My Game Shows, New Additions

11/30 - a new batch worth giving thanks for...
- general 1/80 ep.
- 2/80 ep. where the scoreboards malfunction after round 1
- complete FAM copy of Jess Platt's 5th ep. from 2/80
- Ed McDevitt's final ep. (and Sarabeth Rothfeld's first) from 3/80
FF (Karn):
- 2/03 ep. where the Polands go for their 5th win
- 3/03 ep. w/a hilarious Fast Money
- general 10/04 ep.
- general 4/06 ep.
FF (Aussie) - another 1994 ep. w/oc
Granite State Challenge (NH quiz bowl, hosted by a VERY young Tom Bergeron!) - 1/84 premiere ep.
Heads Up (Baltimore quiz bowl):
- Immaculate Heart of Mary/Dallas F. Nicholas/Gardenville from 1983 w/oc
- St. Stephen Parochial/Lothian Elementary/Meade Heights Elementary from 1984
- Margaret Brent/Immaculate Conception/Rognel Heights from 12/85
- Severna Park/Bakerfield/Our Lady of Fatima from 2/86
Hoosier Millionaire - general 3/02 ep.
It's Academic (DC quiz bowl) - 56th season premiere from 10/8/16
- another general 1979 ep.
- 1980 ep. where Lt. James Jernigan goes for a car (but is defeated by Darlene Dunham)
- 1980 ep. where Darlene wins a car
- 1/83 ep. where Ron Mulvey wins a car (thanks to his third 3-joker spin; precedes the ep. below)
- 1/83 ep. where a game is won in record time w/o a 3-joker spin!
- 3/83 ep. where Yvonne Sanchez wins a car
- 5/83 ep. w/TWO audience game ties!
- general 5/83 ep.
NYSI (all w/oc!):
- 5/89 ep. w/a rally from a $900-0 deficit in the Championship Round
- all-time top winner Brad Wood's final ep. from 6/89
- general 6/89 ep.
Perfect Match (Aussie dating show, all w/oc):
- two 1984 eps.
- 1988 ep.
- last ep. from 1989
- USA copy of 1/7/80 premiere ep.
- 1/80 ep. where Geoff almost gives away an answer in the bonus game!
TPiR (Aussie) - last ep. from 12/19/12; games are Cliff/Hole/1A
The $20K Pyramid:
- 5/78 ep. w/Lois Nettleton and Grant Goodeve
- partial 5/80 ep. w/Shelley Smith and Robert Mandan (ends just after the start of game 2)
TTD (Martindale):
- 11/79 ep. where Mike Duckworth wins a car
- Mike's final ep. from 11/79
- 1/80 ep. where Marcia Whistler wins a car
- 1984 ep. where Lena Kane wins a car
- another general 1984 ep.
- another general 1985 ep.
TTD (Caldwell) - another general 1985 ep.
University Challenge (Aussie):
- Flinders vs. Adelaide from 1987
- 1988 Grand Final ep. (part of opening missing)
- 5/98 ep. from Houston
- partial 3/02 ep.
- 12/04 ep. w/a $52K+ maingame win
- Pacdude Games owner Cory Anotado's ep. from 2/05
- 4/06 ep. w/an incredible bonus round win!

