My Australian Game Shows

A 6-minute video commemorating the life of the longtime "WoF" hostess, which was also played at her 2010 memorial service.

ALL STAR SQUARES (same as "Hollywood Squares")-Ian Rogerson: Two episodes from 1999:

  • Guests are Tim Smith, Libby Tanner, Steve Bastoni, James Morrison, Michael Caton, Zalli Stegall, Kim Hope, Mark Occhilupo, and Tottie Goldsmith [OC]
  • Guests are Kim Hope, *Rob Elliott*, Peter Rowsthorn, Wendy Mooney, Tottie Goldsmith, Tiffany Lamb, Michael Caton, Vika & Linda Bull, and Tommy Dean [OB/654.11]

    A*MAZING-James Sherry:

  • One episode from 1994 [OC]
  • Two episodes from 1996 [both OC]
  • Two episodes from 1997 [1 OB/242.15, 1 OC]

    ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?-Rove McManus: The 2007 premiere episode [OB]

    A 90-min. special where comedians (including *Red Symons*!) compete to win $20,000 for charity. [OC]

    AUSTRALIA'S BRAINIEST IDOL (TEN, 2006)-Sandra Sully:
    An hour-long special where former "Australian Idol" contestants compete to win $20,000 for charity. [OC]

    Anna Coren:
    The 1:15 finals episode (and last show of the series) from 2004 [OC]
    Sandra Sully: The hour-and-1/2 finals episode (and last show of the series) from 2005 [OC]

    An hour-long special where former GS champs compete to win $20,000 for charity. [OC]

    An hour-long special where top radio stars compete to win $20,000 for their respective charities. [OB]

    An hour-long special where top TV stars compete to win $20,000 for their respective charities. [OB]

    Two 2013 sketches of John Burgess (who appears as himself!) hosting "Burgo's Number Words" [both OB]

    BATTLE OF THE SEXES-Ed Phillips: Four episodes from 1998 [all OB]:

  • Guests are *Rob Guest* and Tanya Lacey [242.14]
  • Guests are Steve Curry and Jane Hall [242.13]
  • Guests are Barry Shane and Fiona Horne (missing intro) [242.16]
  • Guests are George ? and Tanya Lacey [243.17]

    BIG SQUARE EYE-Bob La Castra: Two episodes from 1991 [both OB]

    BLANKETY BLANKS (same as "Match Game")
    Graham Kennedy:

  • The first four episodes from 1977; guests are Jon English, Noeline Brown (NB), Ugly Dave Gray (UDG), Carol Raye (CR), Stuart Wagstaff (SW), and Kate Fitzpatrick [all SM]
  • The 5th and 6th episodes from 1977; guests are Noel Ferrier (NF), Peggy Toppano (PT), UDG, CR, SW, and Debby Byrne [both SM]
  • 1977; guests are NF, NB, UDG, CR, SW, and Belinda Gilbin [SM]
  • 1977; guests are Jon English, NB, UDG, CR, SW, and PT [SM]
  • 1977; guests are John Paul Young, NB, UDG, CR, SW, and PT [SM]
  • 1977; guests are NF, Dawn Lake, UDG, Belinda Giblin, SW, and Bobby Limb [SM]
  • 1977; guests are Barry Creyton (BC), PT, UDG, CR, SW, and Jane Keane [SM]
  • Two conescutive episodes from 1977; guests are Col Joye, Wendy Blacklock, UDG, Jacki Weaver, SW, and Bob Moore [both SM]
  • 1977; guests are Mark Holden, PT, UDG, CR, SW, and BC [SM]
  • 1977; guests are Nick Tate, Dawn Lake, UDG, Peita Toppano, SW, and Iain Finlay [SM]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1977; guests are NF, Gloria Dawn, UDG, CR, SW, and Jon English [all SM]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1977; guests are NF, NB, UDG, Dawn Lake, SW, and John Paul Young [both SM]
  • 1977; guests are BC, NB, UDG, CR, SW, and PT [SM]
  • 1977; guests are Trevor White, June Salter, UDG, CR, NF, and Peita Toppano [SM]
  • 1977; guests are Mark Holden, Gloria Dawn, UDG, CR, BC, and PT [SM]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1977; guests are NF, NB, UDG, CR, SW, and *Delvane Delaney* [both SM]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1977; guests are BC, NB, UDG, PT, SW, and John Paul Young [both SM]
  • 1977; guests are Marty Rhone, NB, Johnny Pace, Joy Chambers, Phillip Brady, and Peita Toppano [SM]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1977; guests are Mark Holden, NB, Tommy Hanlon Jr, Abigail, SW, and BC [all SM]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1977; guests are NF, NB, Joe Martin, Gloria Dawn, SW, and Jon English [both SM]
  • 1978; guests are BC, NB, UDG, CR, SW, and PT (Graham loses it at one point!) [RPT/676.3]
    Shane Bourne: Three episodes from 1996:
  • Guests are Gary Coleman (yes, THAT one!), Rhonda Burchmore (RB), Marty Fields, (MF) Annie Rigby (AR), Tim Smith, and *Nicky Buckley* (missing first 2 min. or so) [OB/242.11]
  • Guests are Molly Meldrum, RB, MF, AR, George ?, and Susie O'Neill (missing 1st min. or so) [OB/242.12]
  • Guests are Trevor Marmalade, RB, MF, AR, Greg "Mahatma Cote" Ritchie, and Catriona Rowntree [RPT]

    BLOCKBUSTERS-Michael Pope: One episode from 1992 (missing last few minutes) [OC]

    CASH BONANZA-Larry Emdur: Two episodes from 2001 [1 OB/618.10, 1 OC/697.10]

