My Game Shows, M-P

MAD LIBS-David Sidoni: Eight episodes from 1998 [all OB]:

  • The first two episodes [234.1-2]
  • An episode where the game ends in a tie
  • Three general episodes [297.7, 297.13, 297.15]
  • Halloween episode
  • Christmas episode

    THE MAGNIFICENT MARBLE MACHINE-Art James: The 4th episode from 1975; guests are Florence Henderson and Roddy McDowall [SM/D100.4]

    MAJORITY RULES-Marc Summers & Arthel Neville: Seven episodes from 1996:

  • The first taped episode [SM]
  • An episode w/a "challenge" elimination round format [OC/299.3]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/big winner Scott Rose [both OB]
  • Two general episodes [1 SM, 1 OB]
  • An episode from "70s Week" (w/a "one-on-one" elimination round format); Jimmie Walker makes an appearance! [OC/299.1]
  • An episode w/a "buzz-in" elimination round format [OC/299.2]

    Robert Q. Lewis:

  • The last episode from 1958; comedians are Louis Nye, Orson, Bean, and Jack Carter (Ernie Kovacs also makes an appearance) [OC]
    Bobby Van: Sixteen episodes from 1979 [all USA]:
  • The aired pilot(?); comedians are Johnny Dark, Bill Kirchenbauer, and Roger & Roger [301.7]
  • Comedians are Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, and Roger & Roger; guest is *Bert Convy* [D120.3]
  • An episode from the same week as above; guest is Jonelle Allen [109.5]
  • An episode from the same week as above two; guest is Elvin Bishop
  • Comedians are Steve Turner, Bruce Baum, and Franklin Ajaye; guest is JoAnn Pflug [D120.4]
  • Another episode from the same week as above two; guest is Tiny Tim [109.6]
  • Comedians are Roger & Roger, Joe Recido, and Mike Binder; guest is Jaye P. Morgan [1049.5]
  • Comedians are The Unknown Comic, Gary Mule Deer, and Kip Addotta; guest is Dody Goodman [1049.6]
  • Comedians are Biff Manard, The Unknown Comic, and Bill Kirchenbauer; guest is Mary Crosby (Bobby's dad is in the audience!) [269.1]
  • Another episode from same week as above; guest is Debralee Scott [269.2]
  • Comedians are Mike Bynder, Vic Dunlop, and Howie Mandel; guest is Marla Gibbs [777.6]
  • Comedians are Argus Hamilton, Jim Samuels, and Dave Barry; guest is Jon Walmsley
  • Comedians are The LA Connection, Howie Mandel, and Pat Cooper; guest is Tim Reid
  • Comedians are Kip Addotta, Murray Langston, and Bruce Baum; guest is Guich Koock (bad commercial edits, no end credits)
  • Comedians are The Unknown Comic, Bruce Baum, and Argus Hamilton; guest is Patrick Wayne [407.13]
  • Comedians are Lenny Schultz, Kip Addotta, and Roger & Roger; guest is Rose Marie [407.14]
    Ken Ober: Seven episodes from 1997 [all OC]:
  • The premiere episode; guests are Jonathan Katz, Wendy Liebman, and Greg Behrendt [D125.3]
  • Guests are Chuck Booms, Bruce Baum, and Dave Pierre [D127.1]
  • Guests are Vince Valenzuela, Bill Fox, and Kevin Brennan [D127.2]
  • Guests are Sue Kolinski, Jon Manfrellotti, and Frank Coniff (end credits missing) [D127.3]
  • Guests are K.P. Anderson, Avi Liberman, and Craig Anton [D127.4]
  • Guests are George Lopez, Marty Putz, and *Ron Pearson* (end credits missing) [405.9]
  • Guests are Mark Cohen (ironic, huh?), Steve White, and Heath Hyche [OB/720.8]
    Mark Cohen: Thirteen episodes from 1998:
  • His first episode (it's a special New Year's Eve show!); guests are Mark Pitta, Marc Weiner, and Bill Fox [RPT/352.10]
  • Guests are Brian Haley, Stephanie Wilder, and *Ron Pearson* [RPT/384.11]
  • Guests are Danny Vermont, Stephanie Wilder, and The Wid [RPT/333.6]
  • Guests are *Jimmy Pardo*, Joel Lindley, and Tommy Chun [SM/1038.4]
  • Guests are Carlos Alazraqui, Bill Dwyer, and Ed Crasnick [RPT/333.7]
  • Guests are Sheryl Underwood, The Amazing Jonathan, and Jeff Rothpan [OB]
  • Guests are Mark Pitta, Greg Otto, and John Wing [OB]
  • Guests are Steve Marmel, Arnez J, and Ant [OB]
  • Guests are Bob Nelson, Joey Vega, and Greg Hahn [OB]
  • Guests are Gabriel Iglesias, The Wid & Lenny Schultz, and Larry "Bubbles" Brown [RPT/347.1]
  • Guests are Carlos Alazraqui, Ludo Vika, and Jeff Rothpan [RPT/347.2]
  • Guests are Roger Kabler, Larry "Bubbles" Brown, and David Feldman [RPT/347.3]
  • Guests are Pablo Francisco, T.P. Hearn, and Jeff Hendrick [RPT/347.4]

    MAKE THAT SPARE-Johnny Johnston: Two episodes from 1960 (15 min. each) [both KIN]

    MAKE THE CONNECTION-Gene Rayburn: Four episodes from 1955 [all GSN]:

  • His first episode (and GS debut!); panel is Betty White (BW), Gene Klavin (GK), Gloria DeHaven, and Eddie Bracken (EB) [430.1, also BZR]
  • Panel is BW, GK, Laraine Day, and EB [430.2]
  • Panel is BW, GK, Gloria DeHaven, and EB (Chimp J. Fred Muggs appears in game 2, and everything goes wrong!) [340.9]
  • The last episode; panel is BW, GK, Barbara Britton, and EB

    Lew Schneider:

  • One of the first taped episodes from 1989 [GAS]
  • A 1989 episode w/"MtG Mall Tour" clips at the end [GAS/711.7]
  • Five general 1989 episodes (4 full, one partial) [4 OB/212.5-6; 265.14, 1 GAS/554.8]
  • A 1989 episode w/a GS-themed "Honors Round" [GAS]
  • A 1989 episode where NO Fire Drills are found! [GAS/950.10]
  • A 1990 episode w/the rare "University Round" at the end [OB/265.15]
  • A general 1990 episode [GAS/835.4]
  • A 1990 episode that's actually 2 shows edited together due to both games ending early [GAS/554.9]
    Robb Edward Morris: Seven episodes from 1990
  • An episode where NO Fire Drills are found! [GAS]
  • An episode that's actually 2 shows edited together due to both games ending early [GAS]
  • Three general episodes [2 OB/266.1-2, 1 GAS/899.2]
  • An episode w/the longest Fire Drill in the show's history! [GAS/749.4]

    MAKING THE GRADE (Indiana HS quiz)-Matt Wintz: One episode from 2011 [OB]

    MALL MASTERS-Chris Harrison: Five episodes from 2001:

  • The premiere episode [OB/600.1, also SM/622.1]
  • Three general episodes [all OC/559.7, 613.5]
  • An episode w/a near-shutout in the bonus round [OC]

    Peter Donald:
    Two episodes from 1955 [both OC]:

  • Panel is Bobby Sherwood, Mary Healy, Ogden Nash, and Ilka Chase (*George DeWitt* is a guest!)
  • Panel is Bobby Sherwood, Dagmar, Ogden Nash, and Ilka Chase
    Eddie Bracken:
  • One episode from 1956; panel is Frank Parker, Betsy Palmer, Johnny Johnson, and Ilka Chase [OC]
    Bert Parks:
  • One episode from 1959; panel is Sam Levenson, Audrey Meadows, Lee Bowman, and Dagmar [OC]
    Richard Dawson:
  • One episode from 1974; panel is Bill Bixby, Lee Meriwether, and Nipsey Russell (*Allen Ludden* is a guest!) [SM]

    MASTER MINDS-Brooke Burns:
    The 2020 premiere episode; experts are Ken Jennings, Muffy Marracco, and Jonathan Corbblah [OC]

  • 2020; guests are Ken Jennings, Muffy Maracco, and Jonathan Corbblah [OC]
  • 2020; guests are LaKedra Pam, Muffy Marracco, and Arianna Haut [OC]
  • 2020; guests are Ryan Chaffee, Muffy Maracco, and Jonathan Corbblah (All 3 contestants previously appeared on "J!") [OC]

    J.D. Roth:

  • The aired pilot (w/a different scoring system; end credits missing) [OB]
  • Two general 1994 episodes [1 RPT/285.1, 1 OC/730.3]
    Mario Lopez:
  • One episode from 1995 [SM/285.2]

    (THE) MATCH GAME: See separate page for listings.


