My Game Shows, New Additions

12/29 - closing out the year w/an interesting assortment...
All-New 3's a Crowd:
- Wives/Husbands/Moms from 1999
- Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Ex-Boyfriends from 1999
- Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Best Friends from 2000
- Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Ex-Girlfriends from 2000
Body Language - 10/84 ep. w/Edie McClurg and Robert Morse (w/oc!)
Burt Luddin's Love Buffet - another general 1999 ep.
Camouflage - 3 general 2007 eps.
Couch Potatoes (both w/oc):
- 1989 ep. w/guest Brandon Cruz
- 1989 ep. w/guest Doug McClure
Daytime Emmy Awards - clip of Todd Newton's win/acceptance speech from 2012
FF (Combs):
- another general 1988 syndie ep. w/oc
- Funny Women/Men ep. from 1988 w/Marla Gibbs, Marcia Wallace, Soupy Sales, Norman Fell, et al.
- another general 1989 syndie ep. w/oc
- another general 1990 syndie ep. w/oc
- another TPiR vs. Y&R ep. from 10/91
- another Ex-Husbands/Wives ep. from 1993
- another TPiR vs. Y&R ep. from 1994
FF (Dawson)
- 8/77 ep. w/the York family's (of "Frog/Alligator" infamy) first appearance
- 9/77 ep. where the entire audience comes onstage at the end!
- 1979 syndie ep. where a hearbtreaking Fast Money loss is overturned by a last-second reversed ruling
- 1983 daytime ep. w/an on-camera appearance by Gene Wood at the end
- another general 1983 syndie ep.
- Beauty Queen Special ep. (w/Miss Universes vs. Miss USAs) from 1983
- another general 1984 syndie ep.
- Battle of the Hollywood Models ep. from 11/84
- half-hour soap star special from 11/94 w/Y&R vs. B&B
- general 1995 ep.
FF Challenge - 6/92 premiere ep; it's a soap star special w/Y&R-B&B-ATWT
GSN Live:
- Geoff Edwards interview from 2008
- Betty White phone interview from 2010
Hollywood Showdown - 2/01 ep. w/THREE Box Office rounds played!
HS (Davidson) - 12/88 ep. w/Dick Cavett, Rich Little, Dawnn Lewis, et al. (w/oc, and Shadoe Stevens fills in for Joan Rivers as center square)
How Much is Enough?:
- 2nd ep. from 1/08
- 2 general 2008 eps.
Kansas City Live! - Todd Newton interview from 2014
Liar's Club - partial 1976 ep. w/Barbara Feldon, Gary Burghoff, et al. (JIP at round 2 betting results)
- another Fiesta Day ep. from 5/06 (w/a $31K Bonus Lingo jackpot win!)
- Siblings Day from 4/07
Mall Masters:
- 2001 ep. w/a near-shutout in the bonus round!
- another general 2001 ep.
Relatively Speaking (both w/oc):
- 1988 ep. w/Tom Poston, Marcia Wallace, et al.
- 1988 ep. w/Melody Rogers, Henry Polic II, et al.
The Steve Katsos Show - Todd Newton interview from 2014
That's the Question - 2 more general 2007 eps.
The Tonight Show (Carson) - Bert Convy interview from 1974
The Tonight Show (Leno) - 1994 Richard Dawson interview on his upcoming FF return
Vegas Live - Todd Newton interview on TPiR Live from 2010
WML? (Bruner):
- 1968 ep. w/Gail Sheldon, Nipsey Russell, et al.
- 1969 ep. w/Emily Yancy, Patrick O'Neill, et al.
- 1970 ep. w/Sandy Duncan, Alan Alda, et al.
WML? (Blyden):
- 1972 ep. w/Phyllis George, Leonard Harris, et al.
- 1973 ep. w/Anita Gillette, Alan Alda, et al.
- 1973 ep. w/Melba Tolliver, Leonard Harris, et al.
Your Number's Up (all w/oc!):
- 3 more general 1985 eps.
