OB]

    DISTRACTION-Jimmy Carr:

  • The 2005 premiere episode [RPT/1017.4]
  • Three general 2005 episodes [all RPT]
  • A 2005 episode w/a perfect car win [OB]
  • One episode from 2006 [OC]

    DIVIDED-Mike Richards:

  • The first two episodes from 2017 (in episode 2, everyone ends up w/*$0!*) [both OB]
  • Pro athlete/actor Gaetano "Guy" Nardulli's appearance from 2017 [OB]
  • A general 2017 episode [RPT]
  • A 2017 episode w/TWO big wins! [OB]
  • The first two episodes of the 2nd season from 2017 (in episode 2, everyone ends up w/*$0!*) [both OB]
  • A special "Revenge of the Losers" episode from 2017 [RPT]
  • A special "Armed Forces Face-Off" episode from 2017 [OC]
  • A special "Battle of the Generations" episode from 2017 [OC]
  • A 2017 episode w/all female contestants [OC]
  • A 2018 episode w/the lowest-scoring maingame in the show's history! [OB]
  • A special "Revenge of the Losers" episode from 2018 [OB]
  • A 2018 episode where a contestant storms off the set! [OB]
  • The 100th episode from 2018 [OB]

    DIVINE INTERVENTION (LI religious quiz)-Msgr. Joe DeGrocco:

  • One episode from 2006 [OC]
  • One episode from 2009 [OC]
  • A 2010 episode w/Girl Scouts playing [RPT]
  • Two general 2010 episodes [both RPT]
  • A 2011 episode w/teens playing [RPT]
  • Three general 2011 episodes [all RPT]
  • Christmas 2011 episode (w/holiday-related questions) [RPT]

    Edgar Bergen:

  • One episode from 1956 [OC]
  • A 1957 w/the champs going for their 18th win! [OC]
  • A general 1957 episode [OC]
    Johnny Carson:
  • One episode from 1958 [OC]

    Jimmy McClain:
    One episode from 1954 [OC]
    Tom Kennedy: Two episodes from 1958 [both OC/1046.11]

    DOG EAT DOG-Brooke Burns:

  • The 2002 premiere episode (contestant Skyler Stone was on the "Whammy!" premiere 2 months earlier) [OC/731.6]
  • A general 2002 episode [RPT/746.5]
  • A special "reality all-star" episode from 2002 w/Susan Hawk, Richard Hatch, Kaya Wittenburg, Ytossie Patterson, Darva Conger, and Kato Kaelin [OC/741.5]
  • A special Playboy Playmates episode from 2002 w/Jennifer Walcott, Deanna Brooks, Stacy Fuson, Daphnee Duplaix, Danelle Folta, and Shanna Moakler [OC/745.3]
  • The first two episodes of the 2nd season from 2003 [both OC/831.5-6]
  • GS model Claudia Jordan's appearance from 2003 [GSN]

    DOLLAR A SECOND-Jan Murray:

  • One episode from 1954 [OC]
  • A 1955 episode w/Dagmar guest-hosting [OC]

    The hour-long 1975 pilot; guests are James Caan, Connie Stevens, Jason Miller, and Patty Duke Astin [SM/587.3]

    Wayne Brady:

  • The first two episodes from 2007 [both OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2007 [OC]
  • A special "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" crossover episode from 2007 [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2008 w/Bret Michaels [OC]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2008 [OC]
  • Three general 2008 episodes [all OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/an appearance by Mark Cuban [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/appearances by *Chuck Woolery* and Air Supply [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2009 w/Gary "Bababooey" Dell'Abate and Mark McGrath (ironic, huh?) [OC]
    Mark McGrath:
  • The first two episodes from 2009 [both OC]
  • A 2009 episode w/the first-ever $50,000 win! [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2009 w/the Backstreet Boys [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2009 w/Shaun Robinson [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Rock the Cradle Week" (w/an expectant mom playing) [OB]

    DON'T FORGET YOUR TOOTHBRUSH-Mark Curry: Five episodes from 2000 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode [482.6]
  • Four general episodes [496.5, 509.4, 518.6, 536.6]

    DON'T SPIT THE WATER! (Chicago comedy game)-Sasha & The Noob: The 2011 pilot [OC]

    DOTTO-Jack Narz
    CBS DAYTIME, 1958:

  • Marie Winn's 2nd appearance (this is the episode that triggered the scandals!) [SC]
    NBC PRIMETIME, 1958:
  • The next-to-last episode (actress Connie Hines is a contestant in game 1!) [OC/228.6]

    DOUBLE DARE-Alex Trebek:

  • The 1976 pilot [BZR]
  • The first two episodes from 1976 [both BZR, also have premiere from GSN/D150.3]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1976 w/former "TJW" and future "Pt%" chanp Joel Palmer [both BZR, also have one episode from GSN/1056.3]
  • All-time top winner Alan Lusher's first six episodes from 1976 [all GSN/163.7-12, plus BZR, also have SM/D38.4 of episode 3]
  • Alan's last two episodes from 1977 [GSN/136.13-14, also BZR]
  • A 1977 episode w/future "$otC" champ Mort Camens [BZR]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1977 w/future "J!" champ Gary Giardina [all GSN/163.15, episodes 2 and 3 missing final segment, also have complete copies of both from BZR]
  • Ray Winston's first two appearances from 1977 (in episode 2, he wins *$0* against the Spoilers!) [both BZR, also have 2nd ep. from GSN/163.16]
  • Future "Face the Music" champ Sarabeth "Sassy" Rothfeld's appearance from 1977 [GSN]
  • A 1977 episode where Ray trades places w/Alex during the opening! [GSN]
  • A 1977 episode where a subject completely stumps BOTH players! [GSN/1057.8]
  • Four general 1977 episodes [all GSN/356.2, 369.5]
  • A 1977 episode w/an appearance by Patty Duke Astin [GSN/1057.9]
  • A 1977 episode w/veteran GS champ Marvin Shinkman [GSN/1057.10]
  • A 1977 episode w/a clean sweep in game 2 [GSN]
  • A 1977 episode where the buzzer malfunctions! [GSN]
  • The last episode from 1977 [GSN/418.2]

