My Unsold Pilots

$50,000 A MINUTE (ABC, 2 pilots from 1985)-Geoff Edwards & Meredith MacRae:
Celebrities complete the hosts' sentences to form a question for their contestant partner, w/the winning team going on to play the "Double Talk" bonus round; guests in pilot A are Shelley Smith and Charlie Siebert, and guests in pilot B are Markie Post and Ed Begley, Jr. [both SM/245.1-2]

ACES (SPIKE TV, 200?)-Matt Shallenberger & Amy McCarthy:
Four contestants compete in a sports-based Q&A game w/a poker theme, where the category is determined by spinning a wheel, and the players wager on each question. [SM]

ACROSS THE BOARD (QUBE, 2 pilots from 1977)-Nelson Davis (pilot #1), Bob Marvin (pilot #2):
A kids' game in which contestants move across a 4x4 hexagon grid, w/their moves determined by the home viewers, and must then answer a question or complete a stunt to win prizes (which are also offered to the home viewers). [SM]

BABBLE (NBC, 1984)-Tom Kennedy:
A word communication game (which uses the "Celebrity Charades" theme) in which three regular panelists (Norm Crosby, Marcia Wallace, and James Hampton) attempt to convey the identity of a person/place/thing via cryptic clues, which a guest panel (Meredith MacRae, Brad Garrett, and Gwynne Gilford) must then ask questions about to try and help a contestant correctly solve it. [GSN]

BAMBOOZLE (ABC, 1985)-Bob Hilton:
A "TTTT" ripoff (w/an equally bad theme song!) in which three strange stories are told, and a panel of two celebrities and a contestant question the subjects to try and figure out which one is true; guests are Elaine Joyce and Stuart Pankin. [SM/147.2]

BANKO (SYNDICATION, 1985)-Wink Martindale:
A Bingo-type game in which contestants try to spot the connection between the list of items for the chance to earn spins on the "Banko board" that could be worth cash or prizes, w/a play-at-home element for viewers. [SM]

BEAT THE IRS (1985)-Bob Goen:
Inspired by the book of the same name, this Q&A game has two contestants test their finance and tax code knowledge in an effort to earn money for their "taxable income" bank, w/a portion of that being eligible for "shelter", and the winner goes on to play the bonus round for the chance to win a Mercedes-Benz! [SM]

BEAT THE ODDS (ABC, 1975)-Chuck Henry:
A pilot for a revival of this obscure 60s word game: players are given a beginning and ending letter and must come up w/a word that fits the criteria, while trying to avoid the "Whammy". [SM/259.3]

THE BIG MONEY (NBC, 1966)-Monty Hall:
An early version of what would become "50 Grand Slam", w/contestants (and celebrity guest Ken Venturi) attempting to complete a series of stunts for the chance at a $50,000 top payoff. [SM]

BODY TALK (ABC, 1990)-Vicki Lawrence-Schultz:
Two teams, each consisting of two celebrities and a contestant, act out charades in this quasi-"Showoffs" revival, w/audience members joining in for the "Lineup" bonus round; guests are Elaine Joyce, Marcia Wallace, Richard Simmons, and Bill Kirchenbauer. [BZR]

BOGGLE (1987)-Bill Rafferty:
An attempt at bringing the classic word game to TV, w/2 married couples competing and the winners going on to play for a possible grand prize of $25,000! [SM]

BRAIN BLASTERS (PBS, 1998)-Tony Hill:
A kids' Q&A show in which a trio of three-member teams (each representing their school) compete in answering some challenging questions. [OB/362.5]

Two couples answer questions to try and run a 60-second clock down to 0 and win big money in this exciting, but terrribly over-acted pilot. [SM/311.2]

CARD SHARKS (SYNDICATION, 1996)-Tom Green & Dee Dee Weathers:
An attempted revival of the classic "higher/lower" card game that's even worse than the 2001 version, and replaces the classic Money Cards bonus w/a new endgame involving celebrity video clip predictions. [SM]

An attempted revival of the animated picture puzzle game, which stays largely faithful to the original version. [GSN]

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (ABC, 1975)-Jim Peck:
A funny, "Pyramid"-esque game from Bob Stewart in which celebrities name items that fit a certain subject; it's up to the players to "catch them in the act" and identify the subject, which isn't always easy because of the often misleading nature of those items! Guests are Anne Meara, *Bill Cullen*, Anita Gillette, Clifton Davis, and Stephanie Braxton. [SM/278.1]