  • The 1983 premiere episode; guests are Skip Stephenson, Alison Arngrim, Jimmie Walker, Twyla Littleton, Phil Proctor, Tom Villard, Barbi Benton, and Bill Daily (most of end credits missing; former "Card Sharks" champ Laurie Ghose is a contestant) [OC]
  • The 4th episode (w/same guests as above; future "Super Password" champ Gary Perez is a contestant!) [OC, also BZR]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1983; guests are Bonnie Urseth, Fred Travalena, Nedra Volz, Eddie Mekka, Arsenio Hall, Ed Begley Jr, Shannon Tweed, and Charles Nelson Reilly [all OC/914.7; 914.9-10, also have BZR copy of ep. 1]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1983; guests are Brian Mitchell, Lydia Cornell, Paul Provenza, Edie McClurg, Jamie Widdoes, Gloria Loring, Richard Kline, and Marty Cohen (Former "P+" champ Blase DeRocco becomes the first-ever $30,000 Super Match winner, and does it TWO days in a row!) [both BZR]
  • Pre-Thanksgiving 1983 episode; guests are Matt McCoy, Tom Poston, Leonard Frey, Lois Bromfield, Alison Arngrim, Tim Reid, Rebecca Holden, and Jim Brogan [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Audrey Landers, Fred Travalena, Markie Post, Arsenio Hall, Nedra Volz, Shawn Stevens, Jim Staahl, and Blake Clark (former champ Laurie Ghose returns due to an error) [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Charles Siebert, Fred Grandy, Edie McClurg, Jay Leno, Karen Witter, Martha Smith, Michael Winslow, and McClean Stevenson (Gene chats w/a group of teenage beauty queens in the audience) [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Kim Miyori, *Bill Rafferty*, Marcia Wallace, Bruce Baum, Willie Tyler & Lester, Vicki McCarty, Alfie Wise, and Stan Freberg (Johnny Olson announces) [BZR]
  • 1983; guests are Leonard Frey, Victoria Hallman, JM J. Bullock, Marty Cohen, Nedra Volz, Tom Poston, Judy Landers, and Jimmie Walker (Includes the third $30,000 Super Match win!) [BZR]
  • Christmas 1983 episode (w/same guests as above, and everyone participates in a ceremonial "Christmas tree" unveiling at the begninning!) [BZR]
  • A "Leave It to Beaver Tribute" from 1983; guests are Gallagher, Richard Deacon, Ken Osmond, Jeri Weil, Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, Frank Bank, and Rich Correll [OB/D62.3, also BZR, w/better quality]
  • 1984; guests are Dorothy Lyman, Dick Martin, Arsenio Hall, Alsion Arngrim, Vic Dunlop, *David Ruprecht*, Nathan Cook, and Christie Claridge (then-unknown Butch Hartman is a contestant!) [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Anson Williams, Leonard Frey, Sybil Danning, Phil Proctor, Jenilee Harrison, Mark Russell, Mary Page Keller, and Pat McCormick (Includes the fourth $30,000 Super Match win!) [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are *Bill Cullen*, Phyllis Diller, Richard Kline, Ellen Bry, Lyle Waggoner, Brian Mitchell, Linda Dano, and Jay Leno [BZR]
  • Another 1984 episode w/same guests as above (Johnny Olson announces, and the board malfunctions during HS, forcing the celebs to make Xs or Os w/their arms!) [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode from "We Got it Made Week"; guests are Gary Burghoff, Teri Copley, Matt McCoy, Bonnie Urseth, Tom Villard, David Oliver, Leah Ayres, and Nedra Volz [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Fern Fitzgerald, Tom Poston, Constance McCashin, Marty Cohen, Alan Thicke, Stephen Schnetzer, Gloria Loring, and Nipsey Russell [OC/721.1, which is missing part of opening, also BZR, which is complete]
  • 1984; guests are Helen Reddy, *Pat Sajak*, Larry Manetti, Marcia Wallace, Charles Nelson Reilly, Tim Reid, Salli Julian, and Bruce Baum [OC/721.2, which is JIP at round 2 of MG, also BZR, w/better video quality and complete]
  • 1984; guests are Richard Kline, Bill Daily, Leonard Frey, Nancy Stafford, George Gobel, Tom Wiggin, Elaine Joyce, and Jimmie Walker (The Telephone Match home game begins, w/hilarious results!) [OC/729.3]
  • Two other 1984 episode w/same guests as above (one includes the fifth $30,000 Super Match win!) [1 OB, 1 BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Robert Donner, Nathan Cook, Gordon Jump, Ken Kercheval, Nedra Volz, Debra Sue Maffett, Fannie Flagg, and Richard J. Porter (The Telephone Match game is played for the last time!) [BZR]
  • "A Salute to Too Close for Comfort" from 1984; guests are Ted Knight, Nancy Dussault, Lydia Cornell, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, JM J. Bullock, Elyse Knight, Arsenio Hall, and Bart Braverman [SM]
  • 1984; guests are Erin Moran, James Sloyan, Nancy Frangione, Fred Travalena, Charles Nelson Reilly, Martha Smith, Christopher Rich, and *Bob Eubanks* [BZR]
  • Another 1984 episode w/same guests as above (Johnny Olson announces; most of end credits missing) [OC/913.10]
  • 1984; guests are Anson Williams, Thom Bray, Jesse Welles, Tim Thomerson, Phyllis Diller, Paula Kelly, Pat Paulsen, and Kim Morgan Greene [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are James B. Sikking, Nedra Volz, Leonard Frey, Lois Hamilton, Fannie Flagg, Tom Villard, Anna Stuart, and Carlo Imperato [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode from "St. Elsewhere Week"; guests are Kim Miyori, Howie Mandel, Nancy Stafford, Eric Laneuville, Ed Begley Jr, Norman Lloyd, Ellen Bry, and Terence Knox [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Judy Landers, Gloria Loring, Roxie Roker, Jayne Meadows, Brian Mitchell, Steve Allen, Bruce Baum, and Stephen Schnetzer [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Sorrell Booke, Michael Lembeck, Jayne Kennedy, Marty Cohen, Marcia Wallace, Rod Arrants, *Bill Rafferty*, and Fern Fitzgerald [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Fred Travalena, Tim Reid, Soupy Sales, Edie McClurg, Bill Anderson, Linda Dano, Joe Santos, and Debra Sue Maffett (Johnny Olson announces, and MG ends after only 2 rounds, so a cheerleading squad is called onstage to perform!) [BZR]
  • 1984; guests are Rene Enriquez, Richard Kline, Abby Dalton, Phyllis Diller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Chuck Wagner, Lydia Cornell, and Leonard Frey [OB, also BZR]
  • An "NBC Soap Stars Special" from 1984; guests are Leann Hunley, Deidre Hall, Wayne Northrop, Marcia McCabe, David Forsyth, John DeLancie, Nancy Frangione, and Christopher Rich [OB/D99.2]
  • "A Salute to the 50s" from 1984; guests are Jay Leno, Fabian, Troy Donahue, Elinor Donahue, Angela Cartwright, Bob Denver, Edd Byrnes, and David Nelson (Rich Jeffries announces, includes the sixth $30,000 Super Match win and Maria Rasule becomes the all-time top winner w/$65,950!) [OC/1049.3]
  • 1984; guests are Erin Moran, Lauri Hendler, Michael Winslow, Nedra Volz, David L. Lander, Mindy Cohn, Eddie Mekka, and Lynda Goodfriend [OB/D11.4]
  • 1984; guests are Jamie Farr, Heidi Bohay, Linda Dano, McLean Stevenson, Arsenio Hall, Paula Kelly, *Chuck Woolery*, and Arlene Francis (Ends w/a promo for "Scrabble"!) [OB/D41.4]
  • The (unacknowledged) last episode from 1984; guests are Phyllis Diller, Constance McCashin, Roger E. Mosley, Charles Nelson Reilly, Fannie Flagg, Roxie Roker, Leonard Frey, and Barry Gordon (part of end credits cut off) [OC/D17.2]

    MATCHES 'N MATES-Art James: One episode from 1967 [SM]

    MATCHMAKER-Dave Hull:

  • Two episodes from 1987 [both OB/353.10, 353.12]
  • A 1988 episode w/Jimmie Walker guest-hosting [OC/362.9]

    MAXIMUM DRIVE-Joe Fowler: The championship episode (and last show of the series) from 1995 [OC]


  • The first two episodes from 2007 [both OC]
  • An early 2007 episode w/slightly different rules [OC]
  • Former "J!" champ John Beck's appearance from 2007 [OC]
  • A general 2007 episode [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/TWO hilarious wrong answers in round 2! [OC]
  • Veteran GS champ Scott Hostetler's appearance from 2007 [OC]
  • A 2007 episode where the champ wins a grand total of *$0*! [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/an $11,000 maingame win [RPT]
  • A 2008 episode where Thad Novak becomes the all-time top winner w/$17,100! [RPT]
  • Two general 2008 episodes [both RPT]
  • Former "J!" champ Brendan Pimper and "WWtBaM" champ Bob House's appearance from 2008 [RPT]
  • Veteran GS champ Robert Wargo's appearance from 2008 [RPT]

    MILLION DOLLAR MIND GAME-Vernon Kay: Three episodes from 2011 [all OC]:

  • A special Air Force episode
  • An episode w/college students playing
  • Former "J!" superchamp Brad Rutter's appearance


  • The first four episodes from 2010 (first and last episodes are 2 hours, other 2 are an hour each) [all OC]
  • A general 2011 episode [OC]
  • The last episode from 2011 [OC]

    THE MILLION SECOND QUIZ-Ryan Seacrest: All 10 episodes of the series (including the 2-hour finale) from 2013 [all OC]

    MIND OF A MAN-DeRay Davis: Six episodes from 2014:

  • The premiere episode; guests are Deon Cole, Bethany Dwyer, and Alex Thomas [OC]
  • Guests are Dean Edwards, Sarah Tiana, and Damien Dante Wayans [OC]
  • Guests are Skyler Stone, Kym Whitley, and Alonzo Bodden [OC]
  • Guests are Finesse Mitchell, Bethany Dwyer, and DoBoy [OC]
  • Guests are Alonzo Bodden, Julia Lillis, and Na'im Lynn [RPT]
  • Guests are Tony Rock, Nicole Byer, and Gary Owen [RPT]