    Marc Summers
    NICKELODEON, 1986-87:

  • The 1986 premiere episode [RPT/265.1]
  • An early 1986 episode w/a pie-filled physical challenge (where everything goes wrong!) [RPT/258.6]
  • An early 1986 episode w/a LONG toss-up challenge! [GAS]
  • A 1986 episode w/the quickest opening toss-up challenge in the show's history! [OB/D135.1]
  • Three early 1986 episodes w/the short-lived obstacle "The Lift" [all OC/191.1-3]
  • Five general 1986 episodes [3 OC/191.4-6, 1 RPT/258.3, 1 GAS]
  • Two early 1986 episodes w/the short-lived "Fireman's Flag-Pull" obstacle [both RPT/258.5, 265.2]
  • Halloween 1986 episode [RPT/265.6]
  • A 1986 episode where "The Tank" is filled w/whipped cream (and Marc jumps in at the end!) [RPT/265.3]
  • Christmas 1986 episode (w/parents performing the physical challenges) [RPT/265.4]
  • A 1987 episode where Marc gets pied by Alan Silverberg! [GAS/740.1]
  • Valentine's Day 1987 episode [GAS/740.2]
  • A special food-themed episode from 1987 (w/appearances by Chef Tell) [GAS/749.1]
  • Thirteen general 1987 episodes [12 OB/D2.2; 191.7-13; 192.1-2; 258.9; 258.14, 1 RPT]
  • A 1987 episode w/an appearance by Marc's wife Alice [GAS]
  • A 1987 episode where Marc goofs while interviewing an audience member! [GAS/1054.7]
  • A special "Back to School" episode from 1987 (the producers appear, to egg Marc and Harvey!) [GAS/781.10]
  • A 1987 episode w/an appearance by the "DD Rules Choir" [GAS/683.7]
    NICKELODEON (weekly), 1987 ("Super Sloppy Double Dare"):
  • The episode w/Robin's infamous "Hey!" ad-lib) [RPT/258.2]
  • "Miami Vice Day" (where it's " socks"!) [RPT/266.3]
  • A special "Celebrities and their Parents" episode w/Frederick & Marilyn Koehler vs. Danny & John Pintauro [RPT/266.9, also GAS]
  • An episode where associate producer Jani Barry forgets the rules when prompted by Marc! [GAS]
  • Three general episodes [all GAS]
  • An episode where Marc shows Robin's new book "Hey! Robin Speaks" [RPT/266.8]
  • An episode where either Marc or Harvey will get pied during the obstacle course! [GAS]
  • An episode where executive producer Geoffrey Darby and Harvey help Marc explain the rules [GAS/554.11]
    SYNDICATED, 1988:
  • An episode where Marc gets pied by the staff and must change into a very LOUD jacket! [GAS/554.2]
  • An episode where a cameraman gets knocked out during the obstacle course! [GAS/683.8]
  • An episode where Harvey hosts the 1st question after Marc screws up [GAS/683.9]
  • An episode where Marc and Harvey dress like Elvis [GAS/740.4]
  • "A Salute To Hollywood Squares" (w/the infamous "Stomp the Grapes" physical challenge blooper!) [GAS/698.1]
  • Six general episodes [1 RPT/258.8, 5 GAS/554.1; 554.12-13]
  • An episode w/an unexpected exchange between Marc and a young girl! [RPT/265.5]
  • A special "3-D" episode [GAS/698.2]
  • A celebrity episode w/Jerry Suprian and Josie Davis [RPT/258.4]
  • A celebrity episode w/Staci Keenan and David Faustino [RPT/193.10]
  • A celebrity episode w/Jeremy Miller and Candace Cameron [RPT/258.7]
    FOX, 1988 ("Family Double Dare"):
  • The premiere episode (w/a special opening sequence never seen in reruns!) [OC]
  • Five general episodes [3 OB/D39.4, 258.10; 2 OC]
  • An celebrity episode w/Weird Al Yankovic and Lou Ferrigno [OB/193.9]
    SYNDICATED, 1989 ("Super Sloppy Double Dare"):
  • The premiere episode [GAS/740.11]
  • An episode w/a modest(?) salute to DD's winning a CableACE Award [OB/266.7]
  • An episode that spoofs "Fun House" [OC/988.2]
  • Groundhog Day episode [GAS]
  • Valentine's Day episode [RPT/258.13]
  • Presidents' Day episode [GAS]
  • "Super Slop-a-Mania", w/Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan [OB/266.6]
  • "Super Slop-a-Mania II", w/Mr. Perfect and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan [GAS/798.9]
  • A Super Special episode w/the cast of "Don't Just Sit There" [GAS/798.10]
  • An episode where Marc and Harvey play (Dave and Robin announce, and JM J. Bullock hosts!) [OB/266.10]
  • An episode w/a "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" takeoff (missing opening toss-up challenge) [OB/266.11]
  • An episode w/an appearance by Al Silvers [GAS]
  • The 400th episode [GAS/951.3]
  • Nine general episodes [1 OC/990.2, 2 OB/212.2-3, 6 GAS/781.11]
  • An episode w/an audience participation physical challenge [GAS]
  • Future "Welcome Freshmen" star Jocelyn Steiner's appearance [GAS]
  • "Pig Day" [GAS]
  • "Stupid Hat Day", w/lots of hat-related questions (end credits missing) [OB/212.1]
  • "A Salute to Breakfast" [RPT/258.12]
  • "Be Kind to Animals Day" (w/Marc and Harvey in rabbit suits!) [GAS/780.4]
  • "Cursed Day" [OB/266.5]
  • The truly bizzare "Backwards Day" [RPT/266.4]
  • "A Salute to Wink Martindale" [GAS/698.3]
  • "A Salute to Baseball" (w/baseball questions, and Marc and Harvey trade places during the obstacle course!) [RPT/488.2]
  • "International Day" (w/clips of various foreign versions) [RPT/488.3]
    NICKELODEON, 1990-93 ("Family Double Dare"):
  • A 1990 episode w/the old-style scoreboards (and one family gets over $1,000! [RPT/193.1, also GAS]
  • A 1990 episode w/an appearance by Marc's "Uncle Sid" [RPT/193.2]
  • A 1990 episode where Marc arrives late! (w/a glimpse at some backstage areas) [RPT/193.3, also GAS]
  • A 1990 episode w/"Make the Grade" host Robb Edward Morris in the audience (who gets a surprise!) [GAS]
  • A 1990 episode w/an appearance by the "Gak Butler" (played by Alan Silverberg) [RPT/193.4, also GAS]
  • A 1990 episode w/a whopping $925-$0 shutout [GAS/781.7]
  • A 1990 episode w/one of the LONGEST opening toss-up challenges in the show's history! [RPT/345.12]
  • Four general 1990 episodes [all GAS]
  • A celebrity episode from 1990 w/Candace Cameron and Jaleel White [GAS/698.4]
  • A 1990 episode where a Physical Challenge is completed in *2* seconds! [RPT]
  • A 1990 episode where Robin opens the show instead of Marc [GAS]
  • A 1990 episode w/a question about the "WoF" pilot [GAS]
  • A 1990 episode w/a wrestling match between Harvey and Greg Lee! [RPT]
  • An "NBA All-Star" special from 1992 w/Waymon Tisdale, Charles Smith, Rick Barry, and Bob Lanier [OB/D5.4]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1992 (Doc Holliday now announces) [GAS/698.5]
  • A celebrity episode from 1992 w/Zachary Bryan and Jonathan Taylor Thomas [RPT/193.8]
  • A Super Special episode from 1992 w/"Clarissa Explains it All" vs. "Welcome Freshmen" [RPT/258.1]
  • A 1992 episode w/a hilarious toss-up challenge blooper [GAS/749.3]
  • A celebrity episode from 1992 w/Chelsea Hertford and Tatyana Ali [GAS]
  • Four general 1992 episodes [3 RPT/193.5-7, 1 GAS]
  • A celebrity episode from 1992 w/Natalie Nucci and Mark David [RPT/D72.2]
  • A 1992 episode w/wheelchair-bound kid contestants [RPT/749.2]
  • A 1992 episode w/a rare camera shot of announcer Doc Holliday [RPT/674.3]
  • A 1992 episode w/a hilarious obstacle course "battle" between Marc and Robin [GAS/892.3]
  • The hour-long "Tournament of Champions" (and last episode of the series) from 1993 [OB/D79.2]
    Jason Harris ("Double Dare 2000"):
  • The premiere episode; it's a celebrity show w/"100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd" vs. "The Amanda Show" [OC]
  • The 1st season finale (w/Special Olympics athletes playing) [GAS/1045.6]
  • The 2nd season premiere; it's a WCW special w/Big Vito, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Corporal Cajun, and A-Wall [OC]
  • Four general episodes [1 RPT/507.4, 1 OC/518.4, 2 GAS]
  • An episode where the game ends in a tie! [GAS]
  • A celebrity episode w/music groups 'N Toon vs. No Authority [GAS/1045.5]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned); it's a celebrity show w/"Taina" vs. "Noah Knows Best" [OC]