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (NBC, 1979)-Jack Clark:
Two contestants compete in a game similar to "Pass the Buck" (which also uses that show's theme song!), alternating in naming items that fit a particular category; the player in control when time runs out is "caught in the act" and loses the round, while the winner goes on to play an endgame also similar to PtB's. [SM/278.2]

CELEBRITY DOUBLE DARE (1988)-Bruce Jenner:
An attempted adult version of the popular kids' game, w/some minor format differences and a car as the obstacle course grand prize; guests are Heidi Bohay and Scott Baio. [SM]

THE CELEBRITY GAME (CBS, 1968)-Bert Parks:
An attempted revival of H-Q's Squares precursor, only w/6 celebs and an endgame offering a car; guests are Michael Landon, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jan Murray, Abby Dalton, Paul Lynde, and Gypsy Rose Lee [SM/747.8]

THE CHOICE IS YOURS (ABC, 1970)-Bill Cullen:
A politically-themed prediction game in which three celebrity panelists try to determine how the majority of the audience will respond to a series of hypothetical questions, w/the winner earning a prize for their predetermined audience member; guests are Melvin Belli, Meredith MacRae, and Nipsey Russell. [SM]

COMBINATION LOCK (1996)-Ross King:
An interesting game in which contestants answer questions for the chance to crack the safe and "unlock their fortune", while trying to avoid "the burglar"; filmed in the UK, this pilot is produced by ATGS's own John Ricci, Jr, which I hope to take out of the "Unsold Pilots" category soon! [SM/35.10]

COP-OUT! (CBS, 1972)-Geoff Edwards:
Two contestants predict whether a celebrity's answer to a personal question is honest or a "cop-out" (hence the name); guests are Ann Elder, James Farentino, Michele Lee, Bill Bixby, Lois Nettleton, Larry Hovis, Della Reese, and Richard Dawson. [GSN/519.9]

CRITICAL DECISIONS (1990)-Eric Boardman:
A prediction game in which two contestants are shown video clips of common dilemmas, then try to determine the most popular of three possible responses to each, w/the help of three celebrities; guests are Michael Landon, Donna Mills, and William Shatner. [SM/794.6]

CROSSWORD (2 pilots from 1966)-George Fenneman:
An early ancestor of the game that would later become "The Cross-Wits"; guests in pilot 1 are Carolyn Jones and Michael Landon, and guests in pilot 2 are Tippi Hedren and Paul Lynde. [both KIN]

DECISIONS, DECISIONS (NBC, 2 pilots from 1979)-Bill Cullen:
A "Hot Potato"-type game played between two celeb/contestant teams where a question with six possible answers is asked, and one teammate chooses two answers at a time while his/her partner decides which answer is better (hence the title!); guests in pilot A are Joyce Bulifant and David Letterman, and guests in pilot B are Liz Torres and Arte Johnson. [both SM/D124.1]

DOCTOR IQ JR. (ABC, 1953):
A kids' version of the classic radio/TV quiz where audience members answer questions to win silver dollars; a pre-"J!" Art Fleming announces! [SM/278.4]

DOLLAR A SECOND (1981)-Bob Eubanks:
A dreadful attempt by Chuck Barris to revive the classic '50s show where a player tries to complete stunts before an "outside event" occurs and causes them to lose all their money. [GSN/519.13]

A "Newlywed Game" clone in which three engaged couples predict how their partners will match the answers to questions posed of them, w/correct answers adding money and wrong answers contributing to the "Sweepstakes Jackpot" that goes to the winning couple, along w/a honeymoon. [SM]

EVEYTHING'S RELATIVE (ABC, 2 pilots from 1980)-Jim Peck:
An attempted revival of the late 60s Nicholson-Muir family relationship game w/a set that suggests a primitive incarnation of "WWtBaM". [both SM/246.2-3]

FINDERS KEEPERS (ABC, 1985)-"Nee-Fi" & "Sci-Fi":
Not to be confused w/the later Nickelodeon kids' GS, this outdoor competition features two teams (each consisting of one studio player and one on location) trying to decipher clues and locate "hidden treasures" in a particular American city. [SM]

FLASH FRAME (SYNDICATION, 4 pilots from 1984)-Bob Eubanks:
Reworked version of the earlier "Freeze Frame", this time with two 5-member teams competing to identify celebrities and film clips. [all SM/794.2-5]

FORTUNE HUNTERS (CBS, 1983)-Bob Hanley:
A 3-minute clip of a game in which four contestants compete for clues to the identity of the player known as "the faker", who holds $5,000, while the faker tries to protect his identity. [SM]

