My British Game Shows

THE ADVENTURE GAME-"The Argonds": One episode from 1985 [CHA/841.7]

ALL CLUED UP (same as "$1M CoaL")-David Hamilton: One episode from 1991 [CHA/652.2]

ALL OR NOTHING-Jamie Rickers & Tara Maguire: Two episodes from 2004 [both OB/1033.5, 1033.7]

An hour-long documentary about Anne Robinson's journey to American TV; features interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and commentary on the subsequent phenomenon that followed the US launch of "The Weakest Link". [OB/618.2]

ANT & DEC'S GAMESHOW MARATHON-Ant McPartlin & Dec Donnely:

  • "The Price is Right": The premiere episode w/Eamonn Holmes, Vernon Kay, Patsy Kensit, William Roache, Carol Vorderman, and Ruby Wax [OC]
  • "Take Your Pick": The eliminations continue [OC]
  • "The Golden Shot": Same as above [OC]
  • "Sale of the Century": Same story [OC]
  • "Play Your Cards Right": The semi-finals begin in this episode [OC]
  • "Bullseye": The semi-finals continue [OC]
  • "Family Fortunes": The championship episode (and last show of the series) [OC]
  • "The Price is Right": The premiere episode w/Andrea Catherwood, Jamelia, Graeme Le Saux, Michael Le Vell, Wendy Richard, and Ben Shephard
  • "Blockbusters": The eliminations continue [OC]
  • "Blankety Blank": Same as above; guests are Andrew Castle, Fern Britton, Joe Pasquale, Holly Willoughby, Vic Reeves, and Lorraine Chase [OC]
  • "The Golden Shot": Same as above [OC]
  • "Name That Tune": The final elimination round [OC]
  • "Bullseye": The 2nd semi-finals episode [OC]
  • "Play Your Cards Right": The championship episode (and last show of the series) [OC]

    ANT & DEC'S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY-Ant McPartlin & Dec Donnely: One episode from 2005 [OC]

    A 90-minute clipfest of the series' best moments, including some never-before-seen footage.

    A 1:45 clipfest of the best moments from series 3, including a behind-the-scenes peek and exclusive interview w/the hosts.

    ANYTHING FOR MONEY-Andrew O'Connor: One episode from 1990 [CHA/654.1]

    ARE YOU AN EGGHEAD?-Dermot Murnaghan: The finals episode from 2008 (45 min.) [OC]

    ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 10 YEAR OLD? (same as "AYSTa5G?")-Noel Edmonds: The 2007 premiere episode [OC]

    Robert Robinson:

  • A general 1974 episode [RPT]
  • The 1974 finals epsiode [RPT]
  • The 1983 finals episode (and last show of the series) [RPT]
    Richard McCourt & Dominic Wood ("Dick & Dom's Ask the Family"):
  • The 2005 premiere episode [OB]

    In this hour-long special, Bob answers questions from an all-celebrity audience and shares some great andecdotes; guests include *Jeremy Beadle*, *Bob Holness*, *Ted Rogers*, and many more! [OC]

    BACK IN THE DAY-Clive Anderson: The 2005 premiere episode [OC]

    BARGAIN HUNT-David Dickinson: One episode from 2002 [RPT/982.2]

    BEAT THE CYBORGS-"The Borgmaster" & "Menzies": One episode from 2004 [OC/1032.6]

    BEAT THE STAR-Vernon Kay:

  • The 2008 premiere episode; guest is Amir Khan [OC]
  • The 2nd episode; guest is Darren Gough [OC]

    An hour-long peek inside the show that started a worldwide phenomenon; includes interviews w/Chris, the staff, and former contestants, some great clips (memorable moments, various foreign versions, plus the pilot!), and lots more! [OC/618.1]

    A 90-minute DVD special featuring series highlights, never-before-seen footage, and more.

    BIG BREAK-Jim Davidson:

  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1995 w/Diane-Louise Jordan & Ray Reardon, Frank Carson & Peter Ebdon, and Wendy Richard & Jimmy White [OB]
  • One episode from 1996 [OB]
  • One episode from 1998 [OB/542.2]

    THE BIG CALL-Neil Fox: The 2005 premiere episode [OC]

    THE BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN-Steve LeFevre: One episode from 2001 [OB/905.1]

    BLANKETY BLANK (same as "Match Game")
    Terry Wogan:

