My Game Shows, New Additions

4/30 - spring is here, and so are these latest additions...
CS (Eubanks):
- Buzzr copy of April Fools' Day ep. from 4/1/87 (w/a great joke played on an APG member!)
- Buzzr copy of 4/87 ep. where TWO cars are won!
- Buzzr copy of 5/87 ep. where Kelly Rudiger wins 2 cars
- 4 consecutive eps. from 6/26, 6/29-7/1/87 where Sheri Powers becomes the only contestant ever to win FOUR cars! (including better copies of 2 eps. which I already have from GSN)
Chain Reaction (Lane) - 2/22/21 premiere ep. (small part of opening missing)
FF (Dawson):
- Buzzr copies of 10/28-29/80 eps. (ep. 1 has a solo Fast Money win, and ep. 2 has the infamous "September" answer!)
- 10/82 ep. where the Gondas retire undefeated w/$28,226 (Richard acknowledges them as the 13th family to do so!)
- Xmas ep. from 12/24/82
Knights and Warriors - 9/19/92 premiere ep. (w/an appearance by Monty Hall!)
TNG (Kroeger):
- Buzzr copy of 1st aired ep. from 9/9/96
- special Second Time Around ep. from 10/96
- Halloween ep. from 10/31/96 (w/everyone in costume)
- Buzzr copy of special Family Edition from 11/96 (w/a couple who appeared on the original NG playing against their kids and spouses!)
- Buzzr copy of Soap Star Newlyweds celeb ep. from 11/96 w/Cynthia Watros, Brenda Epperson and Laura Kaufman
- special "Salute to Love" May-December Marriages ep. from 1/97
P+ (Kennedy):
- Buzzr copy of 1/81 ep. w/Betty White and Wesley Eure (Rich Jeffries announces)
- Buzzr copy of 2/81 ep. w/Debralee Scott and Jon "Bowzer" Bauman
- Buzzr copy of 2/81 ep. w/Nipsey Russell and Audrey Landers
- Buzzr copy of 2/81 ep. w/Barbara Rhoades and McLean Stevenson
- Buzzr copy of 3/81 ep. w/Bert Convy and Marcia Wallace
- Buzzr copy of 8/81 ep. w/Audrey Landers and Fred Grandy
- Buzzr copy of 8/81 ep. w/Elaine Joyce and Bert Convy
- Presidents' Day ep. from 2/20/23
- 3/28/23 ep. w/some It's In the Bag problems
$100K Pyramid (Clark):
- 1/87 ep. w/Melody Thomas Scott and David Graf
- GTV copy of 6th tournament win from 1/87 w/Lauri Hendler and Stuart Pankin
- 2/87 ep. w/Vicki Lawrence and Charlie Siebert (Vicki threatens to leave after game 2 ends w/only 5 categories played!)
- 4/87 ep. w/Martha Smith and Dick Cavett
- GTV copy of 7th tournament win from 5/87 w/Linda Kelsey and Henry Polic II
- 5/87 ep. w/Edie McClurg and Paul Kreppel
- 5/87 ep. w/Shelley Smith and Stuart Pankin
- GTV copy of 3rd season prem. from 8/17/87 w/Lynn Herring and Paul Kreppel
TTD (Martindale):
- 1/80 ep. where Dr. Paul Reisser wins a car (his game 1 opponent is cartoonist/future Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon!)
- 2/80 ep. where Rich Cunningham wins a car
TTD (Caldwell):
- 4/86 ep. where Les Bundy wins a car
- general 4/86 ep.
- another 2/00 ep. from New Orleans (Aussie WoF hostess Sophie Faulkiner is in the audience, and David Hasselhoff makes an appearance!)
- COMPLETE copy of actor Leonard Stone's ep. from 9/00
- 9/00 ep. w/an appearance by Patrick and Maggie Sajak at the end
- 1/02 ep. from NFL Players Week w/Doug Flutie, Tim Brown, and Shannon Sharpe
- 2/02 ep. w/the infamous "Miners and Hoes" toss-up missolve
- 4/02 ep. w/the infamous "An Ugly Child" toss-up missolve
- Halloween ep. from 10/31/02
- 2/03 Sweethearts Week ep. from Nashville
- 2/03 Country Music Stars Week ep from Nashville w/Barbara Mandrell, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Pam Tillis