FREEZE FRAME (1981)-Jack Clark:
An entertainment quiz in which two contestants compete to identify famous faces and film clips for the chance to make it to the bonus round and win a grand prize. [SM]

GAMBIT (ABC, taped 10/20/90)-Bob Eubanks:
This possible revival of the classic blackjack game features single contestants, a different bonus round, and a great set! [SM/D73.1]

GET RICH QUICK (taped 10/30/77)-Steve Edwards:
An early version of "Go" w/an odd bonus round (and a WAY too blue set!); guests are John Ritter, Debralee Scott, Robert Urich, and Lynnie Greene. [SM/246.1, also GSN/519.10]

GRILL ME (USA, 1996)-Jordan Brady:
Three celebrities compete in this pop culture Q&A game set in a diner, where the categories are "meals" and the payoffs are "prices"; guests are Dweezil Zappa, Susan Olsen, and Kristoff St. John. [OC/385.3]

Intended to be TV's first 90-minute GS (although, as per producer Jack Barry's opening pitch, the first half-hour is not shown due to its weak format), it's basically the 1968 TJW pilot w/couples; "categories" in game 2 are Bob Crane, Jaye P. Morgan, Edmund G. Brown, Don Drysdale, and Marc Copage. [SM]

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS? (QUBE, 4 pilots from 1977)-Bill Cullen:
Two couples compete in this low-budget "Family Feud" clone aired during the "experimental" stages of a pioneering Columbus-based cable TV system. [all SM]

IN THE BAG (1958)-John Coughlin:
Produced by Chicago's WBBM-TV, this panel game is basically a local "WML?" clone; panel is Paul Gibson, Janet Kern, Irv Kupcinet, and Carol Channing. [KIN]

INITIAL REACTION (1975)-Dean Jones:
A forerunner of "Scattergories", in which two contestants try to give unique answers to a particular category and must avoid matching the celebrity panel; guests are Pat Harrington, Elaine Joyce, Tim Conway, JoAnn Pflug, and Robert Reed. [SM]

IT HAD TO BE YOU (NBC, 1965)-Ed McMahon:
An early version of the G-T prediction game that later became "He Said, She Said", only w/civilian couples. [SM/794.1, also BZR, w/MUCH better quality]

JACKPOT (CBS, 1984)-Nipsey Russell:
A pilot for a revival of the Bob Stewart riddle game; features a bonus round w/the "Double Talk" format, and the theme from another Stewart show, "The Love Experts". [SM/D73.3]

JUMBLE (1988)-Richard Kline:
A poorly-produced version of the classic scrambled word game (not to be confused w/the later FAM "InterActive Game") w/two celebrity-contestant teams attempting to unscramble words that lead to a master puzzle, and the winning team attempting to solve one final puzzle for a new car; guests are Bill Kirchenbauer and Alaina Reed. [SM]

KEY WITNESS (1959)-Vincent Price:
A dramatization featuring Price is acted out, and audience members are then asked questions about it, w/winners getting the chance to go for the "Jackpot Question" at the end. [SM/693.2]

KEYNOTES (CBS, 1986)-Kevin O'Connell:
An attempted U.S. version of the popular UK/Aussie musical quiz where two three-member teams answer questions about well-known songs and song lyrics for the chance to play the bonus round. [SM]

KING OF THE HILL (taped 2/7/75)-Robert Earle:
An interesting Q&A game in which three challengers answer questions in order to reach the "King's Territory" and compete against the defending champ for the right to play the "Money Hill" round (a precursor to the Money Cards from "Card Sharks"); has some fun categories, an exciting theme song, and a great set! [SM/261.2]

LUCKY NUMBERS (2 pilots, taped 5/18/85)-Alex Trebek:
A "High Rollers" revival w/an odd format; Debbie Sue Maffett assists, and the theme song was later used on the Wink Martindale version of "HR". [both SM/246.4-5]

M'AMA, NON M'AMA (ABC, 2 pilots, taped 12/7/84)-Alex Trebek:
The original North American version of "Love Me, Love Me Not", w/4 panelists, bigger payoffs, and an entirely different set and music than the Ross Shafer version. [both SM/260.1-2]

THE MAGIC TOUCH (QUBE, 1981)-Paul Markle:
A home viewer Q&A game, w/players locking in answers via their QUBE keypads, and the winner receiving a grand prize. [SM]

MALCOLM (NBC, 1983)-Alex Trebek:
A bizarre Q&A game w/an animated title character who serves as both Alex's sidekick and a semi-partner to the contestants. [SM/842.1]

