My Game Shows, New Additions

7/31 - hot summer, even hotter finds...
All-Star Secrets - SMs of two more 3/79 eps. w/*Bill Cullen*, Della Reese, John Schuck, et al.
Child's Play (all SMs!):
- second 1982 pilot
- 11/82 ep. w/Fred Saxon (San Diego news anchor, in his only GS credit!) announcing
- 12/82 ep. w/Johnny Gilbert announcing (end credits missing)
The Choice is Yours - unsold 1970 Bill Cullen pilot w/Melvin Belli, Meredith MacRae, and Nipsey Russell
Decisions, Decisions - unsold 1979 Bill Cullen pilot w/Liz Torres and Arte Johnson
The Love Experts:
- 1978 pilot w/Jo Anne Worley, *Geoff Edwards*, et al.
- 25-min. "demo tape" comprised of clips from the pilot and a general series ep. (B&W due to tape deterioration)
- rest of 4/74 week w/Bill Cullen, Chuck Woolery & JoAnn Pflug, and Allen Ludden & Betty White (all SC!)
- SM copies of two 11/77 eps. w/Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, and Patty Weaver
TTTT (Garagiola) - SM of 1977 ep. w/Dr. Frank Field, et al. (includes Bill Cullen's infamous Freduian slip re: a parakeet enthusiast!)

6/30 - another interesting assortment...
Bumper Stumpers - general 5/88 ep.
Chain Reaction (Edwards) - general 5/88 ep.
- 1980 ep. where a camera gets toilet-papered!
- 11/80 ep. w/another Championship Game rarity
- 1981 ep. where Dennis Faenza wins $10K
FF (Dawson):
- another general 1977 syndie ep.
- 4/81 ep. where a contestant hosts one round
- 4/81 ep. where Gene Wood shows a player how to do the contestant plug!
FF (Combs) - Armed Forces Champiosnhip ep. from 7/89
Gladiators 2K (Seacrest/Sansone) - special all-"Big Guys" ep. from 1994
Gladiators 2K (Seacrest/Miller) - general 1995 ep. w/oc
HS (Davidson):
- John's 1st post-injury show from 10/87 w/Joan Rivers (her first appearance!), Mark McEwen, Teri Copley, et al.
- OB copy of 12/87 ep. w/Richard Moll, Audrey & Jayne Meadows, Michael Damian, et al. (JM J. is equipped w/a "helmet cam"!)
Hoosier Know-it-Alls (local Indiana show):
- celeb ep. from 1997 w/radio team Bob & Tom playing
- celeb ep. from 2/98 w/Bob & Tom playing (again!)
Hoosier Millionaire (Indiana Lottery GS) - Mark & Barbara's last ep. from 2/03
Jackpot (Darrow) - general 5/88 ep.
- Frank Spangenberg's 1st ep. from 1/90
- India Cooper's final ep. from 12/91
- general 10/92 ep. w/oc
- Steve Chernicoff's final ep. from 9/94
- Michael Dupee's final ep. from 4/96
- both 1996 ToC finals eps. from 11/29-30 w/oc
- general 6/97 ep.
TJW (Barry):
- 4/78 ep. where Bob Antanopoulos wins a car
- general 5/78 ep.
- another general 1980 ep.
TJW (Finn):
- all-time champ Thomas Van Dyke's final ep. from 11/90
- 11/90 ep. w/former classic TJW champ Peter Nagel
Live! w/Regis & Kathie Lee - Patrick Wayne interview from 1990
$100K NTT:
- another Super Champs preliminary ep. from 9/84
- early taped ep. from 1984
The Pat Sajak Show - Marc Summers interview from 1989
TPiR (James, SM!)- Bonus/Any #/Clock from 1972
- Grocery/Any #/Clock from 1974
TPiR (Carey) - alternate online copy of 2014 Socially Awesome Week ep. (w/alternate angles, backstage footage and interviews not seen on TV!)
$100K Pyramid (Clark):
- 1/86 ep. w/Jackee Harry and Earl Holliman (Jackee gets buzzed *3* times in the 1st WC!)
- GameTV copy of 1/88 ep. w/Jo Anne Worley and Stuart Damon
- GameTV copy of "4th" SP from 8/88 w/Martha Smith and Soupy Sales
- GameTV copy of last tournament win from 8/88 w/Teresa Ganzel and Henry Polic II
- OC copy of last ep. from 9/2/88 (w/same guests as above)
Scrabble (both w/oc!):
- general 1/93 ep.
- 3/93 ep. w/a hilarious game 1 (includes a promo for Family Secrets!)
Supermarket Sweep - 2nd SP from 9/91
Tattletales - SC copies of the other four 9/74 eps. w/Allen Ludden, Bill Cullen and Chuck Woolery
Temptation (Aussie) - special Battle of the Network Shows ep. from 3/07 w/Ed & Livinia vs. What's Good for You (Tony Barber and Alyce Platt return as guest host/hostess!)
TTD (Caldwell):
- general 12/85 ep.
- 2/86 ep. which precedes the three consecutive OC shows I have
West Virigina Squares - one-off 2014 local PBS special (hosted by Peter Marshall!) w/Bil Lepp, Joyce DeWitt, Michael Cerveris, et al.
WoF (Aussie) - celeb ep. from 6/08 w/Livinia Nixon, Bert Newton, and Dawn Fraser
WoF (US):
- general 1985 ep.
- general 9/95 ep.
- 3 consecutive eps. from 11/27-29/96 w/oc
- general 6/97 ep.
- 9/97 ep. w/the first appearance of the Prize Puzzle
- unaired Lottery Experience ep. from 2012