    MINDREADERS-Dick Martin: Three episodes from 1979 [both OC]:

  • The pilot; guests are Charles Nelson Reilly and Sarah Purcell [BZR]
  • The 3rd episode; guests are Nipsey Russell and Patty Duke Astin (part of opening missing) [D76.4]
  • Guests are Joyce Bulifant and Jack Jones
  • The first two minutes of an episode; guests are Brett Somers and Bill Daily

    Guy Fieri:

  • The (2-hour) 2010 premiere episode [OC]
  • A "Wedding Special" episode (w/an engaged couple playing) from 2010 [RPT]
  • A celebrity episode from 2010 w/Kevin Jonas [RPT]
  • A 2010 episode w/twins playing [OC]
  • A 2010 episode w/best friends playing [OC]
  • A special "Last Beauty Standing" episode (w/pageant winners competing) from 2010 [OC]
  • A 2010 episode w/sisters playing (end credits missing) [OC]
  • Christmas 2010 episode [OC]
  • A 2-hour episode from 2011 w/the first-ever $1,000,000 stunt [OC]
  • A general 2011 episode [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2011 w/Ryan Dunn and Steve-O [OC]
    Apollo Ohno:
  • The first taped episode from 2013 [OB]
  • The 2013 premiere episode [RPT]
  • Two general 2013 episodes [both RPT]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2014 [RPT]

    Ed McMahon:

  • The 1963 pilot; guests are Milt Kamen, Phyllis Newman, and Chester Morris [BZR] Dick Clark:
  • One episode from 1964; guests are Sam Levinson, Kaye Ballard, and Joel Grey (has time code at bottom of screen) [SC]

    Anderson Cooper:

  • All 9 episodes of the series from 2001 [all SM]
    Ahmad Rashad
    Winter 2003 ("Celebrity Mole Hawaii"):
  • All 6 episodes of the series w/Stephen Baldwin, Frederique Van der Wal, Corbin Bernsen, Kathy Griffin, Michael Boatman, Erik Von Detten, and Kim Coles [all SM]
    Winter 2004 ("Celebrity Mole Yucatan"):
  • All 7 episodes of the series w/Stephen Baldwin, Angie Everhart, Mark Curry, Ananda Lewis, Corbin Bernsen, Tracey Gold, Keshia Knight-Pulliam, and Dennis Rodman [all OC/884.1-7]
    Jon Kelly:
  • All 10 episodes of the series (except "recap" show #7) from 2008 [all OC]

    THE MOMENT OF TRUTH-Mark Walberg: The 2008 premiere episode [OC]

    MONEY FROM STRANGERS-Jeff Dye: The 2012 premiere episode [OC]

    THE MONEY LIST-Fred Roggin: Two episodes from 2009:

  • The premiere episode [OB]
  • An episode w/a $50,000 win! (small part of opening missing) [OC]

    THE MONEYMAZE-Nick Clooney: The 1974 pilot [SM/189.1]

    MONOPOLY-Mike Reilly: Seven episodes from 1990:

  • The pilot (hosted by Peter Tomarken, and begins w/a pre-show pitch by Merv Griffin) [SM]
  • The premiere episode [OC/125.8]
  • Four general episodes (one includes a promo for MG '90!) [1 SM, 1 OB/214.9, 2 OC/D35.5; D130.6]

    MOOLAH BEACH-J.D. Roth: All 6 episodes of the series from 2001 [all OC/634.1-6]

    MOTHER'S DAY-Dick Van Dyke: One episode from 1958 [OC]

    Sonny Fox:

  • One episode from 1969; guests are Dan Rowan, Greer Garson, Sharon Farrell, and Dick Martin [SM]
    Larry Blyden:
  • One episode from 1971 w/Richard Crenna/Shelley Winters/Roscoe Lee Brown vs. Fernando Lamas/Della Reese/Kurt Kasznar [SM]

    THE MOVIE MASTERS-Gene Rayburn: The 1989 premiere episode; panel is Peggy Cass, Clive Barnes, and Kitty Carlisle-Hart [OB]

    All 7 episodes of the series (including the 2-hour finale) from 2001 [episode 1 RPT/621.1, all others OC/621.2-7]

    MUSIC BINGO-Johnny Gilbert: One episode from 1958 [OC]

    MUSICAL CHAIRS-Bill Leyden:
    One episode from 1955; panel is Johnny Mercer, Mel Blanc, Helen O'Connell, and Bobby Troup [OC]

    MUSICAL CHAIRS-Adam Wade: Three episodes from 1975 [all OC]:

  • Musical guests are Irene Cara, Mary Stuart, and the Spinners (Time runs out before the bonus round can be played) [308.4]
  • An episode from the final week; musical guests are Larry Kert, Sister Sledge, and Shari Lewis (small part of opening missing; precedes the episode below)
  • An episode from the final week; musical guests are Donna Cellini, Ralph Carter, Ernestine Jackson, and Bobby Rydell (part of opening missing)

    MY DAD IS BETTER THAN YOUR DAD-Dan Cortese: One episode from 2008 [OC]

    MY GENERATION-Craig Shoemaker: Twelve episodes from 1998:

  • The first eleven episodes [all OC/177.1-11]
  • A celebrity episode w/Eddie Money & Mike Reno vs. Bernie White & Danny Hutton [RPT/768.5]

    MY KIND OF TOWN-Johnny Vaughan: The 2005 premiere episode [OC]

    Dennis James:

  • One episode from 1974 [OC]
    Tom Kennedy
    SYNDICATED, 1974-81 ("The $100,000 Name That Tune"):
  • The last 10 minutes (Golden Medley and end credits) of a 1974 episode [OB/350.5]
  • The last 8 minutes (Golden Medley and end credits) of a 1976 episode [OB]
  • A general 1976 episode (end credits missing) [OB]
  • The 100th episode from 1976 [OC]
  • A general 1977 episode (has inactive time code at bottom of screen) [SM/D8.6]
  • A partial "Second Chance Tournament" episode from 1977 (JIP at Sing-a-Tune) [OB]
  • A 1978 episode w/a "$100,000 Mystery Tune" at the end of the show (veteran GS champ Karin Rockman is a contestant!) [OC/227.3, also 350.4]
  • A general 1978 episode [OC]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1978 [OB]
  • The first-ever $100,000 championship from 1978 [OC]
  • Two general 1979 episodes [both OC]
  • The $100,000 championship from 1979 (end credits missing) [OB]
  • A 1980 episode w/the youngest contestant in the show's history! [OC]
  • The $100,000 championship episode from 1980 (part of opening missing, and champion Eric Kaplan would return for the Lange-era "Super Tournament" 4 years later) [OC]
  • Five general 1980 episodes (episode 1 JIP during Melody Roulette and has end credits partly cut off, episode 2 missing end credits) [3 SM/618.5-7, 1 OC, 1 OB]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1980 [OB]
  • The $100,000 championship from 1980 [OB]
    NBC, 1977:
  • The premiere episode [OC]
    Jim Lange ("The New $100,000 Name That Tune"):
  • Three pilot episodes from 1984 (w/the "Tune Countdown" game) [1 USA/D100.2, 2 FAM/510.5]
  • An early taped episode from 1984 [FAM]
  • The 1984 premiere episode [USA]
  • Two preliminary Super Tournament episodes from 1984 [1 USA, 1 FAM]
  • Two 1984 Super Tournament semi-finals episodes [both USA]
  • The 1984 Super Tournament finals w/Elena Cervantes vs. Eric Kaplan [USA/D3.4]
  • Tammy Warner's appearance from 1984 [FAM/291.1]
  • Seven general 1984 episodes [1 SM; 2 FAM/212.11; 2 USA; 2 OC, also have SM copy of one OC ep]
  • A 1984 episode w/a contestant who falls for Jim (literally!) [SM, also FAM]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1984 (w/a classic Bid-a-Note moment!) [FAM]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1984 w/Michael Lagmay vs. Hap Trout [USA/D4.5]
  • A 1984 episode w/two terrible contestants [SM, also FAM/950.1]
  • Former "FtM" champ Sherri Lowenstein's appearance from 1984 (the rare "consolation game" is played after an early Golden Medley loss) [USA]
  • A 1985 episode where the Golden Medley is lost on the *1st tune*! [FAM/949.9]
  • Former "FtM" champ Tommy Simmons' appearance from 1985 [USA/949.10]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Elaine Nezworski vs. Tommy Simmons [FAM]
  • A tournament semi-finals episode from 1985 w/Myra Mossman, Steve Huard, *Tammy Warner*, and Les Gould [FAM/291.2]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Les Gould vs. Stan Mysliewic [USA/D3.5]
  • A 1985 episode w/an emotional winner [USA]
  • Four general 1985 episodes [2 OC, 2 USA]
  • "Jumpy" Art MacDonald's appearance from 1985 [FAM/1003.8]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Art MacDonald vs. Pat Chialtas [USA]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Scott Rose vs. Kirk Moore [USA/D100.3]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1985 w/Richard Allegra, Carol Klein, and Marty Perdeck (Sandy Frank appears at the end!) [USA/D46.3]

    NAME THAT VIDEO-Karyn Bryant: Eleven episodes from 2001 [all RPT]:

  • The premiere episode [578.7]
  • Nine general episodes [572.3-4, 572.6-12]
  • A celebrity episode w/Uncle Kracker, Nina Gordon, and Matt Scannell [572.5]

    Robert Q. Lewis:

  • 1952; panel is Abe Burrows (AB), Joan Alexander (JA), and Bill Cullen [GSN/339.11]
  • 1952; panel is Morey Amsterdam, JA, and Bill Cullen [GSN/340.1]
  • 1952; panel is AB, JA, and Meredith Wilson (MW) [GSN/340.2]
  • The 1st anniversary episode from 1952; panel is Cliff Norton, JA, and MW [GSN]
  • 1952; panel is *Garry Moore*, JA, and MW [GSN/430.3]
  • 1952; panel is MW, JA, and Jerry Lester [GSN/340.4]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Cullen, JA, and MW [GSN/430.4]
  • A 1953 episode w/Conrad Nagle guest-hosting; panel is MW, JA, and Jerry Lester [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is MW, JA, and Carl Reiner [GSN/340.5]
  • 1953; panel is Peter Donald, JA, and MW [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is Dane Clark, JA, and Carl Reiner [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and Carl Reiner [GSN]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and Peter Donald (this is the first episode w/the "Secret Wish" round) [GSN/1057.1]
  • A 1953 episode w/Brian Aherne guest-hosting; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and Gene Rayburn (GR) [GSN/430.5]
  • 1953; panel is Bill Stern, JA, and GR (features contestants named Goodson & Todman, whose namesakes also appear!) [GSN]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, Bess Myerson (BM), and Basil Rathbone (this is the first episode w/a 4-celeb panel) [GSN/340.8]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and Basil Rathbone [GSN/430.10]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and Arnold Stang [GSN/430.6]
  • A 1954 episode w/Clifton Fadiman guest-hosting (ironic, huh?); panel is JA, GR, BM, and Roger Price (RP) [GSN]
  • 1954; panel is JA, Arnold Stang, BM, and John Newland [GSN]
  • Robert's last episode from 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and RP [GSN/404.9]
    Dennis James
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and RP [GSN/339.6]
  • 1954; panel is JA, GR, BM, and Arnold Stang [GSN/1037.10]
  • 1955; panel is JA, GR, BM, and RP [GSN/339.7]
  • 1955; panel is RP, BM, GR (his final appearance), and JA [OC]
  • 1955; panel is JA, RP, BM, and Hy Gardner [GSN]
  • 1955; panel is JA, Hy Gardner, Audrey Meadows (AM), and RP [GSN/1037.11]
  • 1955; panel is RP, AM, John Henry Faulk, and JA [GSN]
  • 1955; panel is JA, John Forsythe, AM, and RP [GSN]
  • Dennis' last episode from 1955; panel is JA, Walter Slezak, AM, and RP [GSN/404.4]
    Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding: Two episodes from 1955 [both GSN]:
  • Panel is Laraine Day, Walter Slezak, AM, and RP [474.2]
  • Panel is JA, RP, AM, and Walter Slezak
    Clifton Fadiman: Four episodes from 1955 [all GSN]:
  • His first episode; panel is JA, Mark Connolly, AM, and RP [404.6]
  • Panel is Denise Lor, Mike Wallace, Laraine Day, and Art Carney [430.7]
  • Panel is Hildy Parks, Mike Wallace, AM, and RP [430.8]
  • The last episode; panel is JA, Mike Wallace, AM, and RP [430.9]

    NASCAR SMARTS-John Roberts: One episode from 2009 (from Texas Motor Speedway); guests are Rutledge Wood and Kyle Petty [OC]


  • Shawna Thompson vs. Keifer Thompson from 2019 [OB]
  • BC Jean vs. Mark Ballas from 2019 [OB]

    NATIONAL BINGO NIGHT-Ed Sanders: One episode from 2007 [OC]

    NATIONAL LAMPOON'S FUNNY MONEY-Jimmy Pardo: Seven episodes from 2003:

  • The pilot; guests are John Henton, Wendy Liebman, and Gary Valentine [SM]
  • The premiere episode; guests are *George Gray*, Mike Sacone, and Vinny Favorito (Kathy Griffin also appears) [OC/836.4, also SM]
  • A celebrity episode w/Fred Willard and Martin Mull; guests are Rick Overton, Sue Murphy, and Avi Liberman [SM]
  • Guests are Taylor Negron, Loni Love, and *Bil Dwyer* [RPT/854.2]
  • Guests are Greg Fitzsimmons, Magdalena, and Mark Pitta [RPT/854.6]
  • Guests are Jeff Dunham, Pam Matteson, and Bobby Collins [RPT/854.4]
  • Guests are *Ron Pearson*, Tess Drake, and Aron Kader [RPT/883.5]

    THE NEIGHBORS-Regis Philbin:

  • The 1974 pilot [SM]
  • One episode from 1975 [OB]
  • One episode from 1976 [OC]

    NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS-Marc Maron: The 2002 premiere episode [OC/702.4]

    Bob Eubanks
    ABC DAYTIME, 1966-74:

  • An early 1966 episode (Scott Beach announces, and scoring system is slightly different) [KIN/843.13]
  • One episode from 1968 [KIN]
  • "Reunion Day" from 1969 [GSN/512.3]
  • Six general 1969 episodes [1 KIN/169.15, 5 GSN/512.4-8]
  • Two general 1972 episodes [both GSN/548.2-3]
  • A general 1973 episode [GSN/575.2]
  • Christmas 1973 episode [GSN/548.4]
  • "Reunion Day" from 1974 [GSN/548.5]
  • The last episode from 1974 (ends w/a VERY emotional goodbye from Bob, and a Christmas tree-trimming ceremony that the entire staff participates in!) [GSN/418.7]
    ABC PRIMETIME, 1967-71:
  • One episode from 1968 [KIN/169.14]
  • Two general 1969 episodes [both GSN/512.1-2]
    SYNDICATED, 1977-80:
  • The 1977 premiere episode [GSN/370.7]
  • A 1977 episode where staff members come out and dance at the end! (Tony McClay announces) [GSN/168.1]
  • Seven general 1977 episodes [1 SM, 3 OC, 3 GSN/364.4; 440.4]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1977 (includes the legendary "In the Butt, Bob" answer!) [GSN/505.10]
  • The 1st season finale from 1977 [GSN]
  • The 1978-79 season premiere [GSN/573.5]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1978 (a contestant's beeper goes off during the game!) [GSN/573.6]
  • A 1978 episode w/a couple that achieves a perfect score! [GSN/1042.1]
  • Six general 1978 episodes [1 OC, 5 GSN/71.11; 477.5; 505.11]
  • Future "3's a Crowd" contestants Jane & Bob Diedrich's appearance from 1978 [GSN]
  • A 1978 episode that ends w/the credits running forwards, then again backwards(!) [GSN]
  • A 1978 episode where Tony McClay tries to take over hosting [GSN/534.5]
  • "Wild West Day" (a true classic!) from 1978 [GSN/534.6]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1979 (a blackout occurs in the middle of the game!) [GSN/404.2]
  • A 1979 episode where a husband tries to take over hosting! [GSN/811.11]
  • Two general 1979 episodes [1 RPT, 1 GSN/117.4]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1979 [GSN/370.8]
  • The infamous Pat & Charlie Berg's appearance from 1979 [GSN/505.12]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1980 (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • Two general 1980 episodes [both GSN/321.3, 406.3]
  • The last episode from 1980 (w/a big "sign-off" [literally] at the end!) [GSN/332.1]
    SYNDICATED, 1985-88 ("The New Newlywed Game"):
  • The 1985 premiere episode [GSN/732.1]
  • A 1985 episode w/the infamous "wiener" question! [GSN]
  • Five general 1985 episodes [3 OB/144.15; 164.13-14, 1 GSN/786.4, 1 SM]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1985 [OC]
  • "Maternity Day" from 1985 [GSN/371.1]
  • A 1985 episode that ends w/Bob making a surprise "announcement" to one of the husbands [OB]
  • "Alumni Day" from 1986 [GSN/817.2]
  • Two general 1986 episodes [1 OC, 1 GSN]
  • Another "Alumni Day" episode from 1986 (w/a hilarious Freudian slip by Bob!) [GSN]
  • Two general 1987 episodes [1 OB, 1 RPT/145.14]
  • The last episode w/the orange set from 1987 [GSN/486.5]
  • The first episode w/the blue set from 1988 [GSN/526.2]
  • A 1988 episode w/Rebecca Arthur as a guest model [OB]
  • The 1988-89 season premiere (and first episode w/the "dollar" scoring format) [GSN]
  • A 1988 episode w/Shelley Taylor-Morgan as a guest model [GSN]
  • A 1988 episode w/*Jeff MacGregor* as a guest model [GSN/526.5]
  • A 1988 episode from Bob's final week [OB]
  • Bob's last episode from 1988 [GSN/548.1]
    SYNDICATED, 1997-99:
  • The entire 1997-98 season premiere week [all OC/162.1, 3, 5, 7, 9]
  • The 1998-99 season premiere (w/the new set and theme music) [OC/262.1]
  • A 1998 episode where the wives arm wrestle for a bonus prize! [GSN]
    Jim Lange:
  • The first episode (of a special week's worth of shows) from 1984 [OC/145.6]
    Paul Rodriguez:
  • His first episode from 1988 (Bob appears at the beginning, "passes the baton" to Paul, and walks him to the new set) [OB/269.3]
  • Four general 1989 episodes [all OC/146.13]
    Gary Kroeger:
  • The 1996 premiere episode [OC/D57.3]
  • A special "Wacky Weddings" episode from 1996 [OB]
  • A special "Family Edition" from 1996 (w/a couple from the original series competing against their kids and spouses!) [OC]
  • A general 1996 episode [OC]
  • A special "Just Married" episode from 1996 [OB]
  • A special "Our Favorite Losers" episode (w/former couples playing) from 1996 [OB]
  • A special "Soap Star Newlyweds" episode from 1996 w/Cynthia Watros, Brenda Epperson, and Laura Kaufman [OC]
  • A 1997 episode from Las Vegas [OC]
  • A general 1997 episode [SC/71.14]
    Carnie Wilson:
  • The 2009 premiere episode [OB]
  • A special 2009 episode w/ couples playing [RPT]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2009 [OC]
  • Two general 2009 episodes [1 OB, 1 OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2009 w/Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry, Damien Gurganious & Nicole Brewer, and George Takei & Brad Altman (the show's first-ever same sex couple!) [OC]
  • A special "Bridezillas Edition" from 2009 w/Eric & Bernadette Gbondo, Micah & Andrea Taylor, and Jesse & Valerie Nieto [OB]
  • A special "Goldyweds" episode (w/former contestants playing) from 2009 [OC]
  • *Bob Eubanks* guest-hosts this celebrity episode from 2010 w/Carnie Wilson & Rob Bonfiglio, Wendy Wilson & Dan Knutson, and Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford & Daniel Rutherford [OC]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2010 [OB]
  • A general 2010 episode [OB]
  • *Bob Eubanks* guest-hosts this "Game Show Kings" episode from 2010 w/Monty & Marilyn Hall, Peter & Laurie Marshall, and Wink & Sandy Martindale [OB]
  • A 2010 episode w/the show's first-ever civilian same-sex couple [OB]
    Sherri Shepherd:
  • Her first episode from 2010 (part of opening missing) [OB]
  • Two general 2010 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2011 episode from "Cost Plus World Market Week" [RPT]
  • "Maternity Day" from 2011 [RPT]
  • The first four episodes of the 3rd season from 2012 [all OC]
  • Two general 2012 episodes [both RPT]
  • Four episodes from 2013 [all OC]