    (CELEBRITY) DOUBLE TALK-Henry Polic II: Nine episodes from 1986:

  • The first two episodes; guests are Betty White and Stuart Damon [episode 1 GSN/340.10, episode 2 OB/D76.1]
  • Guests are Ilene Graff and Howard Morton [OC]
  • A soap stars special w/Lynn Herring, Stuart Damon, Julia Barr, Michael Storm, Robin Strasser, and Michael Knight [OC]
  • Guests are Lauri Hendler and Mitchell Laurance [OC]
  • Guests are Christine Tudor and Don Galloway (has audio problems) [OB/D78.3]
  • Guests are Teresa Ganzel and Joel Brooks (future "$otC" champ Rani White is a contestant) [OC]
  • Guests are Susan Ruttan and Howard Morton (has audio problems for most of show, end credits missing) [OB/D78.4]
  • The last episode; guests are Marcia Wallace and Jamie Farr (has VCR counter at top left corner of screen) [OC/D78.5]

    DOUBLE UP-J.D. Roth: One episode from 1992 [OB/506.7]

    DOWN YOU GO-Dr. Bergen Evans: One episode from 1955 [OC]

    DOWNFALL-Chris Jericho: One episode from 2010 [OC]

    Mike Darrow:

  • One episode from 1968 [KIN/311.4]
    Bob Eubanks:
  • The 1983 pilot (w/a slightly different set and game format) [SM/163.2]
  • The 1983 premiere episode (ends w/a promo for "The New Battlestars") [OC/D103.1]
  • A 1983 episode w/a couple going for their 6th win (has video problems during final segment) [OC/D30.3]
  • A general 1983 episode [OC/D138.5]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1983 [all OC]
  • Halloween 1983 episode (w/an appearance by Kevin O'Connell and a promo for "The MG/HS Hour") [OC/794.8]
  • A celebrity episode from 1983 w/Conrad Bain and Mary Jo Catlett [OC/914.5]
  • One of the first episodes w/the "Money Machine" maingame format from 1984 (end credits missing) [OC/D103.2]
  • An all-star episode from 1984 w/Jamie Farr & Kari Michaelson vs. *Pat Sajak & Vanna White* (ends w/a promo for "Celebrity Hot Potato") [OC]
  • Three general 1984 episodes [all OC/234.7, 794.10, 913.4]
  • A 1984 episode from the final week (w/a hilarious on-camera appearance by Johnny Gilbert) [OB]
  • The last episode from 1984 (w/a great goodbye segment!) [OC/234.8]

    DREW CAREY'S IMPROV-A-GANZA: One episode from 2011 w/a guest appearance by the "TPiR" models [OC]

    DUEL-Mike Greenberg
    Winter 2007:

  • All 6 episodes of the series from 2007 (first 2 eps. 90 min, all others an hour) [all OC]
    Spring 2008:
  • The premiere episode (poor audio) [OC]
  • Former "Willy Wonka" co-star Paris Themmen's appearance [OC]
  • A general episode [OC]
  • An episode where Gabriel Reilich goes for his 5th win [OC]
  • The last episode [OC]