    (BURGO'S) CATCH PHRASE-John Burgess

  • One episode from 1996 (end credits missing) [OB/242.10]
  • One episode from 1997 [OC/301.1]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 2000 [all OC]
  • A general 2000 episode [OC/696.1]
  • A 2000 episode where Jo Perri goes for the car [OB]
  • One episode from 2001 [OC/690.8]
  • A general 2002 episode [OC/837.1]
  • A 2002 episode w/the champ going for a car [OC/837.2]
  • Three general 2003 episodes [1 OB/886.10, 2 OC/905.11]
  • A 2003 episode w/the champ going for a car [OC]

    THE CELEBRITY GAME-Mike Preston: Four episodes from 1976-77 [all SM]

    CELEBRITY NAME GAME-Grant Denyer: One episode from 2019; guests are Rove McManus and Stacey Thomson [OC]


  • The 1977 premiere episode; guests are Steve & Sharon Holley, Lou & Edna Richards, and Rocky & Millie Gattellari [OB]
  • A partial 1982 episode; guests are Syd & Patti Heylen, Noel Trevarthen & Peggy Thompson, and Tony Hughes & Maria Venuti (cuts off after round 3) [OB]

    CHALLENGER!-Adrian DeVito & Zoe Sheridan:

  • One episode from 1997 (has video problems during intro) [OB/242.9]
  • Two episodes from 1998 [1 OB, 1 OC]
  • One episode from 2001 [OC/696.2]

    "The Consumer Price is Right": A 10-minute sketch on avoiding pricing pitfalls, done in the style of the popular GS (right down to its 2003-05 set!). [OB]

    THE CON TEST-Andrew G. & Brigitte Duclos: The 2007 premiere episode [OC]

    CONCENTRATION-Mike Hammond: Four episodes from 1997 [all OB]:

  • The premiere episode (TPiR clips pop in near end of game 2 and before bonus round, end credits missing) [242.6]
  • Three general episodes [134.9, 540.3-4]

    John Burgess talks about his career and personal life in this 14-minute interview from 2012.

    The 2006 premiere episode w/Rhys Muldoon, Candice Falzon, Andrew Ettingshausen, Tiffany Cherry, Brendan Moar, and Jason Dundas [OC]


  • A behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming "Shafted", including an interview w/host Red Symons, is the focus of this 5-minute piece from 2002. [OB/696.9]
  • "WWtBaM" winner Andrew Lockett is interviewed in this 5-minute clip from 2003. [904.3]
  • First-ever "TPiR" $500K Mega Showcase winner Marisa Tamboro is profiled in this 5-minute clip from 2004.
  • Laurie Dennis, the 2nd $500K Mega Showcase winner on "TPiR", is profiled in this 5-minute clip from 2004. [993.4]
  • The big win of Shane Warne & Trevor Sauer on "WWtBaM" is discussed in this 2-minute clip from 2005.
  • All-time "TPiR" record-breaker Joanne Servedio is profiled in this 5-minute clip from 2005.
  • Tips and tricks for making it big on game shows are the focus of this 5-minute clip from 2005.
  • The Clifford Plumpton "WWtBaM" controversy is the focus of this 5-minute clip from 2005.
  • WWtBaM's first $1M winner Rob "Coach" Fulton is interviewed in this 5-minute clip from 2005.
  • Bert Newton is interviewed about the upcoming "Bert's FF" in this 5-minute clip from 2006.
  • "Temptation" all-time top winner Yolanda Stopar is interviewed in this 2-minute clip from 2006.
  • Former "WoF" hostess Adriana Xenedies' negligent driving charge is discussed in this 3-minute clip from 2006.
  • A controversial Fast Money round on "Temptation" is the subject of this 5-minute piece from 2006.
  • "Temptation" champ Tracey Korsten's big win is discussed in this 5-minute piece from 2006.
  • A 4-part series (12 min. worth) of reports on the controversial defeat of a "Temptation" champion from 2007.
  • The career of famed TV producer Reg Grundy (including an interview w/Grundy himself!) is the focus of this complete episode from 2011. [OC]

    DEAL OR NO DEAL-Andrew O'Keefe
    SEVEN PRIMETIME (hour), 2003:

  • The first two episodes [episode 1 OC/902.1, episode 2 OB/886.13]
  • The first 10 min. of the 3rd episode [OB/886.14]
  • Three general episodes [all OC/902.2-3, 902.5]
  • An episode w/one unlucky contestant! [OC/902.4]
    SEVEN DAYTIME (half-hour), 2004- :
  • The 2004 premiere episode [OC/903.5]
  • A 2004 episode w/a $50,000 win [OC]
  • A 2004 episode where Dean Cartechini becomes the first $200,000 winner! [OC]
  • Five general 2004 episodes [all OC/1008.5]
  • A 2004 episode w/a record *10* podium winners! [OC]
  • A special hour-long "Conflict of the Couples" episode from 2004 [OC]
  • A special hour-long "Unluckiest Players' Second Chance" episode from 2004 [OC]
  • Three general 2005 episodes [2 OC, 1 RPT]
  • The 2006 series premiere [OB]
  • A special "Dancing With the Deals" episode from 2006 w/Shane Warne [OB]
  • A general 2006 episode [OC]
  • St. Patrick's Day 2006 episode [OB]
  • A 2008 episode from "Double Shot Week" [OC]
  • A general 2008 episode [OC]
  • One episode from 2009 [OC]
  • Two general 2010 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2011 episode from "Island Time Week" [OC]

    James Sherry talks about his work on the popular 90s kids' GS "A*mazing" in this 8-minute interview from 2010.