MATCH GAME 2 (SYNDICATION, 1996)-Charlene Tilton:
Dreadful attempt at reviving the classic celebrity "fill-in-the-blank" game, which has the celebrities revealing their maingame answers BEFORE the contestants, and a reworked Super Match which eliminates the Head-to-Head portion in favor of a quick-match "Panel Poll" prediction segment; guests are "Downtown" Julie Brown, David Chokachi, Gil Gerard, Kathleen Kinmont, and Rondell Sheridan. [SM]

MATCHMAKERS (1960)-Ted Brown:
Two contestants challenge each other in trying to pair items from each other's board, w/each featuring a non-matching "joker" that could potentially change the outcome if successfully identified. [SM]

MATCHMATES (NBC, 1985)-Michael Burger:
Two couples compete for the chance at $10,000 in a game w/elements of "Match Game", "The Newlywed Game" and other formats, w/an endgame similar to the future Winner's Big Money Game from "$otC". [SM]

A simulated football game in which two celebrity-football player teams try to predict the results of game clips in order to complete "plays" and score points; teams are Dick Martin & John Hadl vs. Peter Lawford & Myron Pottios. [GSN/132.6]

MONEY IN THE BANK (KOIN-TV, 1988)-Mark Richards:
Two contestants compete in this Portland, OR-based word game similar to "The $1M CoaL" (but much cheaper!) where correct answers to questions earn the right to place letters in a word puzzle, which add more money to the puzzle bank as the round progresses. [SM]

MONEY IN THE BLANK (CBS, 1987)-Kevin O'Connell:
A "Pyramid"-esque game in which one member of a celebrity/contestant team fills in a blank phrase to form a clue for their partner, w/the winning team playing an endgame similar to "Three On a Match"; guests are Teresa Ganzel and Nathan Cook. [SM/747.10]

MONOPOLY (1985)-Rick Dees:
Intended for a local run in the Los Angeles area, this phone-in version of the classic board game has callers making their way around the board and winning prizes, while hoping to avoid going to jail. [SM]

NOW YOU SEE IT (SYNDICATION, pilot #2, taped 10/19/85)-Jack Clark:
A pilot for a revival of the Goodson-Todman word-search game w/teams, a "Pyramid"-esque maingame, and an awful neon-laden set (no video during end of game 2 and most of Solo Game, but audio is fine). [SM/260.5]

ON A ROLL (2 pilots from 1986)-David Sparks:
A dice game which combines elements of "WoF", "High Rollers", and "Super Password"; contestants solve words for the chance to roll the dice, the results of which reveal letters in clue words leading to the identity of a person/place/thing. [both BZR, also have SM of pilot #2]

PANDEMONIUM (CBS, 1979)-Steve Edwards:
An audience participation game (which uses John Williams' iconic "Superman: The Movie" theme music) in which 118 audience members are whittled down through a series of different games, w/the sole survivor going on to play for a grand prize package of $25,000! [SM]

PARTY LINE (NBC, 1983)-Gene Rayburn:
An early version of "Hot Streak" w/a different bonus round; one of the members of the women's team is Laura Chambers! [SM/311.1]

PASS/FAIL (NBC, 1986)-Edwin Newman:
A 10-minute demo of a "College Bowl"-type quiz in which two schools compete, with each team headed by a celebrity alumni of that college; guests are Carol Lawrence and David Groh. [SM]

PASS OR PLAY (QUBE, 1977)-Dick "Mark Richards" Liberatore:
Three contestants compete in this Q&A game, w/home viewers voting on their predicted performances throughout and occasionally participating, for which the viewer chosen to play can either answer the question or pass to the next person on the list (hence the name!). [SM]

PASS THE LINE (1954)-Cliff Saber:
A panel game that's basically "Finish the Story" w/drawings; guests are Jonathan Winters, Erica, Jeff Kane, and Marge Kane. [SM/1042.9]

PEOPLE ON TV (1990)-Jimmy Cefalo:
An entertainment quiz based on the magazine of the same name, whose over-scripting rivals that of "The Buck Stops Here". [SM/221.1]

PICTIONARY (2000)-Graham Elwood:
Two four-member family teams compete in another attempted TV version of the famous drawing game, for the chance at a top prize of $5,000. [SM]

PLAY FOR KEEPS! (CBS, 1955)-Sonny Fox:
Essentially a high-stakes "Winner Take All" variant from G-T, w/the current champ wagering any part of his/her current total in a best-of-5-questions game against a challenger. [BZR]