    One episode from 1983; guests are Lynda Wiesmeier, Kym Malin, and Lourdes Estores [OB/D94.4]

    ESPN TRIVIAL PURSUIT-Roger Lodge: The first three episodes (of a week-long trial run) from 2004 [all OC/984.5, 989.3-4]

    EASIEST GAME SHOW EVER-Michael Ian Black: Five episodes from 2016:

  • The premiere episode [RPT]
  • Three general 2016 episodes [1 RPT, 2 OC]
  • An episode w/former "Big Brother 17" housemates James Huling & Meg Maley [RPT]

    EASTERN EXPEDITION (college Q&A/stunt show)
    Adam Wurtzel:

  • The 2003 pilot [SM/873.1]
  • The 2004 premiere episode [SM]
  • A special "Island Expedition" episode from 2004 [SM]
  • The 1st season finale from 2004 [SM]
  • The 2nd season premiere (w/3 former champs playing) from 2005 [SM]
  • A 2005 episode w/roommates playing [SM]
  • A 2005 episode w/professors playing [SM]
  • Co-host Crazy Craig's first episode from 2005 [SM]
  • The 2nd season finale from 2005 (w/the first-ever bonus round win!) [SM]
  • A general 2006 episode [SM]
  • A 2007 episode w/cast members playing (announcer Josh Yawn hosts) [SM]
  • Adam's last episode from 2007 [SM]
    Katrina Clark:
  • Her first two episodes from 2007 [both SM]
  • Two special celebrity episodes from 2008 w/Adam Wurtzel guest-hosting and the Groovebarbers (featuring Sean Altman of Rockapella!) playing [both SM]

    THE ECONOMIST BUSINESS CHALLENGE-David Johnston: One episode from 2002 [OB/840.10]

    ELLEN'S GAME OF GAMES-Ellen DeGeneres: A special "sneak preview" episode from 2017 [OC]

    EMOGENIUS-Hunter March: Five episodes from 2017 [all OB]:

  • The first taped episode
  • The premiere episode
  • Three general episodes

    EVERY SECOND COUNTS-Bill Rafferty:

  • One episode from 1984 (missing final segment) [OB/D116.2]
  • Three episodes from 1985 [2 OC, 1 SM/308.2]

    EVERYBODY'S TALKING!-Lloyd Thaxton: Three episodes from 1967 [all KIN]:

  • The premiere episode
  • Guests are Roger Smith, Vivian Vance, and Godfrey Cambridge (part of opening missing) [360.1]
  • Guests are Imogene Coca, Chad Stuart, and Audrey Meadows [843.2]

    EVERYTHING GOES-Kip Addotta:

  • "The Millionairess and her Chauffeur" from 198?; guests are Pete Barbutti, Edie McClurg, and Wayland Flowers & Madame [OB/169.16]
  • "The Football Player and the Cheerleader" from 1982; guests are Richard Belzer, Jaye P. Morgan, and Pat McCormick [OB]
  • "The Prom King and Queen" from 1983; guests are Tim Thomerson, Linda Hopkins, and Pat McCormick (audio from other Escapade programming overdubs first 10 min. or so) [OB/777.1]
  • "The Casting Agent and the Hollywood Starlet" from 1983; guests are Fred Dryer, Jaye P. Morgan, and The Unknown Comic (missing intro) [OB/777.2]
  • "The Ski Instructor and the Snow Bunny" from 1983; guests are Tim Thomerson, Linda Hopkins, and Pat McCormick (again!) [OB/777.3]
  • "The Country Singer and the Urban Cowboy" from 1983; guests are Mrs. Miller, Dick Shawn, and Pat McCormick [OB/777.4]
  • "The Aerobics Instructor and the Bodybuilder" from 1983; guests are Prof. Irwin Corey, Phyllis Davis, and The Unknown Comic [OB]
  • "The Showgirl and the Stage Door Johnny" from 1984; guests are Tim Thomerson, Carol Wayne, and The Unknown Comic [OB/255.15]

    EXIT-Curt Doussett: The 2013 premiere episode [RPT]

    EXTREME DODGEBALL-Bil Dwyer & Zach Selwyn:

  • The 2004 premiere episode [SM]
  • The first 2 episodes of the 3rd season from 2005 [both SM]
  • The 3rd season championship from 2005 [OB/1045.7]

    EXTREME GONG-George Gray:

  • The 1998 premiere episode [OC/303.7]
  • Halloween 1998 episode (w/everyone in costume) [RPT/943.1]
  • A 1998 episode where the newsgroup gets "insulted" for the first time [RPT/303.8]
  • A 1998 episode where the "Babe of the Day" insults ATGS [RPT/303.9]
  • Christmas 1998 episode (w/George as Santa, and a "video greeting card" from the staff at the end) [RPT/303.10]
  • A special "Super Bowl" episode from 1999 [RPT/943.2]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1999 [OC/373.3]
  • A general 1999 episode [RPT/397.2]
  • The hour-long "$10,000 "Tournament of Talent" episode from 1999 [OC/400.7]
  • The last episode from 1999 [OC]

    EYE GUESS-Bill Cullen:

  • The first half of a 1966 episode [OC/209.11]
  • One episode from 1968 [SM/914.1, also GSN/399.1]

    THE FACE IS FAMILIAR-Jack Whittaker:

  • The 1965 pilot (hosted by Jack Clark); guests are Betsy Palmer and *Bill Cullen* [SM]
    (all other episodes are from the 1966 series run)
  • The premiere episode; guests are June Lockhart and Bob Crane [KIN]
  • Guests are Florence Henderson and Ray Millan [KIN]
  • Guests are Pearl Bailey and Mel Brooks [GSN/D149.2]

    FACE THE FACTS-Red Rowe: One episode from 1961 [SC]