    DOG EAT DOG-Simone Kessell: The 2002 premiere episode [OC/837.3]

    DON'T FORGET YOUR TOOTHBRUSHTim Ferguson & Wendy Mooney: Two episodes from 1995 [both OB]:

  • A general episode
  • A special "Funniest Moments" clip show

    Gerry Sont:

  • All of a special "G'Day USA" week from 1989 (which also aired in the US) [all RPT/598.1-5]
    Tom Jennings: Two episodes from 1990:
  • The "Kangaroo Cup" finals (w/the U.S. vs. Australia) [RPT/265.7]
  • A general episode (JIP at 1st Physical Challenge) [OB]

    Scott McRae :
    Two episodes from 2000 [1 OB, 1 OC]
    Nathan Loyd: One episode from 2001 [OC]
    Emily Jade: One episode from 2002 [OC]


  • The 2005 premiere episode [OB]
  • The 1st playoff episode from 2005 (w/*Red Symonds* on the Brains Trust) [OB]
  • Former "$otC" and "WWtBaM" champ Maria McCabe's appearance from 2005 [OB]
  • The 2nd playoff episode from 2005 [OB]
  • The 2005 Grand Finals episode [OB]
  • The 2006 season premiere [OB]
  • A Beatles special from 2006 [OB]

    The controversial defeat of a "Temptation" contestant is the subject of this 4-minute piece from 2007.

    Daryl Somers:

  • Three consecutive episodes from 1982 [all OC]
  • A general 1982 episode [OC]
    Rob Brough:
  • A full week of shows from 1994 [all OB]
  • Three general 1994 episodes [1 OB/633.10, 2 OC/134.13]
    John Deeks:
  • One episode from 1996 [OB]
    Bert Newton ("Bert's Family Feud"):
  • The 2006 premiere episode [OC]
  • All of a special "Celebrity Showdown" week from 2006 [all OC]
  • A 2006 episode from "Ladies' Week" [OC]
  • The first "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/Melbourne vs. Sydney hospital nurses [OB]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/Australian vs. Greek soccer fans [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/university students vs. teachers [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/car salespeople vs. real estate agents [OC]
  • Two general 2006 episodes [both OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/the first-ever $100,000 win! [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/Opals vs. Boomers [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/another $100,00 win! [OC]
  • The first hour-long Friday Night All-Stars special (w/athletes playing) from 2006 [OC]
  • A Friday Night All-Stars special from 2006 (Producer Michael Pope appears to settle an answer dispute!) [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/Game Boys vs. Quiz Queens (all GS hosts!) [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2006 w/Scouts vs. Guides [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2007 w/male vs. female Logie winners [OB]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2007 w/Salvos vs. Ambassadors [OC]
  • A general 2007 episode [OC]
  • A "Mad Monday" episode from 2007 w/male vs. female hockey players [OC]
  • The last episode from 2007 [OC]

    FAST FORWARD: "$ale of the Century" is spoofed in this clip from 1990.

    FEAR FACTOR-Marc Yellin: Two episodes from 2002:

  • The premiere episode [OC/837.4, also RPT]
  • The $50,000 championship episode (which never aired in its native country!) [RPT]

    FLASHBACK-Philip Clarke: One episode from 2000 [OB/696.3]

    FRIDAY NIGHT GAMES-Mike Goldman/Bree Amer/Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald (all eps 90 min.): Academics vs. Athletics from 2006 [OC]

    John Burgess is interviewed in this 3-minute piece from 2018.

    One episode from 1997; guests are Bridget Adams, John Walker, and Melinda Gainsford-Taylor [OB/242.5]

    A 3-minute clip of a "$ale of the Century" skit (w/Max Gillies as Tony Barber) from 198?.

    GO GO STOP-Jesse Tobin:

  • Two episodes from 2004 [both OC]
  • Three episodes from 2006 [all OB]

    GOOD NEWS WEEK-Paul McDermott:

  • A 5-minute clip from a 1999 episode [OB/677.5]
  • One episode from 2000; guests are Julie McCrossin, Boothby Graffoe, Ross Noble, Mikey Robins, Kim Hope, and John Moloney (hour and 1/2) [OC/696.4]
  • One episode from 2011 [OC]

    A 90-min. special in which 3 teams compete in a series of vocabulary-based games to try and win $50,000 for charity. [OC]

    THE GREAT CHASE-Matt Tilley: Two consecutive episodes from 2001 [both OC/678.8-9]

    THE GREAT TV GAME SHOW-Richard Stubbs: The 1989 premiere episode [OB]

    GREED-Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Two episodes from 2001 [both OB]:

  • The premiere episode [678.1]
  • The last episode [678.2]

    HEY DAD..!
    "Jono & Dano Meet Nudge the Magnificent": In this 1987 episode, Nudge, Simon and Debbie audition for "Have a Go"; Jono & Dano guest-star. [RPT]

    HOT STREAK-James O'Neill: Eleven episodes from 1998:

  • Six consecutive episodes [all OC]
  • Four general episodes [3 OB/242.1-3; 243.16, 1 SM/339.1]
  • An episode w/a $50,000 win! (has tracking problems) [OB/654.10]

    INITIAL REACTION (Perth word game)-Steve Fitton: One episode from 2000 [OC]

    IT'S ACADEMIC-Simon Reeve:

  • The 2005 premiere episode [OC]
  • A general 2006 episode [OC]

    JACKPOT QUIZ-Bob McGready: A 5-minute clip of the last episode from 1969 [SM]

    KEYNOTES-Richard Wilkins: Three episodes from 1992 [all RPT/861.14, 902.6. 993.6]

    KITCHEN WHIZ-Beau Walker: One episode from 2011 [OC]


  • "Extreme Prejudice": 2 sketches of this VERY politically incorrect Q&A game!
  • "The Price is Right": A parody of the popular GS.
  • "$ale of the Century": A parody of the long-running GS.
  • "Wheel of Fortune": 3 sketches parodying the classic GS.
  • "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire": 6 sketches spoofing the big money quiz.