  • 1979; guests are Roy Kinnear, Thora Hurd, Henry Cooper, Karen Kay, Kenny Everett, and Lorraine Chase [RPT/688.1]
  • 1979; guests are Rolf Harris, Barbara Kelly, John Edmond, Karen Kay, Lenny Bennett, and Eunice Stubbes [RPT/688.2]
  • 1979; guests are Peter Jones, Margaret Powell, *Michael Barrymore*, Kate O'Mara, Bernie Winters, and Liza Goddard [RPT]
  • 1980; guests are Brian Murphy, Beryl Reid, Henry Cooper, Isla Blair, *Les Dawson* (ironic, huh?), and Isla St. Clair [RPT]
  • 1980; guests are Roy Hudd, Noele Gordon, Larry Grayson, Sylvia Syms, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Lorraine Chase [RPT]
  • 1981; guests are Roy Kinnear, Beryl Reid, David Jacobs, Tracey Ullman, Lenny Henry, and Madeline Smith [RPT]
  • 1981; guests are David Hamilton, Judith Chalmers, *Leslie Crowther*, Carol Drinkwater. Jimmy Tarbuck, and Rula Lenska [RPT]
  • 1981; guests are David Hamilton, June Whitfield, Derek Nimmo, Wendy Richard, Kenny Everett, and Sally Jayne [RPT/688.3]
  • 1982; guests are Jack Douglas, Pat Coombs, Patrick Moore, Wendy Richard, Kenny Everett, and Anita Harris [CHA]
  • 1983; guests are Tim Brooke-Taylor, Kathy Staff, *Nicholas Parsons*, Ruth Madoc, Freddie Starr, and Lynsey de Paul [RPT]
    Les Dawson:
  • His first episode from 1984 (w/a real "breaking in" of Terry's mike!); guests are *Barry Cryer*, Sheila Ferguson, Henry Cooper, Stacy Dorning, *Tom O'Connor*, and Lorraine Chase [CHA]
  • 1984; guests are *Roy Hudd*, Karen Kay, *Matthew Kelly*, Janet Ellis, *Ted Rogers*, and Lizzie Webb [CHA]
  • 1984; guests are *Mike Reid*, Mollie Snyder, Nicholas Lindhurst, Finola Hughes, Keith Harris, and Cheryl Baker [CHA]
  • 1984; guests are Paul Shane, Sandra Dickinson, Stu Francis, Sherry Gillespie, Frank Thornton, and Lizzie Webb (part of end credits cut off) [CHA/653.12]
  • 1985; guests are Duncan Norvelle, Barbara Windsor, *Chris Tarrant*, Sarah Greene, Frank Carson, and Leslie Ash [CHA]
  • The first episode w/the new set from 1985; guests are Duncan Norvelle, Katie Boyle, Peter Stringfellow, Floella Benjamin, Alfred Marks, and Susan Hanson [CHA]
  • 1986; guests are *Les Dennis*, Ruth Madoc, Henry Cooper, Dana, *Bernie Winters*, and Fiona Richmond [CHA]
  • A "Hi-De-Hi" special from 1986; guests are Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc, David Griffin, Linda Regan, Paul Shane, and Su Pollard [CHA]
  • New Year's episode from 1986; guests are *Lionel Blair*, Mary Parkinson, Gary Davies, Suzanne Dando, *Bernie Winters*, and *Janice Long* (a bunch of other celebs also appear!) [CHA]
  • The first episode w/the new set from 1987; guests are Frank Bough, Anne Greig, Bill Buckley, Kathy Taylor, John Pitman, and Gillian Reynolds [RPT]
  • 1987; guests are *Roy Walker*, Barbara Windsor, *Mark Curry* (ironic, huh?), Cheryl Baker, Bernard Cribbens, and Jean Ferguson [CHA]
  • Christmas 1987 episode (w/everyone in costume); guests are Geoff Capes, Lynda Baron, Roy Hudd, Wendy Richard, Joe Brown, and Lorraine Chase [RPT]
  • 1988; guests are DLT, Janet Brown, David Wilkie, Sabina Franklin, Alfred Mark, and Diana Moran [CHA/653.4, also 877.4]
  • 1989; guests are Doc Cox, Mo Moreland, Kevin Woodford, Sharron Davies, Frank Carson, and Jenny Hanley [CHA]
  • 1989; guests are Bernard Cribbins, Barbara Windsor, *Phillip Schofield*, Lorraine Chase, Christopher Biggins, and Vivienne Stewart [CHA]
    Lily Savage :
  • The 1997 premiere episode; guests are Ronan Keating, Gwen Taylor, Christopher Cazenove, Liz Dawn, Gareth Hale, and *Carol Vorderman* [OB]
  • 1998; guests are *Richard Whiteley*, Susan Penhaligon, Graham Cole, Elizabeth Dawn, Norman Pace, and Jill Dando [OB]
  • 1999; guests are Keith Barrett, Dame Thora Hird, Steve Ryder, Sherrie Newson, Will Mellor, and Malandra Burrows [OB/627.2]
  • The 2000 series premiere; guests are Tracie Bennett, Keith Duffy, Julie Goodyear, Liz McClarnon, Joseph Millson, and Phil Tufnell [CHA]
  • 2000; guests are Jane Cox, Fiona Dolman, Derek Fowlds, Brenda Gilhooly, William Tarmey, and *Nick Weir* [CHA]
  • The 2000 series finale; guests are Patrick Mower, Tricia Penrose, Julia & Nadia Sawalha, Jeff Stewart, and Kevin Woodford [CHA]
  • The 2001 series premiere; guests are Sid Owen, Gail Porter, Donald Sinden, Carol Smillie, Liz Smith, and Dean Sullivan [CHA]
  • 2001; guests are *Nick Weir*, Deena Payne, Richard Dunwoody, Jane Rossington, Bill Tarmey, and *Rhona Cameron* [CHA]
  • 2001; guests are Robin Cousins, Raji James, Meg Johnson, Lesley Joseph, Fiona Phillips, and *Greg Proops* [CHA]
  • The 2001 series finale; guests are Ed Byrne, Josie D'Arby, Terri Dwyer, Sherrie Hewson, Tris Payne, and Dean Sullivan [CHA]
  • 2002; guests are Chris Bisson, Kate Garraway, *Eamonn Holmes*, Nell McAndrew, Billy Murray, and Heather Peace [CHA]