- 12/85 ep. from final week

11/30 - a new batch worth giving thanks for...
Blockbusters (Cullen):
- 3/81 ep. where Jeff & Alan Dennis break the $30K mark
- John Hatton's 2nd day back from 2/82
Blockbusters (Rafferty) - 5 consecutive 3/87 eps. w/former Catch Phrase champ Florence Krumpler
Bloopers - 2000 segment of funny Hollywood Squares moments (including a set of promo outtakes!)
Brett Somers tribute - 2007 montage devoted to the actress and MG regular
Caesar's Challenge (all w/oc!):
- OC copy of 4th ep. from 6/93
- another general 1993 ep. w/oc
- 1/94 ep. w/oc
CS (Eubabnks):
- 12/86 ep. where Martha Duncan retires undefeated and a match is won in just *2* questions!
- 2 consecutive 1/87 eps. where Don Marchbank wins TWO cars!
- 1/87 ep. w/former PYL and Super Password champ Kim Oliver
- general 1/87 ep.
CS (Rafferty) - general 10/86 ep.
Club AM - clip of Laura Chambers' phone interview w/Gene Rayburn from 1996
DD (Trebek) - SM of next-to-last ep. from 4/77
The Early Show - 2001 clip of Tom Bergeron interviewing Whoopi Goldberg
FF Challenge - 1992 ep. where one player gets *5* zeroes in the 1st Fast Money!
Gene Rayburn tribute - 2006 montage narrated by Brett Somers
J! (all but the first w/oc):
- general 9/84 ep.
- veteran GS champ Marvin Shinkman's final ep. from 5/86
- 3/87 ep. w/returning co-champs who tied on the previous show!
- then-unknown Richard Cordray's first appearance from 4/87 (former TTD champ Larry Dundas is also a contestant!)
- general 10/87 ep. (missing intro)
- 2011 teaser promo for the upcoming IBM Challenge
KSDK Eyewitness News - 2-part "Cover Story" behind-the-scenes piece on WoF from 1986
- SM of 7/2/73 premiere ep. w/Michael Landon, Vicki Lawrence, et al.
- 2 consecutive 2/77 eps. w/Dick Gautier, JoAnn Pflug, et al.
- SMs of Kirstie Alley's first 2 eps. from 1979 w/Robert Pine, Jamie Lee Curtis, et al.
- another 1979 ep. w/Joe Santos, Donna Pescow, et al. (the panel walks off the set at one point!)
- SM of 1979 ep. w/Foster Brooks, Sarah Purcell, Scoey Mitchlll, et al.
- another 1981 ep. w/Robert Donner, Melody Thomas, et al. (crazy Rochelle Anapulski is a contestant!)
MG BLANKathon - compilation of memorable moments and excerpts of Gene Rayburn's final interview (as aired during GSN's 2001 marathon)
MG promo reel - 10 min. of network promos from the 1990 revival
- SM of last hour-long test show from 9/75
- SM of 10/75 ep. from final half-hour week (w/an appearance by Bert Convy at the beginning!); games are Any #/Poker/MostEx
- SM of another 10/75 ep. from final half-hour week (w/an appearance by Charles Nelson Reilly!); games are Tempt/Grocery/Clock
The $100K Pyramid (Clark):
- 5/86 ep. w/Lauri Hendler and Henry Polic II
- 5/86 ep. w/Martha Smith and Earl Holliman (w/oc!)
Tattletales - 12/82 ep. w/Tom Bosley, Phil Foster, and Nicholas Walker/Eileen Davidson (the Fosters tie the $1,675 record score!)
TTTT (Ward):
- 9/80 ep. w/Rex Reed, Stephani Cook, et al.
- 10/80 ep. w/Lynn Redgrave, Jay Johnson, et al.
Trivia Trap - 1985 ep. where the Seniors retire w/$45,175!