  • The 1980 premiere episode [USA/D53.3]
  • The 2nd episode (w/the first-ever $10,000 win!) [FAM/478.12]
  • A 1980 episode w/the first $10,000 cash win [FAM]
  • A 1980 episode where the scoreboards malfunction after round 1 [FAM]
  • Jess Platt's 5th appearance from 1980 [USA/616.6, which is missing end credits, also FAM, complete]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1980 w/Michael Mackey (episode 1 has a hilarious car plug blooper, Michael wins $10,000 in episode 2, and *Dick Clark* is the mystery face in episode 3!) [all FAM]
  • A 1980 episode w/*Dick Clark* as the mystery face [FAM]
  • Ed McDevitt's first two appearances from 1980 [both FAM/D128.3-4]
  • Ed's 3rd and 4th appearances from 1980 (where he wins $10,000 BOTH days!) [both FAM, also have clips of both championship game segments, D6.4]
  • Ed's 5th appearance from 1980 (will he win the car?) [FAM]
  • Ed's final appearance (and Sarabeth Rothfeld's first) from 1980 [FAM]
  • Sarabeth's 5th appearance from 1980 [FAM]
  • A 1980 episode where Sarabeth wins $10,000 [FAM]
  • Nine general 1980 episodes [2 USA, 1 CBN/1049.4, 6 FAM]
  • Sarbaeth's 10th (and final) appearance from 1980 [FAM]
  • A 1980 episode w/Ron himself(!) as the mystery face (precedes the episode below) [FAM/478.11]
  • Dennis Ostroski's 5th appearance (and Pat Kirby's first) from 1980 [FAM]
  • Pat's 5th appearance from 1980 [FAM]
  • Sherri Lowenstein's first appearance from 1980 ("Face the Music" is a round 2 puzzle, during which Ron forgets the rules!) [FAM]
  • Future "Name That Tune" tournament winner Michael Lagmay's appearance from 1980 [FAM]
  • A 1980 episode where Lisa sings at the end [FAM/643.12]
  • A 1980 episode w/*Bob Barker* as the mystery face [FAM/488.7]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1980 (John Harlan now announces) [FAM/488.6]
  • Bill Ware's 10th appearance from 1980 (*Monty Hall* is the mystery face!) [FAM/488.8]
  • A 1980 episode w/Susan Powell (Miss America 1981) in the audience (and a championship game rarity!) [FAM/488.9]
  • A 1980 episode w/a $10,000 win (veteran GS champ Tommy Simmons is a contestant) [FAM/D123.1]
  • Debra Nussbaum's 10th appearance from 1980 [FAM/488.15]
  • Debra's 11th appearance from 1980 (preceded by a promo) [SM]
  • A funny 1981 episode where everyone's name becomes Ron (really!) near the end [FAM/488.14]
  • Dennis Faenza's 5th appearance from 1981 [FAM/488.10]
  • The last(?) episode from 1981 [FAM]

    FACE-OFF MINNESOTA (HS quiz)-Ken Jennings: Eight episodes from 2006 [all RPT]

    FAKE-A-DATE-Evan Mariott: The 3rd episode from 2004 [OB/962.10]

    FAKE OUT-Jack Trimarco: The 2003 premiere episode [OC/852.7]

    THE FAMILY-George Hamilton: All 9 episodes of the series from 2003 [all OC/848.1-9]

    Ray Combs:
    Six episodes from 1995:

  • The premiere episode [OB/110.2, which ends after the first half, also GSN, complete]
  • An episode where Ray gets injured by a contestant! [OB]
  • Five general episodes [1 OC, 3 OB, 1 SM/158.2]
  • An episode w/an appearance by Poo Richardson [OC]
  • A Thanksgiving "Ice Capades" special [OC/892.8]
    Michael Burger ("The New Family Challenge"): Four episodes from 1996:
  • His first episode [OC/D36.6]
  • Two general episodes [both OB]
  • "Audience Participation Day" [OB]

    FAMILY FACE-OFF: HOLLYWOOD-John Salley & Amy Davidson: Four episodes from 2004 [all RPT]

    FAMILY FEUD: See separate page for listings.

    THE FAMILY GAME-Bob Barker: Two episodes from 1967:

  • A general episode [OC]
  • An episode from "Holiday Week" [SC]

    FAMILY GAME NIGHT-Todd Newton:

  • The 2010 premiere episode [OC]
  • Three general 2010 episodes [2 OC, 1 OB]
  • Christmas 2010 episode [OC]
  • A 2011 episode where a contestant loses a tooth during a break! [RPT]
  • The first two episodes of the 2nd season from 2011 [both OC]
  • Two general 2011 episodes [both OC]
  • Christmas 2011 episode [RPT]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2012 [OC]
  • Veterans' Day 2012 episode (w/military families playing) [RPT]
  • The 4th season premiere from 2013 [OC]
  • A general 2013 episode [RPT]
  • Christmas 2013 episode (and the 4th season finale) [RPT]
  • The 5th season premiere from 2014; it's a celebrity episode w/Jon Heder [GSN]
  • A celebrity episode from 2014 w/Tracey Gold [RPT]
  • Two general 2014 episodes [both RPT]
  • A WWE episode from 2014 w/The Miz and Cameron [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2014 w/Marlee Matlin [OC]

    FAMILY SECRETS-Bob Eubanks: Seven episodes from 1993:

  • The premiere episode [OC]
  • Five general episodes [all OC/175.3, 798.14]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) [OC/D87.3]

    FANDANGO-Bill Anderson:

  • A celebrity episode from 1983 w/Teddy Wilburn, Connie Smith, and Jim Ed Brown [SM]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1985 (episode 1 missing opening segment) [both OC]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1986 [both OC]
  • One episode from 1986 (now w/the new set) [OB/273.2]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1987 [both OB]

    FANTASY-Peter Marshall & Leslie Uggams:

  • 1982; guest is Tom Wopat (missing final segment) [OC]
  • 1982; guests are Sylvester Stallone, Jed Allan, and Henry Mancini [GSN/158.1]
  • A 5-minute clip of a "Kids' News" segment from 1983 [OB]

    FAST DRAW-Johnny Gilbert: One episode from 1968; guests are Anita Gillette and Robert Alda [SM]

    FAST MONEY MBA CHALLENGE-Dylan Ratigan: The second half of the 2007 premiere episode [OC]