10/28 - no tricks, but plenty of treats...
- 11/80 ep. where LaRae Dillman becomes the first-ever undefeated champ w/$47K!
- Leland Yung's first 2 return eps. from 3/82
Body Language (both w/oc):
- OC copy of 8/84 ep. w/Didi Conn and Dick Shawn which I already have from GSN (precedes the ep. below)
- 8/84 ep. w/a hilarious disqualification!
Chain Reaction:
- USA copy of 3/80 ep. w/Gina Hecht, Fred Grandy, et al.
- USA copy of 4/80 ep. w/Robert Pine, Judy Norton-Taylor, et al.
- USA copy of 4/80 ep. from Geoff Edwards' 2nd week as guest host w/Constance McCashin, Robert Walden, et al.
Deathrow Gameshow - 1987 black comedy film about a GS where winning contestants get the right to live(!)
Family Double Dare:
- GAS copy of 1990 ep. w/3-digit scoreboards where one family "breaks" theirs!
- GAS copy of 1990 ep. where Marc arrives late
- 1990 ep. w/Robb Edward Morris in the audience
- GAS copy of 1990 ep. w/an appearance by the "Gak Butler"!
FF (Karn) - 11/03 ep. from For Love or Money Week
Get the Picture:
- 1/91 premiere ep.
- 1991 ep. where TWO puzzles are solved w/only 1 square revealed!
- 1991 ep. where a round 2 puzzle goes unsolved
- rap special from 1991 (w/Mike and Henry J. in costume!)
HS (Bergeron):
- 3/02 ep. w/Brad Paisley, Jaime O'Neal, Richard Lewis, et al.
- 4/02 ep. w/Billy Dee Williams, Kevin Nealon, Daisy Fuentes, et al.
- 5/02 ep. w/Dyan Cannon, Scott Patterson, Shelley Morrison, et al. (champion Eddie retires undefeated w/$104K!)
It's News to Me (Daly):
- 1952 ep. w/Quentin Reynolds, Martha Scott, et al.
- 8/52 ep. w/June Lockhart, John Henry Faulk, et al.
- 4/03 ep. where Brian Weikle becomes the new all-time top winner w/$149K+
- 10/03 ep. where Sean Ryan becomes the show's first 6-time champ
- 1/04 ep. where Tom Walsh becomes the first 7-time champ
Let's A$k America (Pereira) - Veterans' Day special from 2012
Let's A$k America (Bellamy) - 2014 ep.
LMaD (Hall) - 3rd ep. from 9/84 (w/a CHEAP Big Deal!)
- OC copy of 11/83 ep. w/10 Whammies hit (which I already have from Buzzr)
- OC copy of 12/83 ep. where Helen Renner retires undefeated w/a then-record $40K+! (which I also have from USA from Buzzr; precedes the episode below)
- OC copy of 10-time GS champ Scott Hostetler's 1st ep. from 12/83
- OC copy of 1/84 ep. w/a GREAT comeback!
- OC copy of 2/84 ep. where Susan Veets becomes the new all-time top winner w/almost $44K!
TPiR (Barker):
- 10/98 ep. w/a Showcase saluting director Paul Alter
- 5/99 ep. w/the infamous Larry Lawrence and a Showcase saluting associate producer Fingers Greco
TWL - NBC All-Stars special from 5/02 w/Ed Begley Jr, Vicki Lawrence, Davy Jones, et al.
- 10/94 ep. where GSN left in the "Red, White & Blue Sweepstakes" plugs
- OC copy of 11/00 College Week ep. from Washington, D.C. (w/a $90K+ winner!)
- 5/01 Soap City Week ep. w/Lauren Koslow, Michelle Stafford, and Adrienne Frantz
- 9/03 ep. w/a hilarious bonus round
- 9/04 ep. w/an amazing bonus round win!
- 9/04 ep. w/a $61K+ maingame win
- 9/07 ep. from Las Vegas (w/a heartbreaking $40K+ loss in round 3!)
- 10/09 ep. where TWO contestants finish the maingame w/over $35K!

9/30 - fall is here, and so is this 80s-centric batch...
BtC (Collyer) - 1952 ep. w/oc
BtC (Wood) - 1973 ep. w/guest John Forythe
Bumper Stumpers - another general 1990 ep.
Chain Reaction:
- USA copy of 1/80 ep. w/Jo Anne Worley, Michael McKean, et al.
- USA copy of 2/80 ep. w/Shelley Smith, Fred Grandy, et al. (a contestant wins *$1* in the 1st bonus round!)
- USA copy of 3/80 ep. w/Joanna Gleason, Robert Walden, et al. (includes TWO last-second bonus round wins!)
- USA copy of 3/80 ep. w/Patty Duke Astin, Nipsey Russell, et al. (includes a record 52-second bonus round win!)
The Dating Game - 1973 ep. w/Julie Budd and Richard Dawson as contestants
Goddess of Love - 1988 TV movie starring *Vanna White!*
Juvenile Jury (Russell) - 1983 ep. w/guest Darryl Thomas
- OC copy of 2/84 ep. w/future $100K Pyramid tourney winner Richard Mahaffey
- OC copies of first 2 eps. w/the DY$$ space from 3/84 (Maggie Brown makes her first appearance in ep. 2!)
- OC copy of 3/84 ep. w/10 Whammies hit and the board freezing during round 2!
- 700th ep. from 6/86
- 7/86 ep. w/an exciting game and a $24K+ win
- 2/78 ep. w/a "wheelie" and a 3 Strikes win w/no strikes pulled
- 12/81 ep. where the Home Viewer Showcase winner is revealed (and a funny moment during the announcement!)
- 12/31/82 ep. w/a NYE celebration
- 5/83 ep. w/an appearance by future "I Heard of a Nerd Bird" author Gary Hogg and an exciting Hole in One win
- stage manager Pat Berlly's last ep. from 6/83
- 2/85 ep. w/an amazing come-from-behind win in 3 Strikes
- 5/86 ep. w/two funny One-Bid moments, a Money Game wipeout and a torturous $10K Punch-a-Bunch win
- 4/92 ep. w/a horrible Money Game and a DSW
- 4/98 ep. w/an appearance by Fingers Greco's husband
- 5,0001st ep. from 4/98 (w/a hilarious copy screw-up by Rod!)
- 4/98 ep. where an audience member does the final calldown
- 4/98 ep. w/a hilarious One-Bid moment
- 1/99 ep. w/a near-perfect Ten Chances win