    LET'S MAKE A DEAL-Vince Sorrenti: One episode from 1991 [OB]

    LETTERS AND NUMBERS (same as "Countdown")-Richard Morecroft: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    THE MAIN EVENT-Larry Emdur: Two episodes from 1991 [both OB]

    THE MASTER-Mark Beretta: One episode from 2006 [OB]

    MASTERMIND-Jennifer Byrne: One episode from 2019 [OC]

    MATCH MATES-David Waters: One episode from 1982 (end credits missing) [OC]

    MILLION DOLLAR CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (same as "It's Your Chance of a Lifetime")
    Frank Warrick:
    Three episodes from 1999:

  • The premiere episode [OB]
  • Two general episodes [1 OB, 1 OC]
    Sandy Roberts:
  • A celebrity episode from 2000 w/Kimberley Davies, Andrew Daddo, Tara Moss, and Ernie Dingo (missing intro) [OC/570.2]

    THE MILLION DOLLAR DROP-Eddie McGuire: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    MILLION DOLLAR MINUTE-Simon Reeve: The 3rd season premiere from 2015 [OC]

    MINUTE TO WIN IT-Darren McMullen: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    THE MOLE-Grant Bowler
    Series 1, 2000:

  • All 10 episodes of the series [all OC]
    Series 2, 2001:
  • All 10 episodes of the series [all OC]

    NATIONAL BINGO NIGHT-Tim Campbell: The 90-minute 2007 premiere episode [OC]

    NATIONAL NINE NEWS: "WWtBaM" host Eddie McGuire is named Nine's new CEO in this 3-minute clip from 2006.

    NINE'S MEMORABLE MOMENTS (NINE, 2004)-Jamie Durie:
    A 90-min. clipfest celebrating the best moments in the network's history (including some rare GS clips!) [OB/993.5]

    Mike Meade:

  • Five general 1985 episodes [all SM, 653.7-10]
  • A special "Winners Day" episode from 1985 [SM/653.11]
  • One episode from 1990 (part of end credits cut off) [OC]
    Scott McRae:
  • One episode from 1998 [OB/242.4]
  • One episode from 2001 [OC/696.5]

    1 VS. 100-Eddie McGuire:

  • The 2007 premiere episode [OB]
  • A general 2007 episode [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/an all-teen mob [OC]

    PASS THE BUCK-John Burgess: Four episodes from 2002 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode [696.6]
  • Three general episodes [690.1, 690.3, 696.7]

    Greg Evans:

  • Two episodes from 1984 [both OC]
  • A general 1989 episode [SM]
  • The last episode from 1989 [OC]
    Cameron Daddo:
  • One episode from 1988 [OC]
    Shelley Craft & "Agro":
  • One episode from 2002 (1:10) [OC/837.5]

    An hour-long special on Australia's most popular relationship show of the 80s, including interviews w/former couples and lots of clips. [OC/993.7]

    PICK A BOX-Bob Dyer: Two episodes from 196? [both SC]

    PICK YOUR FACE-Angus Smallwood:

  • One episode from 2000 [OB]
  • One episode from 2001 [OC/696.8]
  • One episode from 2003 [OB]

    PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT-Ugly Dave Gray: One episode from 1984 [OB]

    PRESS YOUR LUCK-Ian Turpie: One episode from 1988 [OB]

    Ian Turpie ("The New Price is Right"):

  • Two episodes from 1984 [both OB]
  • A 5-minute blooper reel from 198? [SM]
    Larry Emdur
  • Two Price Tags (same as "Double Prices")/Buy or Sell/Make Your Move from 1994 (part of intro missing) [OB/D8.3]
  • Switcheroo/Safe Crackers/Make Your Move from 1994 (end credits missing) [OC]
  • Grocery Game/Race Game/Two Price Tags from 1996 [OC]
  • Two Price Tags/Hole in One/Magic # from 1996 (part of intro missing) [OC/D132.1]
  • Cover Up/Dice Game/2 For the Price of 1 from 1996 (horrible audio) [OC/D132.2]
  • Bump/One Away/Any Number from 1996 [OC/D132.3]
  • Two Price Tags/Magic #/Grocery Game from 1996 [OC/837.9]
  • Switcheroo/Range Game /Race Game from 1996 [OC]
  • Two Price Tags/One Away/Clock Game from 1996 (part of end credits cut off) [OC]
  • The 500th episode from 1996; the "Showcase Game" is played in all 3 rounds, and the final Showcase is the largest ever offered: $100,000! (part of opening missing) [OB/242.8]
  • Side By Side/Grocery Game/Clock Game from 1997 [OC/D132.4]
  • Grocery Game/Switch?/Dice Game from 1997 (A new record of $61,807 is set!) [OC/D132.5]
  • Bump/Hole in One/Clock Game from 1997 [OC]
  • Make Your Move/Hole in One/Bump from 1997 [OC]
  • The 2003 premiere episode; games are $1 Deal (same as "Lucky Seven")/Switch?/Any Number (Molly Meldrum makes an appearance) [OC/902.7]
  • Money Game/Hole in One/2 Price Tags from 2003 [OB]
  • Cover Up/Switch?/Money Game (Larry damages the board!) from 2003 [OC/902.8]
  • Clock Game/2 For the Price of 1/Cliff Hangers from 2003 [OB]
  • Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Money Game from 2003 [OC/902.9]
  • Cover Up/Range Game/Buy or Sell from 2003 [OC/902.10]
  • Switch?/Temptation/Magic # from 2003 [OC/902.11]
  • $1 Deal/Switch?/Magic # from 2003 [OC/902.12]
  • Bump/Grocery Game/Cliff Hangers from 2003 [OC/905.12]
  • Any Number/Race Game/Side By Side from 2004 [OC]
  • Any Number/Hole in One/Switch? from 2004 [OC]
  • Bump/5 Price Tags/Dice Game from 2004 [OC]
  • The first hour-long episode from 2004; games are Flip-Flop/$1 Deal/2 For the Price of 1/Safe Crackers [OC]
  • Side By Side/Temptation/Any Number/Flip-Flop from 2004 (a new record of $113,675 is set!) [OB/1008.11]
  • The first "$500,000 Mega Showcase" episode from 2004; games are Two Price Tags/Line 'Em Up/Clock Game/Buy or Sell [OC]
  • 2 For the Price of 1/Dice Game/Clock Game/Hole in One from 2004 [OC]
  • Cover Up/Race Game/Switch?/Cliff Hangers from 2004 (includes the first-ever $500,000 Mega Showcase win!) [OC]
  • Cover Up/Side By Side/Make Your Move/Money Game from 2004 (includes a $500,000 Mega Showcase win!) [OC/993.3]
  • Squeeze Play/Magic #/Temptation/Dice Game from 2004 (Olympic star Tamsyn Lewis is a guest model) [OC]
  • Bump/Cover Up/Make Your Move/5 Price Tags from 2004 [OC/993.1]
  • Any Number/Range Game/Cover Up/5 Price Tags from 2004 [OC]
  • Switch?/Cliff Hangers/Make Your Move/One Away from 2004 [OC]
  • Valentine's Day 2005 episode; games are Squeeze Play/Switcheroo/Grocery Game/Dice Game [OC]
  • A celebrity episode from 2005 w/Denise Drysdale, Ben Dark, *Glenn Ridge*, and Peter Everett; games are Squeeze Play/Line 'Em Up/Grocery Game/Flip Flop (a new all-time record of $664,667 is set!) [OC]
  • Cover Up/Flip-Flop/Bump/Race Game from 2005 (Noeline Brown and Doug Scroope make an appearance) [OC]
  • A special "Generation Gap" episode (w/family pairs playing) from 2005; games are Bump/Cliff Hangers/Clock Game/One Away [OC]
  • Squeeze Play/One Away/Grocery Game/Flip-Flop from 2005 [OC]
  • Squeeze Play/Race Game/Money Game/Cliff Hangers from 2005 [OC]
  • Clock Game/Range Game/Safe Crackers/Line 'Em Up from 2005 [OB]
  • The 500th episode from 2005; games are Two Price Tags/$1 Deal [OC]
  • 2 For the Price of 1/Hole in One from 2005 (includes a HUGE Showcase win!) [OC]
  • $1 Deal/Range Game from 2005 [OC]
  • Bump/Cliff Hangers from 2005 [RPT]
  • Cover Up/Flip-Flop from 2005 [RPT]
  • The last episode from 2005; games are Any Number/One Away [OC]
  • The premiere episode; games are Hi-Lo/Cliff Hangers/Squeeze Play [OC]
  • The last episode; games are Cliff Hangers/Hole in One/One Away [OC]