3/31 - a few more rarities...
Headline Hunters - 4/12/81 ep. w/oc; Mel Grant is the special guest
NTT (Kennedy) - another general 1979 ep. w/oc
Password '75:
- 3/75 ep. w/Allen Ludden and Paul Williams (B&W; Betty White hosts, and Nancy Wagner retires undefeated w/$20K!)
- 6/75 ep. w/Carol Burnett and Jack Cassidy (missing first 2 min; Cindy Kidwiler becomes the all-time top winner w/$20,025 and returns later in the episode w/a cake for the staff!)
TPiR (Barker, syndie!) - GR/Cliff/DP from 1978
The Wizard of Odds (Alex Trebek's 1st American GS!) - 1974 ep. w/oc (part of intro missing) the usual assortment...
FF (Dawson) - OB copy of 1979 ep. where a heartbreaking Fast Money loss is overturned
Headline Chasers:
- another general 1985 ep.
- another general 1986 ep.
TPiR (Kennedy):
- Money/Plinko/ME from 1985
- Any #/Grand/ME from 1985 w/oc
- 3X/Grand/Clock from 1985
- Any #/Secret X/1RP from 1985
- Money/Safe/Secret X from 1985 w/oc (Gene Wood announces; glitchy video, but watchable)
- 3/3/88 NT ep. w/oc
- 3 consecutive DT eps. from 4/5-7/88 w/oc
- 1/27/89 NT ep. w/oc
- 4/11/89 NT ep. w/oc

2/29 - some Leap Year additions to make you leap with joy...
Family Double Dare - 1990 ep.
FiO Family Style - 1999 ep. w/Aaron Carter, Keenan Thompson, et al.
High School Bowl (Hartford/New Haven, CT-based HS quiz):
- Cheshire vs. Ledyard from 1982 w/oc (part of opening missing)
- Cheshire vs. Canton second-round ep. from 1983 w/oc
- Pomeraug vs. Greenwich from 1984 (small part of intro missing)
Legends of the Hidden Temple:
- another general 1993 ep.
- last ep. from 12/29/95
Nick Arcade - then-unknown Joey Fatone's appearance from 1992
Nickelodeon GUTS:
- 9/28/92 premiere ep. (w/some minor differences from later shows)
- future Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean's appearance from 1992
Super Sloppy Double Dare - 1987 ep.
WoF (Woolery) - 3 consecutive eps. from 11/13-15/79
YDS! - 11/75 ep. w/Mitzi McCall, Peter Haskell, et al.

1/31 - first batch of 2024...
- 3/22/21 where the Lathams go for their 5th win
- 10/13/22 special w/the Langevin men and women playing for charity
- veterans' special from 11/11/22
- 2/1/23 ep. w/one of the best Fast Money rounds in FF history!
- both diamonds ToC wildcard finals eps. from 11/7-8/23
- both clubs ToC wildcard finals eps. from 11/27-28/23
LMaD - Xmas primetime ep.from 12/4/23
Paradise Run:
- 2nd season prem. from 11/14/16 w/Diego Velazquez, Audrey Whitby and Max Kosarin
- general 1/9/17 ep.
- 3rd season prem. from 11/13/17 w/Jack Griffo, Addison Riecke and Kira Kosarin
- special Clash of the Nick Celebs ep. from 11/22/17
- Big Time Rush special from 1/17/18
- last ep. from 1/26/18
- pre-Thanksgiving special from 11/22/23
- primetime Office Holiday Party special from 12/4/23
Raid the Cage - special Holiday Extravaganza ep. from 12/8/23
YBYL (Leno):
- 9/27/21 ep.
- 10/28/22 ep.