8/31 - more goodies to wrap up the summer...
BtC - general 3/53 ep.
Blackout (both w/oc!):
- better copy of 2/88 ep. w/Dwayne Hickman and Connie Stevens
- better copy of 2/88 ep. w/Teresa Ganzel and Soupy Sales
Blockbusters - 9/81 ep. where Pat & Liz McCarthy break the $100K mark (from CBN, and includes a contestant plug!)
Cash Cab:
- 2 more general eps. from 5/07
- 2nd season prem. from 7/2; it's a Shark Week special
$1M CoaL (both w/oc!):
- 1/86 ep. where the $5K buyout is taken
- big winners Andrea & Michael Foster's 1st ep. from 1/86
- general 10/08 ep.
- Lottery Week ep. from 7/09
- Return of the Eliminated special from 4/19 (and last show taped)
- 4/27 ep.
FF Challenge:
- first-week Y&R/Guiding Light/B&B ep. from 6/92 w/oc
- Ex-Husbands/Wives/Divorce Attorneys from 10/92
Hot Potato (all w/oc!):
- OC copies of entire Miss Americas vs. All-American Sportsmen week from 2/84
- Moms to Be (returnees from the premiere) vs. Travel Agents from 2/84
- Elise Beraru's 2nd ep. from 10/84 (includes promos for Love Connection and WoF!)
- general 4/98 ep. w/oc
- first taped ep. of season 3 from 1/04
- 8/05 ep. w/a 525-0 shutout (Shandi "salutes" the losing team w/a plate of donuts!)
- general 4/06 ep.
Love Connection - general 1989 ep. w/oc
McGee and Me! - A Star In the Breaking ep. from 1989 where Nick goes on Trash TV
- OC copy of 10/83 ep. w/the second-ever car hit
- OC copy of 10/83 ep. w/the first-ever tie
- OC copy of rematch ep. from 10/83 that followed above
The $100K Pyramid (Clark) - 9/87 ep. w/Betty White and David Graf
TPiR (both w/oc):
- 1/25/85 ep.
- 11/24/86 ep.
Radio Stars on Parade - 1945 film w/some Truth or Consequences setpieces (featuring Ralph Edwards as himself!)
Scholastic Scrimmage - season 43 all-star special (and Dr. Karen Walton's last ep.) from 2017
That's So Raven - The Dating Shame ep. where Raven and Chelsea go on TermiDate
- 2/80 ep. where future TJW champ David Muir wins a car
- 10/80 ep. where John Diemer wins a car
- 9/83 ep. where Myrle Petty wins a car (the Dragon Finder game is played after the 1st bonus round, and stage manager DA "Boomer" Diana and associate producer Chris Sohl appear on camera at the end!)
- 10/83 ep. where Wink unleashes a pun barrage on a contestant named Dan Klock!
- 11/83 ep. w/former FtM contestant Candice Collins
- GSN copy of Kit Salisbury's 1st appearance from 5/84
Today - Identity segment from 1/07
WoF (all syndicated):
- general 1/84 ep.
- SM of 9/84 ep.
- general 2/88 ep. w/oc
- general 5/88 ep. (Charlie O'Donnell announces; missing final segment)
- 3 consecutive eps. from 12/93
- general 10/98 ep. w/oc

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