4/30 - more rare gems...
Almost Anything Goes - 1976 ep.
The Celebrity Game - 6/64 ep. w/Hedda Hopper, Allan Sherman, Celeste Holm, et al.
GE College Bowl (Earle, most w/oc!):
- Portland State vs. U of San Francisco from 1965
- Burmingham Southern vs. Portland State from 1965
- Portland State vs. Kent State from 1965
- Park vs. Portland State from 1965
- Coe vs. Portland State from 1965 (missing last 2 min.)
HS (Marshall, both SMs w/promos!):
- 1972 syndie ep. w/Eva Gabor, Joey Bishop, Cass Elliot, et al.
- 1972 syndie ep. w/Tony Randall, Florence Henderson, Ross Martin, et al.
The Mad Dash - 1978 pilot (hosted by creator/producer Sidney M. Cohen)
WoF (Woolery):
- 7/77 ep. (B&W, JIP at contestant interviews)
- 1978 ep. where all 3 players earn a Free Spin (B&W, missing part of intro and end credits)
- 11/79 ep. w/oc the usual assortment...
The Better Sex:
- Buzzr copy of 11/77 ep. w/the bonus round won on the FIRST question!
- general 12/77 ep.
Bumper Stumpers - ToC ep. from 9/90
DD (Summers, both w/oc!):
- 1986 ep. where Robin almost speaks
- early 1986 ep. w/the original scoreboards and a stunt plug
FF (Dawson, most w/oc!)
- 1st anniversary ep. from 7/77
- another general 1977 ep. (plus a clip of the following day)
- 11/79 ep. where the Dodges win their 9th game
- 5/82 ep. w/an appearance by Howard Felsher
- 1984 ep. w/the worst Fast Money in FF history!
- 2 consecutive 1985 eps.
- another general 1986 ep.
- 5th SP (and Blake Pickett's first ep.) from 3/87
J! (both w/oc):
- Eugene Finerman's final ep. from 6/87
- another general 1987 ep.
Make Me Laugh (Van, all 1979 from USA):
- Argus Hamilton/Jim Samuels/Dave Barry; guest is Jon Walmsley
- The LA Connection/Howie Mandel/Pat Cooper; guest is Tim Reid
- Kip Addotta/Murray Langston/Bruce Baum; guest is Guich Koock (bad commercial edits, no end credits)
TNG (Eubanks) - another general 1979 ep. (from a 1981 repeat)
TPiR (Barker, all w/oc):
- 1/81 ep. w/a funny Hole in One moment and Barbara Hunter reading the Card Game car plug after Johnny O. "disappears"!
- 2/82 ep. where Bob forgets to award a perfect bid bonus!
- 4/87 ep. w/a CLOSE Range Game win and a funny moment w/a karaoke machine and aspirin!
- 5/90 ep. w/a $10.1K Punch-a-Bunch win!
- 11/90 ep. w/a heartbreaking Golden Road wipeout and a *.01* Check-Out win!
- 4/91 ep. w/a hilarious moment before the 4th pricing game
- 6/92 ep. where Rod goofs during a Cliff Hangers prize description (includes TWO promos for The Hollywood Game!)
- 4/94 ep. w/stagehand Tim Chic's retirement acknowledged
WoF (Sajak, last 4 w/oc):
- general 9/82 ep.
- 1987 ep. w/a car as the round 2 wheel prize
- 2 more general 1987 eps.
- 1987 ep. w/a $74K+ win
- 1987 ep. w/a $26.2K win in round 3
- 1987 ep. w/the audience joining in to introduce Vanna and a hilarious contestant interview moment!
- 1987 ep. where Pat has some fake seafood at the end

3/31 - no fooling as we head into April...
CS (Perry) - Buzzr copies of entire final Turnabout Tournament week (w/GS hosts playing!) from 9/22-26/80
Classic Concentration:
- 8/87 where a contestant is "serenaded" after a horrible incorrect guess!
- Buzzr copy of 8/87 ep. w/the fastest solve in CC history
- Buzzr copy of 8/87 ep. w/former $otC champ Michael Friedman
- Buzzr copy of 8/87 ep. w/a clean sweep in game 1
- 12/88 ep. w/a production error in the car round that leads to a technical win
- Xmas ep. from 12/88 (w/Alex as Santa!)
- first ep. w/contestants breaking down the puzzles from 1/89
- 2/84 ep. w/Robert Donner, Nedra Volz, Richard J. Porter, et al.
- another 3/84 ep. w/James Sloyan, Nancy Frangione, *Bob Eubanks*, et al.
- 3/84 ep. w/Anson Williams, Kim Morgan Greene, James B. Sikking, et al. (Johnny Olson announces)
- 9/24/20 ep. w/three former 80s contestants
- 10/8/20 ep.
- 10/29/20 ep.

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