    THE NEIGHBORS-Regis Philbin: The 1975 pilot [SM]

    THE NEWS HOLE-Harry Shearer:
    The 1994 premiere episode; guests are Andy Kindler, Susan Morrison, Ian Sholes, and Matt Groening [OC/361.3]

    NICK ARCADE-Phil Moore:

  • The aired pilot(?) from 1991 [GAS/698.10]
  • Two general 1991 episodes [both RPT/D72.1]
  • A special 1992 episode w/the cast of "Clarissa Explains it All" [RPT/674.13]
  • Two general 1992 episodes [1 RPT/297.11, 1 GAS/698.12]
  • A special 1992 episode w/the cast of "Salute Your Shorts" [GAS/698.11]


  • The 1992 premiere episode [RPT]
  • Two general 1992 episodes [both RPT/892.10-11]
  • A 1992 episode w/an appearance by Wendy Bruce [RPT]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1993; it's an hour-long "GUTS All-Stars special" [OC/892.4]
  • A general 1993 episode [GAS/892.12]
  • Then-unknown Mike Vogel's appearance from 1993 [RPT]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 1994; guest is Dominique Wilkins [OC/892.5]

    NIGHT GAMES-Jeff Marder: Two episodes from 1991 [both OC/146.10]

    NITRO!-Greg Lee: Three episodes from 1995:

  • The premiere episode [OB/273.5]
  • Three general episodes [all OC/D43.3, 495.6]

    N.O. IT ALLS (local New Orleans show)-Ed Daniels & Isis Casanova:

  • A general 1995 episode [OC/362.10]
  • The 1996 Tournament of Champions finals [OC/362.11]

    NO RELATION-Mike Rowe: Four episodes from 1996:

  • The premiere episode; panel is Dennis Haskins, Kate Linder, and Charlie Robinson [OC]
  • Panel is Thomas Mikal Ford, Elisa Donovan, and Jacklyn Zieman [OB/1037.12]
  • Panel is Diedrich Bader, Dawnn Lewis, and Brad Maule [OB]
  • Panel is Joshua Morrow, Nancy Valen, and Blake Clark [OB]

    Jack Narz:

  • The first two episodes from 1974 [both GSN/D16.1-2, also BZR]
  • A 1974 episode w/the first-ever Solo Round win (at the last second!) [BZR]
  • The first episode w/the 5-word Elimination Round format and prize package from 1974 [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1974 episode w/an $18,000 Solo Round win [BZR]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1974 [both GSN]
  • A 1974 episode where Jack gives away an answer! [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1974 episode w/a runaway win in the Elimination Round [GSN, also BZR]
  • The first episode w/the short-lived alternate theme music from 1974 [GSN]
  • Seven general 1974 episodes [1 SM, 4 GSN/D16.3-4; 1056.4; 1057.14, 2 BZR]
  • A 1974 episode w/the late Randy Amasia in the audience [GSN/236.1, also BZR]
  • The first episode w/the "bonus word" rule from 1974 [GSN/1057.12]
  • Veteran GS champ John Goss's appearance from 1974 [GSN/167.14]
  • A 1974 episode w/a $21,000 Solo Round win (contestant Salli Lewis was on "Wordplay" 13 years later) [GSN/229.5]
  • A 1974 episode w/a $15,000 Solo Round win [GSN/113.7]
  • A 1974 episode w/a $17,000 Solo Round win [GSN/113.8]
  • A 1974 episode w/a hilarious Freudian slip by Jack at the end [GSN]
  • A not-for-air "test" episode (designed to try out the new format) from 1974 [BZR]
  • The first episode w/the straddled format from 1974 [GSN/1057.13]
  • A 1974 episode w/a $14,000 Solo Round win (small part of opening missing) [GSN]
  • Christmas 1974 episode (w/a holiday greeting on the board) [GSN]
  • Five general 1975 episodes [4 GSN/D30.4; D66.2; 167.15, 1 BZR]
  • The last episode from 1975 [GSN/418.5]
    Chuck Henry: Twenty-eight episodes from 1989:
  • The premiere episode [OC/280.7 from US airing, also OC/D139.6 from Canadian airing]
  • The 2nd episode [OC]
  • Big winner Amanda Stewart's first appearance [OC]
  • An episode where Amanda becomes the first-ever undefeated champ w/$52,000! [OC]
  • An episode w/a $35,000 Solo Round win (precedes the episodes below) [OC/D142.1 from Canadian airing, which is missing part of Championship Round due to a CBS News special report, also OC from complete West Coast US airing]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/former "$otC" champ Alan Servetnick [both OC]
  • Eight general episodes [2 OB/D18.4; 1056.5, 6 OC/279.12; 1059.2-3]
  • An episode where Chuck gets bleeped for a slip-up while trying to say "peanuts"! [OC]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/former "Scrabble" champ John Heiner [both OC/1059.1]
  • An episode w/a rally from a $900-$0 deficit in the Championship Round [OC]
  • All of a special "Battle of the Daytime Soaps" week [all OC/94.5, 95.13, 223.10-12]
  • An episode where Brad Wood wins a record *$50,000* in the Solo Round and becomes the all-time top winner! (Former "J!" champ Paul Rouffa is a contestant) [OC]
  • Brad's final appearance [OC]
  • The last episode (w/another $35,000 Solo Round win!) [OC/280.2]

    NUMBER, PLEASE-Bud Collyer: One episode from 1961 [OC, also GSN/119.8]

    THE OBJECT IS...-Dick Clark:

  • The 1963 premiere episode; guests are Dwayne Hickman, Yvonne Craig, and Hans Conreid [KIN/1043.2]
  • 1964; guests are Barry Sullivan, Arlene Dahl, and Carl Ballantine [KIN/692.1]
  • The last two episodes from 1964; guests are Stubby Kaye and Joan Caulfield [both KIN/1003.9, 1042.2]

    OBLIVIOUS-Regan Burns: The first two episodes from 2002 [both OC/745.5-6]

    OFF THE WALL-Larry Zeno: Five episodes from 1998 [all OB]:

  • The premiere episode [234.3]
  • Three general episodes [297.6, 297.12, 297.14]
  • A "Boys vs. Girls" episode

    OH MY WORD-Jim Lange: Two episodes from 1965 [both KIN]:

  • Guests are Buddy Greco and Sal Mineo (missing final segment)
  • Guests are George Liberace and Carl Tjader

    OKAY, MOTHER-Dennis James: One episode from 1947(!) [OC]

    ON THE BEAT-Spike Davis & "La La": One episode from 2001 [OC/680.6]

    ON THE COVER-Mark L. Walberg: Five episodes from 2004 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode (w/a different announcer, set, and format than later shows) [936.2]
  • Three general episodes [963.7, 970.4, 984.3]
  • Veteran GS champ Tim Hsieh's appearance [997.8]

    ON THE SPOT (Portland, OR Q&A game)-Larry Blackmar:

  • One episode from 1985 [OC/516.6]
  • One episode from 1987 (part of opening missing) [OC]
  • One episode from 1988 [OB]

    ON THE SPOT-Eric Schwartz: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    ON YOUR ACCOUNT-Win Elliot: One episode from 1953 [OC]

    ON YOUR WAY-Bud Collyer: One episode from 1954 (missing final segment) [SC/914.14]