    Joe Rogan

  • The 2001 premiere episode [OC/597.5]
  • Three general 2001 episodes [1 OC/601.8, 2 RPT/626.1-2]
  • The 1st season finale from 2001; it's a special "highlight show" [OC/611.6]
  • A celebrity episode from 2001 w/Coolio, Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, Donny Osmond, David Hasselhoff, Brooke Burns, and Kelly Preston (John Travolta makes an appearance at the end!) [OC/659.6]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2002 [OC/669.2]
  • A special 2002 episode w/pro wrestlers Jeff Hardy, Jacqueline, Test, Lita, Matt Hardy, and Mighty Molly [OC/686.9]
  • An hour-and-1/2 celebrity episode from 2002 w/Stephen Baldwin, Alan Thicke, Ali Landry, Kevin Richardson, Alison Sweeney, and Kelly Packard [OC/702.5]
  • A special half-hour "MTV Spring Break Edition" from 2002 [OC/704.4]
  • Three general 2002 episodes [all RPT/704.5-6, 831.7]
  • Both parts of the $100,000 Championship from 2002 (episode 2 is an hour and 1/2) [both OC/713.5, 718.5]
  • The 2nd season finale; it's a special "highlight show" [RPT]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2002; it's an hour-and-1/2 celebrity show w/Natasha Henstridge, Matt Cedeno, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Penn & Teller, Gena Lee Nolin, and Barry Williams [OC/755.7]
  • Christmas 2002 episode (w/holiday-themed stunts) [RPT/869.5]
  • A special "gross-out" episode from 2003 [OC/801.1]
  • A special couples episode from 2003 [OC/801.4]
  • A half-hour "animal moments" clip show from 2003 [RPT/801.9]
  • A special hour-and-1/2 Las Vegas episode from 2003 [OC/806.4]
  • A 2003 episode w/Miss USA contestants [OC/807.2]
  • All 3 parts of the $100,000 Championship from 2003 (episode 2 is 2 hrs, but missing last 20 min.) [all OC/812.5, 812.9, 818.6]
  • The 3rd season finale from 2003; it's a special clip show [OC]
  • The two-hour 4th season premiere from 2003 (w/a $1,000,000 grand prize!) [OC/852.1]
  • Halloween 2003 episode [OC/867.1]
  • A special all-female episode from 2003 [OC/867.7]
  • A special hour-and-1/2 "family" episode from 2003 (w/parent-child teams) [OC/865.2]
  • The "$1,000,000 Couples Tournament" finals from 2004 [OC/920.7]
  • A special siblings episode from 2004 [OC/904.3]
  • A special models episode from 2004 [OC/916.3]
  • A special "losers" episode from 2004 [OC/916.8]
  • The 5th season premiere from 2004; it's an hour-and-1/2 "couples reunion" episode [OC/970.2]
  • A special "best friends" episode from 2004 (NO ONE wins the $50,000!) [RPT]
  • The 100th episode from 2004 (from NY!) [OC/1000.1]
  • A special hour-and-1/2 Thanksgiving episode from 2004 [OC/997.1, which is missing last few min, also RPT, complete]
  • Christmas 2004 episode (w/holiday-themed stunts) [OC/1000.10]
  • The $1,000,000 Couples Tournament finals from 2005 [OC/1016.1]
  • A 2-hour "Reality Stars" special from 2005 w/Ryan Sutter, Nikki McKibbin, Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca, Reichen Lehmkuhl, and Omarosa Manigault Stallworth [OC/1016.6]
  • An hour-and-1/2 "Twins Edition" from 2005 [OC/1022.1]
  • A special "NY vs. LA" episode from 2005 [RPT]
  • A special "family" episode from 2005 [RPT]
  • The 6th season premiere from 2005; it's a special "$1,000,000 Heist" episode (now w/the "Home Invasion" segment) [OC, which is missing intro, also RPT, complete]
  • A team episode from 2005 [RPT]
  • A "Mothers and Sons" episode from 2006 [RPT]
  • A "family" episode from 2006 [OC]
  • A military episode from 2006 [OC]
  • A special "Viewers' Choice" episode (w/teams chosen via an online poll) from 2006 [RPT]
  • A disaster-themed episode from 2006 [RPT]
  • A special "Ex-Factor" episode (w/ex-couples playing) from 2006 [RPT]
  • A celebrity episode (and the last one of the series) from 2006 w/Todd Bridges, Tempestt Bledsoe, Leif Garrett, G. Gordon Liddy, Arianne Zuker, Brande Roderick, Traci Bingham, and "Stuttering" John Melendez [RPT]
  • The 2011 premiere episode [RPT]
  • A general 2012 episode [OC]
  • A special 2-hour episode (w/5 teams and 5 stunts) from 2012 [OC]
    Chris "Ludacris" Bridges:
  • The 2017 premiere episode [OC]
  • A 2017 episode w/roommates playing [OC]
  • A 2017 episode w/couples playing [OC]
  • A 2017 episode w/best friends playing [OC]
  • A 2017 episode w/parent-child teams playing [OC]
  • A 2017 episode w/sisters playing [OB]
  • A "college" episode from 2017 [OC]

    FEATHER YOUR NEST-Bud Collyer: One episode from 1955 [OC]

    50 GRAND SLAM-Tom Kennedy: Two episodes from 1976:

  • The premiere episode (w/an appearance by Allen Ludden at the beginning!) [OC/222.3]
  • The last episode [SM/222.4]

    5-4-3-2-RUN-Andrew Cochrane: One episode from 1988 [OC/362.4]