    PYRAMID-Shura Taft: One episode from 2009; guests are Yumi Stynes and Blair McDonough [OC]

    THE £3,000 QUESTION-Malcolm Searle: One episode from 196? [OC]

    QUIZMASTER-Simon Reeve: Two episodes from 2002 [both OC]:

  • The premiere episode [837.6]
  • Former "$otC" champ Simon Fallon's appearance [837.7]

    READY STEADY COOK-Peter Everett: One episode from 2011 [OC]

    THE RICH LIST-Andrew O'Keefe: The 2007 premiere episode [OC]

    Tony Barber:

  • The 1980 premiere episode [SM]
  • A 1982 episode where Andrew Lockett goes for the lot [RPT]
  • A 1982 episode where Lee Tanabe goes for the lot [OC]
  • Big winner Barry Jones' last six episodes from 1984 [all OC]
  • All 3 finals episodes of the 1985 "Australian/American Challenge" tournament [all RPT]
  • The last few minutes of a 1985 episode [OB]
  • A 1986 episode from the British week of "The Ashes" tournament [SM]
  • The British finals of "The Ashes" tournament from 1986 [SM]
  • All 3 finals episodes of "The Ashes" tournament from 1986 [all SM]
  • Seven consecutive 1987 episodes w/big winner Marilyn Benthien [all OB]
  • The last few minutes of a "World Championship" episode from 1987 [OB]
  • A 1988 episode where Murray McKean goes for all the prizes (missing intro and part of end credits) [OC]
  • The last few minutes of a 1988 episode [OB]
  • A full week of shows from 1990 [all SM/622.6-10]
  • Two episodes from 1991 [both OB]
    Glenn Ridge:
  • One episode from 1991 (intro/end credits missing) [OC/513.5]
  • Three episodes from 1992 [all OC]
  • The first episode of the "Comedy Stars Tournament" from 1993 [SM]
  • Two general 1993 episodes [both OC]
  • Both finals episodes of the "Comedians Tournament" from 1994 [both OB]
  • Three general 1994 episodes [2 SM, 1 OC]
  • Tony Pestill's big win from 1994 [OB/D116.4]
  • The "Battle of the TV Shows 2" finals from 1994 [OB]
  • The first two episodes of the "Battle of the TV Classics" from 1995 [both SM]
  • A special "Battle of the Footy Codes" episode (w/AFL athletes playing) from 1995 [OB]
  • A 1995 episode where Glenn plugs the upcoming 15th Anniversary Special [OB/88.6]
  • Rob Mahon's big win from 1995 [OB]
  • Adam's big win from 1996 (missing intro) [OB/243.20]
  • Two "Family Challenge" tournament episodes (w/parent-child teams playing) from 1997 [both OB]
  • John Patterson's last six episodes from 1997 [episodes 1-5 OC/263.1-5, episode 6 OB/263.6]
  • A 1998 episode where Phil Brazeedo goes for all the prizes [OC]
  • The last few minutes of a 1998 episode (starts at the Winner's Board) [OB]
  • Two general 1998 episodes [1 OB/243.18, 1 SM]
  • A 1998 episode from the "18th Birthday Champion Challenge" [OB/243.15]
  • Ben Wong's big win from 1999 [OB]
  • The first 10 minutes of a "That's Entertainment" celebrity tournament episode (w/radio hosts playing) from 1999 [OB]
  • Both "That's Entertainment" celebrity tournament finals episodes from 1999 [both OC/493.9-10]
  • Two general 1999 episodes [both OC/493.11-12]
  • The last few minutes of a 1999 episode (starts at final segment) [OB]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1999 (episode 2 cut off during car plug) [both OC/493.13-14]
  • Eight consecutive 1999 episodes w/big winner Andrew Yeend [all OB]
  • Three episodes from 2000 (now titled "$ale of the New Century", w/a new set and 4 players) [2 OC, 1 OB/678.7]
  • Big winner Tom Beck's first appearance from 2000 [OB]
  • A general 2000 episode [OB]
  • Tom's big win from 2000 [OB]
  • A "Millionaire Challenge" semi-finals episode (w/former WWtBaM champs playing) from 2000 [both OB]
  • The 2001 series premiere (now w/"New" dropped from title and back to 3 players; Simon Fallon makes his first appearance) [OC/678.6]
  • Big winner Simon Fallon's last two episodes from 2001 (precedes the episodes below) [OC/678.4-5]
  • Two special "Super Sale" episodes from 2001 w/Simon Fallon vs. Tom Beck for $292,000! [both OB/763.5-6]
  • The "21st Birthday Challenge" semi-finals (w/*5* players!) from 2001 [OC/678.10]
  • Two general 2001 episodes [1 OB, OC/690.7]
  • The 21st Birthday Challenge finals from 2001 [OC/678.11]
  • Louise Willams's big win from 2001 [OC/678.3]
  • Both "Lifestyle Challenge" celebrity tournament finals episodes from 2001 (episode 1 missing last 2 min. or so) [both OB/617.6-7]
  • Robert's big win from 2001 [OC/617.8]
  • All 4 episodes of "The Masters" tournament (and the last ones of the series) from 2001 [all OB]
  • A 20-minute compilation of several big wins from the mid-90s [243.19]
    Ed Phillips & Livinia Nixon ("Temptation: The All-New $otC"):
  • The first three episodes from 2005 [all OC]
  • The 5th episode [OC]
  • Brigid O'Connor's big win from 2005 [OC]
  • Stephen Hall's big win from 2005 [OC]
  • Rob O'Neill's big win from 2005 [OC]
  • The "Celebrity Family Ties" tournament finals from 2005 [OC]
  • The 2005 series finale (w/clips of the season's big winners) [OC]
  • Both "King of Comedy" celebrity tournament finals episodes from 2006 [both OB]
  • Yolanda Stopar's record-breaking big win from 2006 [OB]
  • The "Quizmasters" tournament finals from 2006 [OC]
  • Tracey Korsten's big win from 2006 [OC]
  • The 2007 series premiere [OC]
  • A special "Battle of the Network Shows" ep. from 2007 w/Ed and Livinia vs. "What's Good for You" (Tony Barber and Alyce Platt return as guest host/hostess!) [OB]
  • The 500th episode from 2007 [OC]
  • Seven general 2007 episodes [all OC]
  • Night 2 of the "Battle of the Rich and Famous" tournament finals from 2007 [OC]
  • The last two episodes of the 2007 season [both OC]