    1 VS. 100
    Bob Saget:

  • The 2006 premiere episode [OC]
  • A special "Las Vegas mob" episode from 2006 (w/the debut of the new look and rules) [OC]
  • Two general 2006 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/*Bob Eubanks* and *Wink Martindale* among the mob! (missing 1st min.) [RPT]
  • Christmas 2006 episode [OC]
  • A special "kid genius mob" episode from 2007 [RPT]
  • A special "last man standing" episode from 2007 [OC]
  • A general 2007 episode [OC]
  • The 1st season finale from 2007 [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2008 (w/the first-ever $1,000,000 win!) [OC]
  • A general 2008 episode [OC]
  • A special "pop culture" episode from 2008 (w/appearances by Jeremy Miller and Charlene Tilton) [OC]
  • The last episode from 2008 [OC]
    Carrie Ann Inaba: Three episodes from 2010:
  • The premiere episode [OC]
  • Two general episodes [1 OB, 1 OC]

    100%-Casey Kasem: Twelve episodes from 1998:

  • The pilot (w/Mark Henning as the off-camera host and a different set and music), preceded by a 3-minute promo/pitchfilm [SM/327.2]
  • Six general episodes [3 OC/428.1-3, 3 SM/528.6; 1046.1]
  • Five consecutive (and never aired) episodes w/ATGS's Brian Hamburg [all SM/528.1-5]

    101 WAYS TO LEAVE A GAME SHOW-Jeff Sutphen: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS-J.D. Roth: The 2008 premiere episode [OC]

    OUTRAGEOUS!-Idalis DeLeone: The 1998 premiere episode [OC/290.6]

    PANTOMIME QUIZ-Mike Stokey:

  • The 1950 (national) premiere episode; guests are Adele Jergens, Frank DeVol, Hans Conried, Vincent Price, Marilyn Maxwell, Ella Ring, Howard DeSilva, and Walter Brennan [OC]
  • 1951; guests are Adele Jergens, Hans Conried, Vincent Price, Jackie Coogan, Jean Wallace, Frank DeVol, Dorothy Patton, and Greg McClure [OB]
  • 1954; guests are Jackie Coogan, Frank DeVol, Adele Jergens, Fred Clark, Marie Windsor, Fritz Feld, Glenn Langan, and Paul Cavanaugh [OB]
  • 1954; guests are Adele Jergens, Vincent Price, Jackie Coogan, Fritz Feld, Gale Storm, Bruce Bennett, Peggy Dow, and Jack Smith [OB]
  • 1955; guests are Richard Egan, Elaine Stritch, Phyllis Kirk, Jerry Lester, Dorothy Hart, Lori Nelson, Hans Conreid, and *Peter Donald* (Mike REALLY gets nasty at times!) [OC]

    PARADISE RUNDaniella Monet:

  • The 2016 premiere episode [OB]
  • A general 2016 episode [OB]
  • A special 2016 episode w/Nickelodeon stars playing [OB]

    PARANOIA-Peter Tomarken: Three episodes from 2000 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode (w/a hilarious blooper going into the 1st break!) [445.2]
  • An episode w/a $97,000 win [454.1]
  • The last episode (w/former "TJW '90" contestant Michael Newkirk, and Peter gets a bit emotional at the end!) [456.4]

    THE PARENT GAME-Clark Race: Three episodes from 1972 [all GSN]:

  • The premiere episode (may be pilot; has different theme music than later shows) [139.3]
  • Two general episodes [404.8, 406.4]

    PASS THE BUCK-Bill Cullen: Nine episodes from 1978:

  • The premiere episode [GSN/D149.5]
  • Two consecutive episodes where the largest maingame bank ever is won [both GSN]
  • A general episode [SM]
  • Four consecutive episodes [all GSN/173.7-10]
  • An episode w/TWO Fast Buck wins! [GSN/371.2]

    PASS TIME-Brett Wagner:

  • The 2008 premiere episode [OC]
  • A 2009 episode from "Military Week" [OC]
  • One episode from 2011 [OC]


    PAWNOGRAPHY-Christopher Titus:

  • The first two episodes from 2014 [both RPT]
  • The first two episodes of the second season from 2014 [both RPT]

    PAY CARDS!-Art James:

  • One episode from 1969 w/Celeste Holm as a celebrity player [SM/1042.7]
    1981-82 ("Super Pay Cards!"):
  • Former "TPiR" contestant Susanne Seelig's appearance from 1981 [OC]
  • A 1981 episode where the game ends in a tie [OC]
  • A 1981 episode where Art wears an extremely LOUD jacket! [RPT/D143.6]
  • A 1981 episode where the game is decided before round 3 [RPT/214.4]
  • Eleven general 1981 episodes [3 SM, 8 RPT/D143.5; 214.5; 224.10, 256.7]
  • The infamous "crockpot" episode from 1981 [RPT/224.11]
  • A 1981 episode w/future "New Chain Reaction" contestant Darnley Holder [RPT/D25.4]
  • The "Science vs. Arts" episode from 1981 (Art has an awkward moment during the bonus round!) [OB/225.3]

    PAY IT OFF-Kim Coles: One episode from 2010 [OC]

    PDQ-Dennis James:
    The 1965 pilot; guests are Stubby Kaye, Dick Patterson, and Gisele Mackenzie [SM/747.7]

    PEER PRESSURE-Nick Spano & Valerie Miller: Three episodes from 1997:

  • The premiere episode [OC/105.1]
  • An episode where the game ends in a tie [OC]
  • An episode w/the only contestant ever to reach the finish line [RPT]

    PENNY TO A MILLION-Bill Goodwin:

  • The 1954 pilot (hosted by Bud Collyer) [SM/692.2]
  • Three episodes from 1955 [all OC/622.3-4, also have colorized copy of one]


  • 1998; guests are Frank Schofield, Nancy Eshelman, and Fred Lipkin [OB/292.1]
  • 1999; guests are Dinty W. Moore (no, not THAT one!), Kris Clark, and Charles Dumas (no audio first 30 seconds or so, fades in and out for several minutes thereafter) [OB/368.8]
  • 2000; guests are Chauncey Ross, Dandelion, and Steve Wagner [OB/729.7]
  • 2000; guests are Peter Cook, D.L. McGann, and Scott Manning [RPT/623.2]

    PEOPLE ARE FUNNY-Art Linkletter:

  • The first sixteen episodes from 1954 [all KIN]
  • A 1957 episode w/a $10,000 win! [OC, also have colorized copy]
  • One episode from 1958 [OB]
  • One episode from 1959 [OB]

    PERFECT MATCH-Bob Goen: The 1986 premiere episode (has "ghosts" in picture) [OB/D48.3]

    THE PERFECT MATCH-Dick Enberg:

  • The 1967 premiere episode (possibly pilot; has slightly different set, intro and music than later shows) [GSN/103.1]
  • A general 1967 episode [GSN/340.6]
  • A celebrity episode from 1968 w/Linda Kaye Henning and Dick Hunt [GSN/371.5]
  • A celebrity episode from 1968 w/Sandy Baron, Will Hutchins, and Andrew Prine [GSN/322.4]

    PERFECT SCORE-Arielle Kebbel: Two episodes from 2013 [1 RPT, 1 OC]

    A PERFECT SCORE-Jeff Marder: Two episodes from 1992 [both OC/D71.2]

    PERSONALITY-Larry Blyden:
    One episode from 1969; guests are Jack Cassidy, Joan Rivers, and Flip Wilson (Shirley Jones appears via videotape) [GSN/D149.3]

    PERSONALS-Michael Burger: Three episodes from 1991 [1 OB/D40.2, 2 OC]

    PICK YOUR BRAIN-Marc Summers: Three episodes from 1993 [2 OB/214.7; 892.7, 1 OC]

    PICTIONARY-Brian Robbins: Two episodes from 1989 [both OC]:

  • The premiere episode [108.1]
  • A partial episode

    PICTIONARY-Alan Thicke:

  • The 1997 premiere episode; guests are Kelly Packard, Michael Gelman, Caroline Rhea, and Brian Austin Green [OC/111.2]
  • 1997; guests are Allison Sweeney, Victoria Rowell, Bill Maher, and Erik Estrada (Includes the infamous Estrada-Maher "knockout" blooper!) [OC/111.3]
  • Aaron Solomon's two appearances from 1997; guests are Susan Ruttan, Corbin Bernsen, Jackie Zieman, and Stephen J. Cannell [both OC/121.1-2]
  • 1997; guests are Kiana Tom, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Kim Alexis, and Dan McVicar (part of opening missing) [OB/328.1]
  • Carl "Rialtus" Knecht's appearance from 1997; guests are Lauralee Bell, Young MC, Lisa Canning, and Geraldo Rivera [OC/126.2]
  • Jade Mills' appearance from 1997; guests are Tai Babilonia, Randy Gardner, Dustin Diamond, and Kristoff St. John (end credits missing) [OB/158.3]
  • 1998; guests are Melba Moore, Brook Lee, *Ben Stein*, and Jim J. Bullock [OB/408.10]
  • 1998; guests are Judy Tenuta, Tia & Tamera Mowry, and Frances Fisher [RPT/538.2]
  • A 1998 episode from Universal Studios Florida; guests are Dionne Warwick, Lark Voorhies, Melody Thomas Scott, and Andrew Keegan [OC/377.1]
  • 1998; guests are Rosie O'Donnell, Sally Struthers, Vicki Lawrence, and Rita Coolidge (grainy video, audio problem first minute or so, part of end credits cut off) [OB/297.4]
  • 1998; guests are Joanna Kerns, Terri Murphy, Windsor Harmon, and Richard Simmons [RPT/211.1]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) from 1998; guests are Dave Koz, Tommy Ford, Clifton Davis, and Joan Embery [OC]