    Summer Sanders

  • The 1997 premiere episode; panel is Moira Quirk, Amanda Bynes (AB), Danny Tamborelli (DT), and Lori Beth Denberg (LBD) [OC/D129.2]
  • 1997; panel is Marc Weiner, AB, DT, and LBD [RPT/127.1]
  • 1997; panel is Mike O'Malley, Josh Server, DT, and LBD [RPT/127.2]
  • 1997; panel is Phil Moore, AB, DT, and Jenna Leigh Green [GAS]
  • 1997; panel is Kevin Kopelow (KK), DT, Adam Bush, and LBD [RPT/127.3]
  • 1997; panel is Phil Moore, LBD, Adam Bush, and Alisa Reyes [RPT/127.4]
  • 1997; panel is Phil Moore, Irene NG, Taran Noah Smith, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1997; panel is KK, Preslaysa Edwards, DT, and LBD (part of opening missing) [GAS]
  • The 1st season finale from 1997 (w/same panel as above; Summer gets slimed at the end!) [GAS]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1998; panel is Phil Moore, Michelle Trachtenberg, DT, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is Steve Purnick, Christy Knowings, DT, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is Steve Purnick, AB, DT, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is The Giant, AB, DT, and LBD [OC/181.1]
  • 1998; panel is Taran Noah Smith, AB, DT, and LBD [OC/181.2]
  • 1998; panel is KK, AB, DT, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is Moira Quirk, Irene Ng, DT, and LBD [RPT/181.3]
  • 1998; panel is Kordell Stuart, Erin J. Dean, Keenan Thompson, and LBD [GAS/835.2]
  • 1998; panel is KK, Josh Server, Kel Mitchell, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is KK, Erin J. Dean, Keenan Thompson, and LBD (who trades places w/Summer for game 1!) [GAS/921.3]
  • 1998; panel is Mike O'Malley, Arjay Smith, Keenan Thompson, and LBD [GAS/922.2]
  • 1998; panel is Mike O'Malley, Arjay Smith, Keenan Thompson, and Kel Mitchell [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is Penny Hardaway, Shane Sweet, Josh Server, and LBD [GAS]
  • 1998; panel is KK, Leon Frierson, DT, and LBD [GAS]
    1998 ("Figure it Out Family Style"):
  • The 3rd season premiere; panel is Travis White, AB, DT, and LBD [GAS/844.6]
  • Panel is Phil Moore, Keenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and LBD [GAS/843.17]
  • Panel is KK, Michelle Trachtenberg, Robert Ri'chard, and LBD [GAS/922.1]
  • Panel is Cousin Skeeter, KK, DT, and LBD [GAS/922.3]
  • Panel is KK, Curtis Williams Jr, DT, and LBD (one of the game 1 contestant's relatives replaces Kevin on the panel for game 2!) [GAS/1034.3]
  • Panel is Aaron Carter, Keenan Thompson, DT, and LBD [GAS/844.2]
  • Panel is Carrot Top, KK, DT, and LBD [GAS]
  • Panel is KK, Irene Ng, Michelle Trachtenberg, and LBD [GAS]
  • Panel is Hardy Rawls, Judy Grafe, Mike Maronna, and DT [GAS/1045.8]
  • Panel is Cedric Ceballos, Ellen David, Christy Knowings, and LBD [GAS]
  • Panel is Ellen David, Erin J. Dean, DT, and LBD [GAS]
  • Panel is Bob Sanders (Summer's dad!), KK, DT, and LBD [GAS]
    1999 ("Figure it Out Wild Style"):
  • The 4th season premiere; panel is Mark Saul, Shane Sweet, Arjay Smith, and Steve Burns [GAS]
  • Another episode w/same panel as above [GAS]
  • Panel is Evander Holyfield, AB, Schuyler Fisk, and Kareem Blackwell [GAS/828.5]
  • Panel is Doug E. Doug, AB, Boris Carbera, and Erin J. Dean [GAS/828.6]
  • Panel is KK, AB, Tara Lipinski, and Christy Knowings [GAS/835.1]
  • Panel is KK, Tara Lipinski, DT, and Irene Ng (J's dog announces?!) [GAS/844.4]
  • Panel is Jack Hanna, AB, Richard Simmons, and Erin J. Dean [GAS]
  • Panel is Colin Mochrie, AB, KK, and Kareem Blackwell [GAS/1034.2]
  • Panel is CatDog(!), DT, Christy Knowings, and Kareem Blackwell (end credits mssing) [GAS/844.5]
  • Panel is "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Mark Saul, Kareem Blackwell, and Shane Sweet [GAS]
  • Panel is Nasty Knobs, DT, Sherman Hemsley, and Kareem Blackwell [GAS]
  • Panel is Jesse Camp, AB, Mark Saul, and Erin J. Dean [GAS]
  • Panel is Julius Erving, DT, Irene Ng, and KK [GAS]
  • Panel is Rondell Sheridan, Christy Knowings, Mark Saul, and Erin J. Dean [GAS/921.2]
  • Panel is Rondell Sheridan, Christy Knowings, DT, and Erin J. Dean [GAS]
    Jeff Sutphen:
  • The 2012 premiere episode; panel is Matt Bennett, Victoria Justice, Lulu Antariksa, and Rachel Crow [RPT]
  • 2012; panel is Cymphonique Miller, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Max Schneider, and Gracie Dzienny [RPT]
  • 2012; panel is Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr, and Logan Henderson [RPT]
  • 2012; panel is Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy, Noah Crawford, and Tanya Chisholm [OC]
  • 2012; panel is Leon Thomas III, Ashley Argota, Carlos Knight, and Elizabeth Gillies [RPT]
  • 2012; panel is Ciara Bravo, Chris O'Neal, Lulu Antariska, and Carlos Knight (when the Word of Honor is guessed, Grennan tries to run away, but is caught by Jeff!) [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2012; panel is Matt Bennett, James Maslow, Carlosa Pena, and Ciara Bravo [OC]
  • 2013; panel is Noah Crawford, Halston Sage, Avan Jogia, and Daniella Monet [OC]
  • 2013; panel is Halston Sage, Louie Vito, Rachel Crow, and Tony Hawk [OC]

    Wesley Eure:

  • The 1987 premiere episode [OC/193.11]
  • A 1987 episode w/the rare "Exercise Room" [GAS/698.6]
  • A special holiday-themed episode from 1987 [OB/258.15]
  • Eleven general 1987 episodes [most OC/192.5-14, 258.11]
  • Christmas 1987 episode [GAS/798.11]
  • "Battle of the Sexes Day" from 1988 [GAS/964.6]
  • Eight general 1988 episodes [all GAS/698.7-9; 781.8; 899.3; 964.7, also have one from OB/265.7]
  • A 1988 episode where a writer gets sent to his room for screwing up! [GAS/756.3]
    Larry Toffler: Thirteen episodes from 1988:
  • The premiere episode [GAS/950.11]
  • A special "Battle of the Sexes" episode [GAS/781.5]
  • An episode w/a record 40-sec. Room-to-Room Romp win! [GAS/950.12]
  • A celebrity episode w/David Faustino and Brian Austin Green [RPT/265.8]
  • A celebrity episode w/Emily Schulman and Josie Davis [RPT/265.9]
  • Four general episodes [2 RPT/259.11-12, 2 GAS/616.9]
  • An episode w/a 43-sec. Room-to-Room Romp win [GAS/935.1]
  • An episode w/some TERRIBLE contestants! [GAS/781.13]
  • An episode w/an $825 maingame win [RPT/265.10]
  • An episode w/a record $975 maingame win! [GAS/781.6]

    Richard Quest:

  • All 7 episodes of the series from 2015 (episodes 3 and 7 are 2 hours) [all OC]
    Dan Harris:
  • All 5 episodes of the series from 2016 (episodes 1, 4 and 5 are 2 hours) [all OC]

    FLIPPO'S SCREEN TEST (Columbus, OH showbiz quiz)-"Flippo the Clown": The championship episode from 1980 [SM]

    FREE 4 ALL-Mark Walberg: Three episodes from 1994 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode [D90.4]
  • Two general episodes

    FRIEND OR FOE?-Kennedy:

  • The 2002 premiere episode [OC/728.1]
  • A 2002 episode that ends w/Jeff's infamous foul-mouthed rant! [RPT/742.11]
  • "Reunion Day" from 2002 (part of end credits cut off) [RPT/757.12]
  • Four general 2002 episodes [1 OC/736.4, 3 RPT/748.12; 776.8; 816.7]
  • Halloween 2002 episode (w/contestants who have actual grudges!) [OC/760.4]
  • Christmas 2002 episode (w/Kennedy as an ice queen) [OC/770.3]
  • April Fool's Day 2003 episode (w/Mark L. Walberg hosting) [OC/816.9]

    FRIENDS OR LOVERS-Andi Matheny: The 2000 premiere episode [OC/444.10]

    THE FUN FACTORY-Bobby Van: Two episodes from 1976 [both GSN/D116.5, 440.2]

    FUN HOUSE-J.D. Roth
    SYNDICATED, 1988-90:

  • The 1988 pilot (w/a slightly different format) [SM]
  • The hour-long 1988 premiere episode w/celebrity players Soleil Moon Frye, Staci Keenan, Danny Pintauro, and Danny Ponce [OC/D134.5]
  • Two early 1988 episodes [1 OB, 1 OC/988.3]
  • A 1988 episode where a clueless contestant spends 1:56 in the Fun House! [OC]
  • Six general 1988 episodes [4 OC/622.12; 822.3; 990.3-4]
  • "Chocolate Day" from 1988 [RPT/D4.2]
  • Halloween 1988 episode [OB]
  • A celebrity episode from 1988 w/Tiffany Brissette and Jerry Suprian [OB]
  • Thanksgiving 1988 episode [OC/362.6]
  • Christmas 1988 episode (now w/the 2nd house) [OB/D4.3]
  • "New York Day" from 1989 w/Soleil Moon Frye and Jeremy Miller [OC]
  • "West Virginia/Pennsylvania/New Jersey Day" from 1989 [OB]
  • Pre-Mother's Day 1989 episode [OB/D4.4]
  • A 1989 episode where the cheerleaders get pied at the beginning! [OB]
  • An episode from the 1989-90 season premiere week (and one of the first w/the 3rd house) [OC/674.5]
  • Nine general 1989 episodes [all OC/398.7, 674.6, 740.5, 788.2]
  • "Seven Seas Day" from 1989 [OB/D5.1]
  • One of the first episodes w/the 4th house from 1989 [OC]
  • Christmas 1989 episode [OB/D5.2]
  • A celebrity episode from 1990 w/The Boys (who perform during the show!) [OB/D84.6]
  • A general 1990 episode [OC/398.6]
    FOX, 1990-91 ("Fox's Fun House"):
  • The 1990 premiere episode (has VCR counter in top right corner of screen) [OC/D134.4]
  • A celebrity episode from 1990 w/Douglas Emerson and Brian Austin Green [OB/362.3]
  • Four general 1990 episodes [2 OB/362.1-2, 2 OC/398.8; 730.10]
  • A celebrity episode from 1990 w/Josh Saviano and Jenny Beck [OC/730.9]
  • "Siblings Day" from 1990 (the contestants' dogs run the Grand Prix!) [OB]

    FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK!!-Lloyd Thaxton:

  • 1968; guests are Noel Harrison, Nanette Fabray, Jim Backus, Jan Murray, and Donna Jean Young [KIN]
  • 1968; guests are Glenn Ford, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Stu Gilliam, Jim Backus and Martha Raye [KIN/1014.6]
  • 1969; guests are Dean Jones, Rose Marie, Stu Gilliam, Marty Allen, and Meredith MacRae [KIN/360.2]
  • 1969; guests are Milton Berle, Rose Marie, Stu Gilliam, Jan Murray, and Janis Paige [KIN]


  • The 2017 premiere episode; guests are Howie Mandel, Sheryl Underwood, Louie Anderson, Bill Bellamy, Natasha Leggero, and Tom Arnold [OC]
  • 2017; guests are Jon Lovitz, Loni Love, Louie Anderson, Tim Meadows, Caroline Rhea, and Tom Arnold [OC]
  • 2017; guests are Jon Lovitz, Sherri Shepherd, Dave Coulier, Anthony Anderson, Caroline Rhea, and Pauly Shore [OC]
  • 2018; guests are Jon Lovitz, Jack√©e Harry, Louie Anderson, Byron Allen, Jodi Miller, and Gabriel Iglesias [RPT]

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