THE PLOT THICKENS (1963)-Jack Linkletter:
A cross between "TTTT" and a whodunit: the panel watches a dramatic playlet and then tries to guess which of 4 possible suspects is the real killer; panel is Dick Halley (PI), Stan Ross (civillian), Jan Sterling, and *Groucho Marx*. [SM]

A semi-update of "Eye Guess" from Bob Stewart, in which two celebrity/contestant teams try to remember the punchlines given by each of eight "window people" to a particular question; guests are Joyce Bulifant and Fred Grandy. [SM]

PUZZLERS (NBC, 1980)-Pat Sajak:
A word game (which uses the "Mindreaders" theme) in which three challengers solve 2-word puzzles, w/help from a "picture" clue, for the chance to compete against the returning champion in a series of mini-games and play the "Photo Finish" round for $10,000. [SM]

RATE YOUR MATE (CBS, 1951)-Joey Adams:
An attempt to bring the popular radio quiz to TV, in which married couples attempt to predict if their spouse's answers to general knowledge questions will be right or wrong. [SM]

THE RIDDLERS (1977)-David Letterman:
A "Jackpot" variant from Bob Stewart (w/another too-blue set!) in which 5 contestants compete against 5 celebrities in answering riddles; guests are JoAnne Worley, Robert Urich, Joyce Bulifant, Michael McKean, and Debralee Scott. [GSN/519.16]

RUN FOR THE MONEY (1987)-Bill Rafferty:
An American version of the British Q&A show "Going for Gold", and also filmed on the set of its UK counterpart. [SM/73.3]

SAYS WHO? (1971)-Geoff Edwards:
A prediction game played between two three-member teams (2 celebs and a contestant) where a statement is read to one of the celebrities, and the other two must decide if the answer given relates to that celeb or the other; guests are Betsy Palmer, Anne Meara, *Bill Cullen*, and Peter Lawford. [GSN/519.15]

SCORE! (QUBE, 1983)-George Lehner:
A home sports Q&A game, w/players competing on behalf of their city, and pro athletes/coaches occasionally asking questions via video. [SM]

Two contestants compete in this pilot that has far more in common w/the classic board game than the popular 1980s GS which it inspired. [SM]

SECOND GUESSERS (1969)-Jack Carter:
Taped in Miami, this game features a celebrity predicting how the majority of a group of people will respond to a hypothetical question, w/an audience member attempting to "second guess" the celebrity and win a prize by deciding if the prediction is right or wrong; guest is Brenda Vaccaro. [GSN/519.11]

SENSE OR NONSENSE (1965)-Paul Winchell:
Two celebrity teams compete in this word communication game where a word is given and, using the initial letters of that word, must construct or identify a descriptive phrase that pertains to a particular category, w/a jury then ruling if the phrase formed is "sense" or "nonsense" (hence the title); guests are Connie Hines, Stubby Kaye, Richard Long, and Chris Nelson. [SM]

SIMON SAYS... (NBC, 1971)-Bob Barker:
An audience-participation game in which a giant computer (the "Simon" of the title) asks audience members chosen by Bob to identify some obscure facts about themselves; those who succeed are rewarded with fabuolous prizes! [SM/378.1]

THE SMART ALECKS (1977)-Allen Ludden:
Would-be inventors show off their creations to a celebrity panel to try and win funding money from audience members; panel is David Letterman, Pat Carroll, and Don Meredith. [SM/D124.2]

SMART ASS! (taped 7/7/99)-"Jack":
Three contestants compete in this Q&A game set in a nightclub (complete w/a live band and singer) and hosted by a CGI donkey(!), where players earn money for identifying famous people, then have the opportunity to earn more by answering follow-up "smart ass" questions, whose answers contain part of a name used in the initial question. [SM]

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW (1998)-Mark Archuleta:
A kids' Q&A game in which three teams of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders complete in answering questions, w/the option to request help from "Professor Pratt" if they prove too difficult. [SM]

SPELLBINDERS (NBC, 1978)-Bill Anderson:
A G-T word game in which two celebrity/contestant teams compete in solving puzzles, the answers to which are given one letter at a time, w/the winning team going on to play a "Family Feud"-style endgame; guests are Debralee Scott and Charles Nelson Reilly. [SM]

SPLIT DECISION (NBC, pilot #2, taped 7/11/85)-Jim McKrell:
Two players answer questions to try and build a sequential row of 3 playing cards; the first player to win 3 hands goes on to play the "Pot Limit" round for big money and prizes. [SM/278.3]