    An hour-long tribute to Australia's longest-running game show; includes a behind-the-scenes segment, a reunion of former champs, interviews w/past and present cast members, lots of great clips (including the first episode, some big wins and foreign versions), plus reminiscences by Reg Grundy! [OB/242.7]

    SCREAM TEST-Louise Crawford: One episode from 2001 [OC/840.10]

    SHAFTED-Red Symons: Four episodes from 2002 [all OC]:

  • The premiere episode [696.10]
  • Two general episodes [690.2, 763.8]
  • The last episode [837.8]

    SHOPPING FOR LOVE-Andi Lew & Pete Lazer: One episode from 2006 [OC]

    A behind-the-scenes peek at "The New Price is Right" is the focus of this 3-minute piece from 1984.

    SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE-Paul Holmes: Three episode from 1995 [2 OB, 1 CHA/540.7]

    THE SINGING BEE-Joey Fatone: The 2007 premiere episode [OC]


  • A general 2005 episode [OC]
  • "A Very Specky Christmas" special from 2005 [OC]

    SPIT IT OUT!-Elliot Spencer: One episode from 2012 [OC]

    STRIKE IT LUCKY (same as "Strike it Rich")Ronnie Burns: One episode from 1994 [OB]

    STUDIO 10:

  • Tony Barber chats w/Craig Bennett about his career in this 7-minute interview from 2016.
  • John Burgess talks about his career and his wife's health battles in this 11-minute interview from 2019.


  • 2010; guests are Alex Perry, Frank Woodley, and Gin Wigmore [OB]
  • 2010; guests are Leo Sayer, Kimberley Davies, and Scott McGregor [OC]
  • A special "Wizard of Oz"-themed episode from 2011 (w/everyone in costume!); guests are John Blackman, Kate Langbroek, and Sophie Monk [OC]

    Former "WoF" host John Burgess discusses the recent passing of his longtime co-star Adriana Xenidies in this 12-minute interview from 2010.

    Bert Newton looks back at three-and-1/2 decades of the Nine Network's numerous game shows in this 9-minute piece from 1991.

    THREE ON A MATCH-Bob Moore: One episode from 1973 [SM]

    TIMEMASTERS-Tony Johnston: Six episodes from 1996 [all RPT]:

  • The first five episodes
  • A general episode [837.10]

    John Burgess discusses his surprising pre-TV career in this 4-minute interview from 2019.


  • "The Demise of the VCR": The gradual extinction of this once dominant recording format (including comments from fellow trader Chris Powney!) is explored in this 5-minute piece from 2004.
  • "Deal or No Deal": The story of a fallout between 2 best friends who appeared on said show is the focus of this 5-minute piece from 2004.
  • Dean Cartechini's big win on "Deal or No Deal" is the subject of this 5-minute piece from 2004.
  • The outcome of former "WoF" hostess Adriana Xenidies' court case is discussed in this 10-minute piece from 2006.
  • "Where Are They Now?": Former GS hosts Ian Turpie, Larry Emdur, John Burgess and Greg Evans discuss what they've been up to lately in this 4-minute piece from 2011.