    PICTURE THIS-Jerry Van Dyke: One episode from 1963; guests are Alan Young and William Bendix [OC]

    PICTUREKA!-Cory Almeida:

  • The 2010 premiere episode [OC]
  • Three general 2010 episodes [all OC]
  • Christmas 2010 episode [OC]

    PITFALL-Alex Trebek:

  • An early 1981 episode (has minor glitches throughout, but watchable) [RPT/256.11]
  • The infamous "Dancing Alex" episode from 1981 (w/one STUPID contestant!) [RPT/D139.5]
  • Three general 1981 episodes [1 OB/220.3, 2 RPT/D20.2; D21.3]
  • A 1981 episode w/a rather forgetful contestant (includes a promo for "Jackpot and "The New Chain Reaction", plus a "Jackpot" contestant plug!) [RPT/D20.1]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1982 (now w/the $2,500 grand prize) [all OC]

    Jack Smith:

  • One episode from 1953; guests are Max Baer and Marilyn Maxwell (has inactive time code on screen) [OC/1042.5]
    Bill Cullen:
  • One episode from 1954; guests are Joanne Gilbert and Xavier Cugat [OC]

    PLAY THE PERCENTAGES-Geoff Edwards: Twenty-one episodes from 1980:

  • The premiere episode (contestant Brian Smith was on "The $25K Pyramid" nearly 3 years later) [USA, also GSN/339.4]
  • The 5th episode (precedes the episode below) [USA/D2.1]
  • The first episode w/the revised jackpot system [USA]
  • An episode where Geoff almost gives away an answer in the bonus game [USA]
  • An episode w/a $36,000 jackpot win! [USA/208.4]
  • A general episode [GSN]
  • Three consecutive episodes (episode 1 includes a ticket plug, episode 2 has a $13,000 jackpot win, and Geoff gives away an answer in episode 3!) [all USA/1003.14]
  • The last episode w/the original bonus game (Geoff grapples w/a REALLY long Italian name during game 2!) [GSN]
  • The first two episodes w/the 6-answer bonus game (contestant Joel Palmer was on "Double Dare" 3 1/2 years earlier) [both USA]
  • An episode w/a bonus game loss on the FIRST answer! [USA]
  • The last two episodes w/the couples format [both USA]
  • The first episode w/the solo player format [USA]
  • An episode w/the first-ever "jump-in" playoff [USA]
  • Two general solo format episodes [both USA/208.9, 1056.2]
  • The first few minutes of an episode (ends just after 1st break) [OC]
  • The last episode [OC]

    PLAY YOUR HUNCH-Merv Griffin
    CBS DAYTIME, 1958-60:

  • The 1958 pilot (has time code at bottom left corner of screen) [SM/315.2]
  • A general 1958 episode [GSN/D44.1]
  • One episode from 1960 [GSN]
    NBC PRIMETIME, 1960:
  • Guest is Jaye P. Morgan [GSN/1042.4]
  • Guest is Jonathan Winters [BZR]
    NBC PRIMETIME, 1962:
  • The premiere episode [OC, also have colorized copy]

    POCKET MONEY (New England sports quiz)-"Fitzy": One episode from 2009 [RPT]

    Kevin Nealon:

  • The 2004 premiere episode [SM]
  • The next-to-last episode from 2005 [OC/1013.4]
  • The $100,000 championship episode from 2005 [OC/1013.6]
    Tom Leykis & Kennedy ("Poker Royale: Battle of the Sexes"): Five episodes from 1995 [all OC]:
  • The first two episodes [1014.1, 1014.3]
  • Two general episodes [1039.2, 1039.4]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [1039.5]
    John Ahlers & Lisa Dergan
    Spring 2005 ("Poker Royale: The James Woods Gang vs. The Unabombers"):
  • The premiere episode [SM]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [RPT/1041.1]
    Summer 2005 ("Poker Royale: Comedians vs. Pros"):
  • Seven preliminary episodes [all RPT]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [RPT]
    Fall 2005 ("Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages"):
  • The first two episodes [both OC/1041.2-3]
  • The 2-hour championship episode [OC/1041.4]
    Late Fall 2005 ("Poker Royale: Young Bloods II"):
  • The sole 2-hour episode [RPT]

    PONTOON PAYDAY-Frank Nicotero: The 2015 premiere episode [RPT]


  • 1983; musical guests are Irene Cara and Oingo Boingo (glitches at points, part of end credits cut off) [OC/157.3]
  • 1984; musical guests are Jack Mack & the Heart Attack and the Commodores [OC/794.11]

    POWER OF 10-Drew Carey:

  • The first two episodes from 2007 (episode 2 missing last 3 min.) [both OC]
  • Two general 2007 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/two "Big Brother 8" housemates as contestants [OC]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2008 [OC]
  • A general 2008 episode [OC]
  • The last two episodes (which were never aired on CBS!) from 2008 [both GSN]

    Peter Tomarken:

  • The 1983 pilot (w/a slightly different format and theme mix) [SM/163.5]
  • The 1983 premiere episode [OC/693.3, also BZR, w/better video quality]
  • A 1983 episode where Robert Ennis becomes the first-ever undefeated champion [BZR]
  • Three consecutive 1983 episodes w/future GS announcer Randy West [first 2 OC/724.9; 843.14, last GSN, also have all 3 from BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where Rod screws up Peter's intro [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where Peter almost takes a fall going to commercial! [GSN, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode w/the second-ever car hit [OC, also USA/197.1]
  • A 1983 episode that ends w/the first-ever tie [OC, also BZR]
  • The "rematch" episode from 1983 that followed above [OC, also BZR]
  • Veteran GS champ Mark Leinwand's first appearance from 1983 [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode w/future "Super Password" and "Card Sharks" champ Kim Oliver [OC, also BZR]
  • Two consecutive 1983 episodes where "TV Game Show Contestant Guidebook" author Dave Wagner becomes the top winner to date w/$35,000+! [both OC/780.12]
  • Eight general 1983 episodes [2 OC, 3 USA/197.3, 3 BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where *10* Whammies are hit! [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where Helen Reiner becomes the new top winner w/$40,000+! [USA/948.11, which is missing most of final segment, also OC and BZR, both complete]
  • A 1983 episode w/10-time GS contestant Scott Hostetler [USA/940.7, also OC and BZR, w/better video quality]
  • A 1983 episode w/future "$otC" champ Greg Rhoden [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1983 episode where NO Whammies are hit during the entire game! [BZR]
  • Christmas 1983 episode (the Whammies sing carols at the end!) [OC, also USA/197.2]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant breaks the buzzer at the end of round 1! [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode w/one of the BEST comebacks in PYL history! [OC, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where Rona Binder retires undefeated w/$33,346 [OD]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant "shoots" the Whammy (intro/end credits missing) [USA/834.11]
  • A 1984 episode where the 2nd question round was re-shot after too few spins were earned [OD]
  • A 1984 episode where Susan Veets sets a new one-day record of $25,603 AND becomes the new top winner w/almost $44,000! [USA/197.4, which is missing end credits, also OC and BZR, complete]
  • A 1984 episode w/future "$100K Pyramid" champ Rich Mahaffey [OC, also GSN/708.4]
  • Two consecutive episodes w/future "CS" champ Mac McHugh (NO Whammies are hit in episode 1, and "Pick-a-Corner" debuts in episode 2!) [both OC, also BZR and have episode 1 from GSN/935.8]
  • A 1984 episode where all 3 players only earn ONE spin each for round 2! [OC, also BZR]
  • The first two episodes w/the "Double Your $$" space from 1984 (Maggie Brown makes her first appearance in episode 2) [both OC, also GSN/646.9; 782.4 and BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where *10* Whammies are hit and the board freezes during round 2 [OC, also USA/197.5]
  • A 1984 episode w/an $18,000+ loss! [GSN/646.10]
  • A 1984 episode w/screaming Karen Martin as a contestant [GSN/636.7, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where the game goes down to an exciting seesaw battle! [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode w/multiple technical errors and frozen board spaces [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where a player earns 12 spins in one round (for the first time ever!) [GSN/646.11]
  • A 1984 episode where Rick Perrie retires undefeated w/$39,000+ [GSN/646.12]
  • A 1984 episode w/the first-ever contestant to play against the house! (precedes the episode below) [GSN/666.10, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where Becky Steeler sets a new one-day record of $33,410! [GSN/708.5, also BZR]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant wins by *$10*! [BZR]
  • Six general 1984 episodes [4 OC/499.11; 683.2, 1 USA, 1 GSN]
  • A 1984 episode where Cindy Waits beomes the 3rd-biggest (pre-Larson) winner! (missing final segment) [BZR]
  • Both parts of all-time champ Michael Larson's reign of terror from 1984 [both OB/71.5-6, also BZR; for the latter, have regular copies and ones w/added onscreen trivia graphics]
  • A 1984 episode where the board FREEZES near the end of round 2! (end credits missing) [USA/197.6]
  • A 1984 episode w/a $30,000+ loss! [SM/763.10]
  • The last episode w/the Larsen board patterns from 1984 [USA/197.7]
  • A 1984 episode w/a one-day win of $27,000+! [GSN/940.1]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1984 w/crazy Gene Snyder [episode 1 USA/602.5, episode 2 GSN/708.6]
  • A 1984 episode where a contestant hits 4 Whammies in a row! [GSN/834.12]
  • A 1984 episode that ends w/the first ever 3-way $0 tie! [GSN/676.11]
  • The "rematch" episode from 1984 that followed above [GSN/676.12]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 1984 (John Harlan announces, and the "$2,000 or Lose 1 Whammy" space debuts) [BZR]
  • A 1984 episode w/John Harlan announcing [OC/602.6]
  • Halloween 1984 episode [BZR]
  • Christmas 1984 episode (w/holiday-themed Whammies) [GSN/708.8]
  • New Year's episode from 1984 (w/Peter in a tux) [GSN/935.9]
  • A 1985 episode w/11 Whammies hit (and a $0 win!) [USA/602.7, also GSN/940.3]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1985 w/then-unknown Jennie (Jenny) Jones as a contestant [all BZR, also have first 2 shows from GSN/940.4-5]
  • A 1985 episode w/Myke "Gemini" Horton (from American Gladiators) as a contestant [USA/197.9]
  • A 1985 episode w/an appearance by set designer Ed Flesh's dog, Press Your Luck [GSN/940.6]
  • Foul-mouthed Jim Hess's appearance from 1985 (listen for his faintly audible swearing at the end of the game!) [USA/197.10]
  • A 1985 episode that ends w/Peter reading a poem by ATGS's T. Jay Dexter (for which Rod Roddy is seen on-camera; precedes the episode below) [OC/780.13, also USA/197.11]
  • A 1985 episode where *11* Whammies are hit! (small part of opening messed up) [USA/197.12]
  • Three 1985 episodes from "College Week" [2 RPT, 1 USA/495.4]
  • A 1985 episode w/a GREAT contestant named Damon [OB/71.7]
  • A 1985 episode w/a $20,000+ loss [USA/834.13]
  • The infamous "Sylvester" episode from 1985 (w/a hilarious phone cameo by Mel Blanc at the end!) [USA/D46.1]
  • A 1985 episode where a contestant wins by *$3*! [GSN/935.11]
  • A 1985 episode w/some "Whammybusters" in the audience (were they off-duty during round 2?) [USA/97.1]
  • Fifteen general 1985 episodes [1 OC, 8 USA/71.16; 197.8; 198.5; 198.7; 198.13; 214.6, 4 GSN, 2 BZR]
  • July 4, 1985 episode (w/Peter in a red, white and blue bow tie and a BIG Whammy loss!) [BZR]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1985 w/Steve "Big Bucks and NO Whaaaaaamiiiiieeees!" Bryant (Steve plays against the house in episode 2!) [all USA/198.2-4]
  • A 1985 episode w/a HUGE loss! [GSN/935.10]
  • A 1985 episode w/a contestant who hits 4 Whammies in a row! (missing intro) [USA/197.13]
  • A 1985 episode where the board slides blow near the end [USA/907.9]
  • A 1985 episode from "Teen Week" (JIP at 1st spin round) [USA/602.13]
  • A 1985 episode w/a $25,000+ loss [USA/834.14, also 978.2]
  • The first episode w/the "Add-a-One" space from 1985 [OB/198.6]
  • A 1985 episode w/a big "Add-a-One" hit [USA/978.3]
  • Halloween 1985 episode (w/an on-camera appearance by Rod Roddy) [GSN/870.6]
  • A 1985 episode where a contestant plays against the house! [USA/198.1]
  • A 1985 episode w/an all-cash "Big Money Home Player Spin" board at the end [USA/602.14, also GSN]
  • A 1985 episode where Peter's birthday is acknowledged [GSN]
  • Christmas 1985 episode (w/Rod as Santa, Peter in sleepwear, and an appearance by his 2 daughters at the end!) [OB, also GSN]
  • New Year's Eve 1985 episode (w/Peter in a tux) [GSN]
  • A 1986 episode w/an on-camera appearance by Rod Roddy (preceded by a promo for "Card Sharks"; end credits missing) [OC]
  • A 1986 episode that ends w/a 3-way $0 tie! [USA/71.8]
  • The "rematch" episode from 1986 that followed above [USA/782.5]
  • A 1986 episode where 2 players Whammy out (one of whom hits 4 Whammies in a row!) [OC/834.1, also GSN]
  • A 1986 episode where a contestant overcomes 3 Whammies to win $33,380! [GSN]
  • A 1986 episode w/TWO big losses! [USA/198.12]
  • A 1986 episode w/a $0 win [USA/907.2]
  • A 1986 episode w/a big "Add-a-One" hit [USA/906.10]
  • Nine general 1986 episodes [6 USA/D126.3; 198.8-9; 198.14; 213.2; 550.5, 3 OC/1027.1]
  • A 1986 episode w/a HUGE "Double Your $$" hit [USA/870.7]
  • A 1986 episode w/a record total is achieved in round 1! [GSN]
  • A 1986 episode where a contestant wins by *$68*! [USA/907.8]
  • A 1986 episode where Peter gives away his clothes at the beginning! [USA/907.1]
  • A 1986 episode w/a $13,000 loss [OC/1027.2]
  • The 700th episode from 1986 [USA]
  • A 1986 episode w/the infamous "falling N" blooper [OC/708.9]
  • Big winner Annmarie Caretta's first appearance from 1986 [USA]
  • Annmarie's final appearance from 1986 (she becomes the 2nd all-time top winner w/almost $62,000!) [USA/198.10]
  • A 1986 episode w/an exciting game and a $24,247 win [USA]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) from 1986 [OC/299.10]
    Todd Newton ("Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck"):
  • The 2002 pilot (hosted by Peter Tomarken and w/some format differences) [SM]
  • The first taped episode from 2002 (w/a slightly different set and rules) [OC/736.5]
  • The 2002 premiere episode [OC/716.2]
  • The 3rd episode [OC]
  • Former classic PYL champ Scott Hostettler's appearance from 2002 [OB/725.7]
  • Five general 2002 episodes [2 SM, 1 OB/725.6; 1 OC/728.2; 1 RPT/776.10]
  • A 2002 episode where *11* Whammies are hit! [RPT/805.4]
  • A special Mother's Day celebrity episode from 2002 w/Karen Grassle, Estelle Harris, and Mimi Kennedy (Todd's mom appears to read a question in round 2!) [OB/725.8]
  • Halloween 2002 episode (w/everyone in costume) [OC/760.3]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2003; it's a special St. Patrick's Day episode [RPT/816.1]
  • A special "reunion" episode from 2003 w/Ed Long, Janie Dakan, and James Larson (Michael's brother) as contestants (Peter Tomarken returns to host the question round!) [RPT/816.2]
  • April Fool's Day 2003 episode (w/Graham Elwood hosting) [OC/816.3]
  • Four general 2003 episodes [1 SM, 3 RPT/805.12; 816.10; 816.12]
  • A 2003 episode w/the 1st-ever car win! [RPT/836.1]
  • A special "Tournament of Losers" episode from 2003 [OC/842.4]
  • The 2003 Tournament of Champions finals (and last show of the series, w/an appearance by Tom Carney of Suzuki Motors at the end) [OC/842.6]
    Elizabeth Banks:
  • A special "sneak preview" episode from 2019 [OC]
  • The 2019 premiere episode [OC]
  • Three general 2019 episodes [all OB]
  • The 2nd season premiere from 2020 [OC]
  • A special Independence Day-themed episode from 2020 [OC]
  • A general 2020 episode [OB]
  • A 2020 episode w/a record $565,682 win! [OB]
  • A 2020 episode w/three former 80s-era contestants [OB]
  • The 3rd season premiere from 2021 (w/a $345,000+ win!) [OC]
  • A 2021 episode where a player wins w/*$0*! [OC]
  • A special Independence Day-themed episode from 2021 [OC]

    PRESSURE COOKER-Chris Durham: One episode from 1998 [OC/276.6]

    PRESSURE 1-Mark Long:

  • The 1999 premiere episode [OC/384.8]
  • Two general 1999 episodes [both OC/389.10, 394.8]
  • A general 2000 episode (Costas speaks during a "Wall of Shame" bumper!) [RPT/496.6]

    PROFESSOR YES 'N' NO-Bill Cullen: One episode from 1953 (15 min.) [KIN]

    Marc Istook:
    Four episodes from 2017 [all OB]:

  • The premiere episode; teams are Kira Soltanovich/Tony Baker/Ryan Stout vs. Daphnique Springs/Becky Robinson/Brian Monarch
  • Tony Baker/Lachlan Patterson/Chris Fairbanks vs. Nina Daniels/Chrissie Mayr/*Chris Wylde*
  • Kelsey Cook/Esther Ku/Taylor Tomlinson vs. Trey Elliot/Steve Hofstetter/Kabir Singh
  • *Ben Gleib*/Maggie Maye/Heather McDonald vs. KC Arora/Chris Franjola/Charles McBee
    Melissa Peterman: Four episodes from 2018:
  • The premiere episode w/Chris Kattan & Daphnique Springs vs. Heather McDonald & Chris Franjola [OB]
  • Nicole Sullivan & Hal Sparks vs. Charles McBee & Kelsey Cook [OB]
  • *Ben Gleib* & Jamie Kennedy vs. Luenell & Heather McDonald [OC]
  • Becky Robinson & Loni Love vs. Finesse Mitchell & Chris Franjola [OC]

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