SPLIT SECOND (1990)-Robb Weller:
Virtually the same as the Monty Hall version, only w/a better set, a bad host, and a different bonus round. [SM/146.10]

STAR PLAY (1988)-Tom Kennedy: A pitchfilm and run-through for this all-star charades game. [SM]

STAR WORDS (CBS, 1983)-Nipsey Russell:
A "Tattletales"-style word communication game in which one member from each of two celebrity/contestant teams picks two words from five possible choices, w/their partner trying to come up w/an answer relating to those words which they think their teammate will say; guests are Patty Duke Astin and Charles Nelson Reilly. [BZR]

THE $10,000 SWEEP (ABC, 1972)-Jack Clark:
Primitve "Pyramid": the host asks a question, and if the correct answer is given, it will lead his/her teammate to the identity of a related person, place, or thing; if a team makes a "sweep" by winning 4 games in a row, they win $10,000! [GSN/519.12]

TKO (ABC, 1989)-Peter Tomarken:
Three contestants compete in a "Blockbusters"-style game, w/the added gimmick of "Knockout" questions, where correct answers allow them to steal money from an opponent! [BZR]

TAKE YOUR CHOICE (1954)-Fred Allen:
A team of two contestants play a "Split Second"-style game in which a subject is read, and one player picks from three possible clues, for which their partner has to give a correct answer, w/$5,000 awarded for getting five in a row. [BZR]

TALKING PICTURES (CBS, taped 2/25/68)-Allen Ludden:
"Hollywood Squares" meets "Concentration" in this memory game; guests are Ann Miller, Peter Lawford, Angela Cartwright, Lorne Greene, Jan Sterling, Stubby Kaye, Agnes Moorehead, Tommy Smothers, Carol Burnett, and Paul Winchell. [SM/259.1]

TEMPTATION (taped 8/18/81)-Jed Allan:
A neat game w/a cool set, great music, and an interesting format that starts w/100 audience members, each having to give up what they've won for the chance at bigger prizes (hence the name), and the surivivor goes for a pair of Cadilacs! [SM/245.5]

TOP SECRET (CBS, pilot #3, taped 3/4/88)-Wink Martindale:
An interesting game where three players assume the "identities" of people, places, and things, then try to conceal them from their opponents (check out the giant briefcase used in the bonus round!). [SM/259.5]

TRIBOND (GSN, taped 2/13/02)-Graham Elwood:
A fun attempt at bringing the classic board game to TV, w/3 contestants trying to determine what a given list of three things have in common, and the winner going on to play for $10,000. [SM]

An attempt at launching the Family Channel adaptation of the classic board game as a syndicated series, w/a better set and bigger payoffs than its cable counterpart.

20 QUESTIONS (ABC, 1976)-Jack Clark:
A pilot for a revival of the classic parlor game and '50s panel show that just doesn't work too well; guests are Kelly Garrett, Tony Roberts, Anne Meara, and Gene Shalit. [SM/71.11]

20 QUESTIONS (1989)-Dick Wilson:
Another attempted revival of the classic parlor game, this time played between two celebrity/contestant teams; guests are Markie Post and Fred Willard. [SM]

21 (1982)-Jim Lange:
This pilot for a revival of the classic B&E big money quiz proves that some games only work if they're rigged. However, it does feature cool moving isolation booths and theme music by the Alan Parsons Project! [SM/D74.5]

TWISTERS (1982)-Jim Perry:
A fun game that combines shuffleboard w/elements of "Jackpot" and "Your Number's Up", which also uses the future "$50K a Minute" pilot maingame as its bonus round. [GSN/519.14]

WE'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER (1975)-Jack Barry: An interesting dice game w/a cool set and a $25,000+ grand prize! [SM/309.4]

WHAT ARE MY TRUE COLORS? (ABC, 1987)-Mike Jerrick:
A prediction game (w/a horrible set!) in which two contestants try to predict how a celebrity would react in a hypothetical situation, based on his/her personality (or "true colors", hence the name); guests are Richard Simmons and Leslie Charleson. [OC/331.7]

WHAT DO YOU WANT? (1961)-Groucho Marx: A revised version of "YBYL", but more geared towards the interview aspect. [SM]

YOU BET YOUR LIFE (pilot #3, taped 8/3/88)-Richard Dawson:
A pilot for yet another revival of the classic 50s game show where players are interviewed and try to win money by "saying the secret word" (end credits missing). [SM/269.4]

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