2 On the Town - 1982 clip profiling Mark Goodson and Child's Play
- partial 5/83 daytime ep. w/oc
- early nighttime ep. from 9/83
- general 10/86 nighttime ep. w/oc
- 4 more general 1988 nighttime eps.
- 5/88 College Week finals ep. (Charlie O'Donnell announces)
- 8/88 daytime ep. w/oc where Jack Clark is eulogized at the end (see above)
- Red Letter Sweepstakes ep. from 2/93
- first Friday finals ep. of season 14 from 9/96
- 4/98 ep. from AM & FM Week (w/teams of radio DJs and civilians playing)

10/31 - no tricks, but plenty of treats...
Blockbusters (Rafferty) - OC copy of 1/5/87 premiere ep.
CT Style - Todd Newton interview from 2015
Concentration (Downs) - colorized 1967 Challenge of Champions ep.
Countdown - segment on Bob Barker's last TPiR from 6/07
Double Dare:
- The Splat copy of 1988 ep. where Marc and Harvey dress as Elvis
- The Splat copy of 1988 ep. where Andrea says Finders Keepers(!) is her favorite show
- The Splat copy of hour-long Tournament of Champions finals (and unacknowledged finale) from 2/93
Double Talk - OC copy of 8/18/86 premiere ep. w/Betty White and Stuart Damon
Entertainment Tonight - 3-minute report on Ray Combs' suicide from 5/96 (preceded by a FAM bumper announcing his death and temporary removal of Family Challenge from its schedule)
Finders Keepers (Eure) - GAS copy of holiday-themed ep. from 12/87
IGaS (Moore) - colorized copy of 5th ep. from 7/17/52 w/Melville Cooper, Laura Hobson, et al.
Late Night (O'Brien) - Anne Robinson interview from 2001
- SM of 3rd ep. from 7/4/73 w/Michael Landon, Vicki Lawrence, et al.
- SM of 7/73 ep. w/Bob Barker, Michael Learned, Richard Thomas, et al.
- SM of 7/73 ep. w/Bert Convy, Jaye P. Morgan (and the first appearances of Brett and Charles!), et al.
- SM of 3rd PM ep. from 9/75 w/William Shatner, Lee Meriwether, et al.
- SM of "school riot" ep. from 7/77 w/Ed Asner, Debralee Scott, et al.
- SM of 3/79 PM ep. w/Kukla & Ollie, Eva Gabor, Arte Johnson, et al.
- GSN copy of first daily syndie ep. from 9/79 w/Bart Braverman, Eva Gabor, et al.
- SM of Kirstie Alley's final ep. from 1979 w/Robert Pine, Jamie Lee Curtis, et al.
- SM of 1980 ep. w/Bart Braverman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Paul, et al.
- SM of 1980 PM ep. w/Don Sutton, Phyllis Davis, Bart Braverman, et al.
- SM of last ep. from 1982 w/Skip Stephenson, Melinda O. Fee, et al.
The O'Reilly Factor - Bob Barker interview from 2007
Penny To a Million - colorized copy of one of the 1955 eps. I have
People Are Funny - colorized copy of 1957 ep. I already have
Play Your Hunch - colorized copy of 6/20/62 premiere ep.
Stop the Music - colorized copy of 1955 ep. I already have
TPiR (Cullen):
- 3 colorized 1957 eps.
- colorized copy of 6/4/58 ep.
- colorized copy of 1/13/60 ep.
TPiR (Barker):
- SM of Grocery/Any #/Clock from 10/72
- Mon-Wed. SMs of Bob's last week from 6/11-13/07
- SM of Bob's last ep. from 6/15/07
The $100K Pyramid - OB copy of 3rd $100K win from 5/86 w/Mary Cadorette and David Graf
The Steve Allen Show - colorized clip of To Tell a Lie skit from 1957
Take a Good Look - colorized copy of 7/21/60 ep. w/Wally Cox, et al.
TTD (Jackson) - colorized copy of 4/3/57 ep.
TTTT (Collyer) - colorized copy of 11/5/57 ep. w/Hy Gardner, et al.