12/31 - getting ready to welcome the new year with some new goodies...
BtB (Kennedy):
- GTV copy of another 4/76 ep. w/Rosey Grier, Beverly Garland, Bill Dana, et al.
- 6/76 ep. w/Avery Schrieber, Joan Collins, Robert Hegyes, et al. (now w/new rules, and former contetsant Russell Fish returns due to an error)
- another 7/76 ep. from the final week w/Donny Most, Jo Anne Worley, *Bill Cullen*, et al. (future Blockbusters champ John Hatton is a contestant!)
Bumper Stumpers:
- another general 1988 ep.
- 2nd season finale from 1988
- 3rd season prem. from 1989
- another general 1989 ep.
P+ (Kennedy) - Buzzr copy of last ep. from 3/26/82 w/Audrey Landers and Tom Poston
$100K Pyramid (Clark):
- GTV copy of 1/86 ep. w/Jackee Harry & Earl Holliman (Jackee gets buzzed *3* times in the 1st WC!)
- GTV copy of 2nd tournament win from 2/86 w/Markie Post and Brian Mitchell
- GTV copy of 4/86 ep. w/Vicki Lawrence and David Graf (Vicki has a classic tantrum after getting buzzed in the 2nd WC!)
- 4/86 ep. w/Anne Bloom and Jamie Farr
- 4/86 ep. w/Adrienne Barbeau and Howard Morton
- complete GTV copy of 4/86 ep. w/Betty White and Barry Jenner (Betty gets buzzed TWICE in the 2nd WC, and Barry goofs on the name of Dick's primetime show!)
- GTV copy of 4/86 ep. w/Heidi Bohay and Michael Spound (a controversial ruling is made!)
- GTV copy of 3rd tournament win from 5/86 w/Mary Cadorette and David Graf
- GTV copy of 5/86 ep. w/Shelley Smith and LeVar Burton (then-unknown Mitzi Kapture is a contestant!)
- GTV copy of 5/86 ep. w/Martha Smith and Earl Holliman (BOTH games end in a 21-21 tie!)
- complete GTV copy of 2nd season prem. from 8/11/86 w/Rita Moreno and Ken Kercheval
- GTV copy of 4th tournament win from 9/86 w/Audrey Landers & Charlie Siebert
- GTV copy of 10/86 ep. w/Leann Hunley and Stuart Damon (BOTH games end in a 21-21 tie!)
- GTV copy of 5th tournament win from 11/86 w/Shelley Smith and LeVar Burton
- 11/86 ep. w/Mary Cadorette and Barry Jenner
TTD (Martindale):
- 12/79 ep. where future B&E contestant coordinator Mallory Geller wins a car
- GTV copy of 1/80 ep. where Marcia Whistler wins a car
- 1/80 ep. where Vic Schneidman wins a car
- GTV copy of 1st ep. w/the Secret Category from 1/80
TTD (Caldwell):
- GTV copy of 1/86 ep. where Barry Schulman wins his 1st car
- GTV copy of 1/86 ep. where Barry wins his 2nd car
- 3/86 ep. where Karla Edmonton wins a car
- 3/86 ep. where Tony Smiles wins a car

11/30 - some goodies worth giving thanks for...
BtC (Wood) - Buzzr copy of Gene's 1st ep. from 9/72
CS (Perry) - general 4/80 ep.
Classic Concentration:
- 3/89 ep. w/a heartbreaking game 1
- 4/89 ep. w/TWO big maingame wins totalling almost $20K!
- 2nd anniversary ep. from 5/4/89
- 9/89 ep. w/a car win in the base time!
Cram - 1st season finale from 2/03
- P+ copy of Halloween ep. from 10/31/86
- P+ copy of Valentine's Day ep. from 2/13/87
- P+ copy of 1988 ep. where Marc gets pied before the 1st break and has to change into a VERY loud jacket!
- P+ copy of "3-D" ep. from 1988
- P+ copy of Salute to Hollywood Squares ep. from 1988
- P+ copy of 1988 ep. where Harvey hosts the 1st question after a goof by Marc
FF (Dawson):
- 10/82 ep. where Richard tries to juggle lollipops!
- 11/82 ep. w/Rod Roddy announcing
- 10/10/22 ep. w/Jon Lovitz, Jackee, Jimmie Walker, et al.
- 10/19/22 ep. w/Raven-Symone, Howie Mandel, Whitney Cummings, et al.
- 5th SP from 9/11/23 w/Tiffany Haddish, Adam Carolla, Caroline Rhea, et al.
- 10/23/23 ep. w/Sheryl Underwood, Byron Allen, Natasha Leggero, et al.
Hey Yahoo! - first 2 eps. from 6/12/23
P+ (Ludden) - Buzzr copy of 9/80 ep. w/Gina Hecht and Ron Masak (a contestant wins *$0* in Alphabetics!)
P+ (Kennedy):
- Buzzr copy of Tom's 1st ep. from 10/28/80
- 4/81 ep. w/Elaine Joyce and Arte Johnson
- 4/81 ep. w/Audrey Landers and Fred Travalena
- pre-Independence Day ep. from 7/3/23 (w/armed forces members in the audience)
- 52nd SP from 9/25/23
TPiR: A Tribute to Bob Barker - hour-long special from 8/31/23
Tattletales - Buzzr copy of 1975 ep. w/Dick Gautier & Barbara Stuart, Henry Darrow, and *Bob Barker* (Bert arrives late, so Donald Ross briefly fills in for him!)