    TONY BARBER'S TALENT TAPE: The popular GS host's 7-minute video resume, which includes some great $otC clips! [622.11]

    TOTAL RECALL-Michael Pope: One episode from 1995 [OC]


  • Flinders vs. Adelaide from 1987 [OB]
  • Melbourne vs. Queensland from 1988 [OB]
  • The 1988 Grand Final episode (part of opening missing) [OB]

    VIDEO VILLAGE-Danny Webb: One episode from 1966 (missing several minutes early on) [SM]

    THE WEAKEST LINK-Cornelia Frances:

  • The 2001 premiere episode [OC/696.11]
  • A 2001 episode w/the first team to reach their $10,000 target in a round [OC]
  • A special "Sore Losers" episode from 2001 [OB/618.4]
  • Three general 2001 episodes [all OC/617.5, 637.11]
  • A celebrity episode from 2001 w/Ben Tari, Ada Nicodemo, Andrew Denton, Judith McGraw, Ryan Quentin, Georgie Parker, Scott MacGregor, Kimberley Cooper, and Michael Kaytin [OB/618.8]
  • A 2001 episode w/a $53,300 win! [OC]
  • A special "Best of the Best" episode from 2001 (a new record is set!) [OC]
  • A "Blue Heelers" celebrity special from 2001 w/Jeremy Kewley, Caroline Craig, Paul Bishop, Peta Doodson, John Wood, Suzi Dougherty, Neil Pigot, Ditch Davey, and Jane Allsop [OB]
  • An "All Saints" celebrity special from 2002 w/Ben Tari, Joy Smithers, Marty Lynes, Georgie Parker, Conrad Coleby, Judith McGrath, Erik Thompson, Ling Hsueh Tang, and Josh Quong Tart [OC/905.10]

    Ernie Sigley:

  • One episode from 1984 (end credits missing) [OB]
    John Burgess:
  • One episode from 1987 [OB]
  • Two partial 1989 episodes [both OC]
  • A general 1990 episode [OB/242.17]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1990 (both missing intro) [both OC]
  • A "Celebrity" episode from 1991 w/Chris Kirby & Terry, Karen Knowles, and Grant Kinney [OB/242.21]
  • Four consecutive episodes from 1991 [all OB]
  • The first episode w/the 2nd set from 1992 [OB]
  • Two general 1992 episodes (1 full, 1 partial) [1 OB, 1 OC]
  • One episode from 1993 [OB]
  • Four consecutive episodes from 1994 [all OC/633.1-4]
  • John's 10th anniversary episode from 1994 (w/a tribute from Adriana and announcer John Deeks at the beginning!) [OB/242.18]
  • A partial 1994 episode (cuts off during post-round 2 break) [OC]
  • A 1995 episode from the "$100,000 Champion Challenge" [OB/242.19]
  • A general 1995 episode [OB]
  • Four "Family Week" episodes (w/parent-child teams playing) from 1995 [all OC]
  • The 1996 season premiere [OB/242.20]
    Tony Barber:
  • His first episode from 1996 (now from Sydney w/the new set and rules) [OB/243.1]
  • His 5th episode from 1996 [OC]
  • A "Family Week" finals episode (w/parent-child teams playing) from 1996 [OB/633.9]
  • A 1996 episode w/Kerrie Friend as guest hostess [OC]
  • Three consecutive episodes from 1996 (w/Terasa Livingstone as a guest hostess)
  • Tony's last episode from 1996 (w/Bridget Adams as a guest hostess) [OC]
  • 40 minutes of clips from various other 1996 episodes [243.2]
    Rob Elliott:
  • His first episode from 1997 (Tony appears at the beginning to "pass the baton", the old rules are reinstated and Kerrie Friend begins her stint as full-time guest hostess) [OB/243.3]
  • A 1997 episode where Rob plugs the upcoming "Celebrity Week" [OB]
  • A 1997 episode from "Celebrity Week" w/Theresa Livingstone and Agro, Nic Testoni, and Bridget Adams [OB/243.4]
  • Another "Celebrity Week" episode w/Dipper and Agro, Paula Duncan, and Nic Testoni [OB/243.5]
  • Kerrie's last episode from 1997 (John Deeks appears at the end to say goodbye!) [OB/243.6]
  • Adriana's first show back after her hiatus from 1997 [OB/243.7]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1998 [both OB/243.11-12]
  • A 1998 episode from "Family Week" (w/parent-child teams) [OB/243.8]
  • Four general 1998 episodes [all OB/243.9; 243.10; 243.13; 243.14]
  • Two LIVE home viewer "Interactive" episodes from 1998 [both OB/243.16-17]
  • Four episodes from 1999 (now w/updated set and Sophie Falkiner as hostess) [2 OC/696.12, 2 OB/763.11-12]
  • Three conscecutive episodes from 2000 [all OB/874.8-10]
  • A general 2000 episode [OB]
  • All of a special "Battle of the Champions" week from 2000 [all OB/874.11-15]
  • Big winner Dell Edwards' final appearance from 2001 [OC/690.4]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 2001 [both OC/690.5-6]
  • Three general 2001 episodes [2 OC/618.9; 677.6, 1 OB/886.11]
  • The "20th Anniversary Challenge" Grand Finals from 2001 (w/clips of foreign versions; missing intro) [OC/838.5]
  • A 2002 episode w/a car win! [OC/763.7]
  • An "Always Greener" celebrity special from 2003 [OB/903.1]
  • A 2003 episode from "Stars and Cars Week" w/Patrick Thompson, Cindy Sargon, and Dr. Harry Cooper [OB]
  • Four general 2003 episodes [all OB/903.2]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 2003 [both OB]
  • The 22nd Anniversary State Challenge finals from 2003 (Mel Symonds fills in for Sophie) [OB/903.3]
  • A full week of shows from 2003 (a car is won in episode 1!) [all OB]
    Steve Oemcke:
  • Fellow trader Brendan Richards' appearance from 2004 [OC/993.2]
  • Three general 2004 episodes [2 OC/1008.6, 1 OB]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 2004 [both OB]
  • Steve's 200th episode from 2004 [OB]
  • Steve's last episode from 2005 [OB]
    Larry Emdur: Nine episodes from 2006:
  • His first episode [OB]
  • The 5,000th episode (w/increased top dollar amounts and a $5,000 bonus offered) [OB]
  • Larry & Laura's 100th episode [OC]
  • Three general episodes [2 OB, 1 OC]
  • An episode celebrating WoF's 25th Australian TV anniversary [OB]
  • The next-to-last episode (the game ends in a tie!) [OB]
  • The last episode [OC]
    Tim Campbell ("Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune"): Two episodes from 2008:
  • A general episode [OC]
  • A celebrity episode w/Livinia Nixon, Bert Newton, and Dawn Fraser [OB]