Truth or Consequences (Bailey) - colorized copy of 1955 ep.
WML? (Daly):
- colorized copy of 7/19/53 ep. w/Ronald Reagan as the Mystery Guest
- colorized 10/7/56 ep. w/Phil Rizutto, et al.
WoF - OC copy of 13th season prem. (and start of Teen Week) from 9/4/95
Yes, Dear - clip of The Ticket ep. from 2001 where Jimmy tries to cheat on TPiR!
YBYL - colorized copy of 5/12/55 ep.

9/29 - another mixed bag to start fall with...
Bill Cullen montage - 4-min. 1990 CBS Newsnet clip used for the network's report on his passing
DG (Lange):
- 1967 ep. w/then-unknown Tom Selleck as a bachelor
- 1969 primetime ep. w/Johnnie Whittaker and Dionne Warwick (who performs during the opening) as contestants
- 1/70 ep. w/Angela Cartwright as a bachelorette
- 1/71 ep. w/Peter Lawford as a bachelor
- 7/71 ep. w/Elaine Stritch as a bachelorette
- 9/71 ep. w/Freda Payne (who performs during the opening) as a bachelorette
- 4 general 1973 eps.
- Easter Week ep. from 4/73 w/Danny Bonaduce as a bachelor
- another Easter Week ep. from 4/73 w/Johnnie Whittaker and Jeff East (who perform during the opening) as contesants
Dennis James tribute - 1997 video montage of the TV pioneer and longtime GS host (narrated by Monty Hall!)
Dick Clark and a Cast of Thousands - Bill Cullen interview from 1978 (a clip of Dick winning the Winner's Circle on The $25K Pyramid is shown!)
GSN Green Ball Awards - 20-min. clip of the 2001 "ceremony" saluting the best moments in classic GS history w/Todd Newton and Janice Pennington
High Rollers - USA copy of 9/87 premiere ep.
J! - OC copy of future WWtBaM champ Roger Storm's final ep. from 9/86
TJW (Barry):
- 3rd syndie ep. from 9/77 (can Glenn Nemhauzer become this version's first 5-time champ?)
- 2 more general 1977 eps.
- 4/78 ep. where Phil Gilbert goes for his 6th win
- 9/78 ep. w/a GREAT tie game!
- 4 more general 1978 eps.
- 11/78 ep. where BOTH players fail to capitalize on 3-joker spins in game 2
- 11/78 ep. where Lenard Alexander gets a liefsaving final spin at the most opportune time!
- future $1M ToC winner Rob Griffin's final ep. from 1979
- general 1979 ep.
- 3 consecutive 1979 eps. w/big winner Tammy Maggio
- another general 1984 ep. w/oc
MG (Shafer) - GSN copy of 7/90 premiere ep. w/Chris Lemmon, Ilene Graff, Joe Alaskey, et al.
NG (Eubanks):
- another general 1977 ep.
- 1st season finale from 1977
- future 3's a Crowd contestants Jane & Bob Diedrich's appearance from 1978
- 2 general 1978 eps.
- 1978 ep. that ends w/the credits running, then running again backwards!
The Pat Sajak Show - 9-min. 1989 clip of Pat making a live visit to the daytime WoF set to chat w/Bob Goen and Vanna!
TPiR (Barker):
- SM of Grocery/Double Bullseye DP from 1972
- MUCH better copy of first hour-long "test" show from 9/75
- MUCH better copy of first permanent hour show from 11/75
TPiR (Kennedy) - GSN copy of Safe/Plinko/1RP from 9/85 (which I already have from OC, but this one has full credits)
Trivia Plus (local St. John's, NL public access HS quiz):
- St. James vs. Herdman from 1994
- Elwood vs. Regina from 1994
- Holy Trinity vs. O'Donnel from 1994
- GFA vs. Leo Burke from 1994
- Regina vs. GFA from 1996
WoF - MUCH better OC copy of Pat's last daytime ep. from 1/89

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