10/31 - no Tricks, but plenty of Treats...
- 9/81 ep. where Pat & Liz McCarthy break the $35K mark
- Buzzr copy of 10/81 ep. where Pat & Liz are the ONLY players to give correct answers for the entire show!
- Buzzr copy of 10/81 ep. from LaRae Dillman's 2nd run
- Buzzr copy of 10/81 ep. w/an appearance by Tom Kennedy
- general 11/81 ep.
- 1/82 ep. where *3* spaces have to be reversed after an audience member shouts out an answer!
Child's Play:
- Buzzr copy of 2/83 ep. w/an appearance by Ronald Blair Wilkinson II
- 2/83 ep. where Joanie goes for her 5th win
- 2/83 ep. where Bill's birthday is acknowledged (Gene Wood makes an on-camera appearance!)
Concentration (Narz):
- 1976 ep. where a Double Play ruling is overturned after the break
- 1976 ep. w/Jack's birthday acknowledged
- 2 more general 1976 eps.
- 1976 ep. w/TWO cars won!
- 1976 ep. w/TWO Double Play wipeouts!
- 1977 ep. where a contestant is noticeably bummed after losing both games (now w/the new Double Play prize selection format)
- 1977 ep. w/a clean sweep in game 1 and big Wild Card bonus in game 2
- 1977 ep. where the Wild Card is found in both Double Play rounds
- 1977 ep. w/TWO Double Play wins
- 1977 ep. where a crew member makes an accidental on-camera appearance before the 2nd Double Play!
- 1977 ep. where all 4 prizes are won in Double Play
TJW (Barry):
- 2/83 ep. where Michael Clark wins a car
- 2/83 ep. where Mike Leone wins a car
- general 2/83 ep.
TJW (Cullen):
- 11/85 ep. where Lauren Abu wins a car
- general 11/85 ep.
- general 12/85 ep.
- Buzzr copies of Tim Holloran's last 2 eps. from 9/23-24/85
- 2/27/86 ep. where a player finishes w/*$0*!
- 2/28/86 ep. where Lisa Munoz wins the $10K
- Lisa's 10th win (for 2 cars!) from 3/7/86
- Buzzr copy of Lisa's $50K win from 3/10/86
TTD (Martindale):
- GTV copy of 12/79 ep. where Richard Klinger wins his 1st car
- GTV copy of 12/79 ep. where Richard wins his 2nd car
- Richard's final ep. from 12/79
- first 2 eps. from 4/23-24/79
- 2 general 8/79 eps.
- Buzzr copies of Randy Amasia's 2 eps. from 8/27-28/79
- 2 consecutive eps. from 9/4-5/79 (Tom introduces the Villains in ep. 1, and ep. 2 has a $25K win!)
- 9/79 ep. where a contestant hits *5* blocks by level 2 in one round!
- 9/79 ep. w/a Gauntlet round where only *$100* is won!
- general 10/79 ep.
- 10/79 ep. where a contestant injures himself after winning the match
- COMPLETE Buzzr copies of Steve Leblang's 2 eps. from 10/31 and 11/2/79

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