    WHO DARES WINS-Mike Whitney: Three episodes from 1996 [all GSN/636.2-3, 750.11]

    NINE PRIMETIME, 1999-2006:

  • A half-hour episode from 1999 [OC/593.3]
  • The last episode of series 5 from 2000 [OC/696.13]
  • Bronwyn Morris's $125,000 win from 2000 (former "$otC" champ Christopher Speary plays in game 3) [OC/696.14]
  • The first episode w/the 15-question format from 2000 [OC/677.2]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 2000 where Genny Potter wins $125,000 (episode 1 missing intro) [both OC/570.1, 837.10/838.6]
  • A general 2000 episode [OC/782.8]
  • A special 2:45 "Celebrity Challenge" episode from 2000 w/Nicole Stevenson, Sam Newman, *Kerri-Anne Kennerley*, *Red Symons*, Jimeoin, and Rachel Griffiths [OC/677.1]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 2000 where Trevor Sauer wins $500,000 [both OC/513.1-2]
  • The 2000 season finale [OC/697.1]
  • The 2001 season premiere (w/clips of foreign versions at the beginning!) [OC/838.1]
  • A special 2 1/2-hour "Celebrity Challenge" episode from 2001 w/Tracy Grimshaw, Fiona Horne, Kerri Pottharst, Paul Vatin, Richard Hatch, and Jamie Durie [OC/677.3]
  • Former "$otC" champ Len Keating's $125,000 win from 2001 [OC/697.2]
  • A special "Couples' Edition" from 2001 (w/a $250,000 win!) [OC/677.4]
  • Two special "Logie Winners' Challenge" episodes from 2001 w/Mike Willesee, Noeline Brown, Gary Sweet, Effie, Tony Martin, and Kellie Hoggart (episode 1 missing intro, episode 2 is 2 hrs) [both OB/618.11-12]
  • A 2001 episode w/TWO big wins! [OC/690.9]
  • The 2002 season premiere [OC/697.3]
  • A special 2 1/2-hour "All In the Family Celebrity Challenge" episode from 2002 w/Sophie Munk & mum, Ben Williams & cousin, Jessica Napier & dad, Ben Dark & mum, and Tottie Goldsmith & dad [OC/697.4]
  • Maria McCabe's $500,000 win from 2002 (Trevor Sauer's son Warwick plays in game 1) [OC/838.7]
  • A special Mother's Day episode from 2002 [OC/838.2]
  • Bill Copeland's $250,000 win from 2002 [OC/838.3]
  • A 2:45 "Australian Heroes Special" from 2002 [OC/838.4]
  • A 2003 episode where a contestant makes a special "request"! [OC/903.6]
  • Georgia Clarke's $125,000 win from 2003 [OC/903.7]
  • A 3-hour "Entertainers" celebrity special from 2003 (end credits missing) [OC/903.8]
  • A 2003 episode w/a $0 winner (and the other 2 players don't do much better!) [OC/903.9]
  • Tim Serisier's $250,000 win from 2003 [OC/904.1]
  • Andrew Lockett's $500,000 win from 2003 [OC/904.2]
  • A 2-hour "Celebrities and Their Best Friends" special from 2004 [OC]
  • A 2004 episode where Eddie deals w/an audience member's cell phone! [OC]
  • Scott Smith's $500,000 win from 2004 [OC]
  • Two consecutive 2004 episodes where Kay Balzer wins $250,000 [both OC]
  • Two special "Celebrity Roulette" episodes (w/teams of celebrities and past big winners) from 2005 [both OC]
  • An "Odd Couples" special from 2005 [OC]
  • Geoff Pocock's big win from 2005 [OC]
  • Two special "Champions' Challenge" episodes (w/teams of pro athletes) from 2005 [both OC]
  • Rob Brow's $125,000 win from 2005 [OC]
  • Three consecutive 2005 episodes where Clifford Plumpton wins $500,000 [all OC]
  • Christopher Connolly's $250,000 win from 2005 [OC]
  • A "Next Generation" special (w/parent-child teams) from 2005 [OC]
  • Two consecutive 2005 episodes where Rob "Coach" Fulton becomes the first-ever $1,000,000 winner! [both OC]
  • Two consecutive 2005 episodes where Martin Flood becomes the second $1,000,000 winner! [both OC]
  • A 2-hour "Mummy Wants to Be a Millionaire" special (w/expectant mums playing) from 2005 [OC]
  • The 2006 series premiere; it's a "Summer Heroes Special" [OB]
  • The 90-minute series premiere [OC]
    NINE DAYTIME, 2009- ("Millionaire Hot Seat"):
  • One episode from 2011 [OC]

    WIN ROY & HG'S MONEY (same as WBSM)-"Rampaging" Roy Slaven & H.G. Nelson: Two episodes from 2000 [both OC/513.3-4]

    WIPEOUT-Tony Johnston:

  • One episode from 1999 [OC]
  • Three episodes from 2000 [all OC/697.5-6]

    YOU MAY BE RIGHT-Todd McKenney: One episode from 2006 [OC]

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