    BLOCKBUSTERS-Bob Holness
    ITV, 1983-93:

  • The 1983 premiere episode [SM]
  • A general 1983 episode [OB]
  • One episode from 1985 [SM]
  • Two general 1986 episodes [1 OB, 1 SM]
  • Two consecutive episodes from 1986 [both OC]
  • One episode from 1987 [OC]
  • One episode from 1991 [OB/D117.2]
  • The 1992 series premiere [CHA]
  • Two general 1992 episodes [1 OC, 1 CHA]
    SkyOne, 1994-95:
  • The 1994 premiere episode (Bob gives an update on the final contestants from the original version) [CHA]
  • One episode from 1995 [OB]

    BOB'S FULL HOUSE (same as "Trump Card")-Bob Monkhouse:

  • Christmas 1984 episode [OB]
  • A general 1985 episode [RPT]
  • Christmas 1985 episode [OB]
  • One episode from 1986 (now w/a new set) [RPT]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1989 w/Ken Bruce, Debbie Greenwood, Adrian Love, and Pamela Armstrong [OB]
  • Two general 1989 episodes [both OB]
  • New Year's episode from 1989 [RPT]

    BRAINTEASER-Alex Lovell: The 2002 premiere episode [OB/905.2]

    BRITAIN'S BRAINIEST KIDS-Carol Vorderman: The hour-and-1/2 finals episode (and last show of the series) from 2002 [OB/881.1]

    BULLSEYE (not our version)
    Jim Bowen:

  • One episode from 1983 [RPT]
  • One episode from 1984 [RPT]
  • One episode from 1986 [CHA]
  • An hour-long celebrity special from Christmas 1988 w/Bob Anderson & *Roy Walker*, *Bob Holness* & Eric Bistow, and Jocky Wilson & *Les Dennis* [OB]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1990 w/Bobby Davro & Bob Anderson, Paul Shane & Leighton Rees, and Bella Emberg & Eric Bristow [OB]
  • A general 1991 episode [CHA]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1991 w/Dennis Priestly & John McCririck, Bob Anderson & Linda Lusardi, and Frank Bruno & Phil Taylor [CHA]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1992 w/Mike Reid & Rod Harrington, Liza Goddard & Mandy Solomons, and Steve Wright & Phil Taylor [CHA]
  • One episode from 1994 [OC/711.1]
    David Spikey:
  • One episode from 2006 [OB]

    CALENDAR NEWS: The late Richard Whiteley is remembered for the entire half-hour in this 2005 episode. [OC]

    CALL MY BLUFF-Bob Holness: One episode from 1999 [OC/541.4]

    CASH CAB-John Moody: One episode from 2005 [OC]

    CASINO CASINO-Bob Mercer: The 2003 premiere episode [OC/1033.10]

    Roy Walker:

  • The 1986 premiere episode [RPT]
  • A 1986 episode w/the first-ever Super Catchphrase win [RPT]
  • The 1987 series premiere (and debut of the Ready Money Round) [RPT]
  • A general 1987 episode [CHA/408.6]
  • A 1988 episode w/two puzzles that take forever to solve! [CHA]
  • One episode from 1989 [OB]
  • A special "celebrity doubles" episode from 1991 [OB/917.1]
  • Two general 1992 episodes [both OB]
  • A special "family" episode from 1992 (missing intro and bonus round) [OB]
  • The first four episodes of the 1994 series (and debut of the new set) [episode 1 CHA, episodes 2-4 SM]
  • A 1994 episode w/the infamous "snake charmer" puzzle! [CHA]
  • One episode from 1995 [CHA]
  • A 1996 episode where both contestants have idential twins (who appear w/their siblings at the beginning!) [CHA]
  • The 1998 series premiere [CHA/408.2]
  • A general 1998 episode [CHA]
  • A general 1999 episode [OB]
  • Roy's last episode (though not mentioned) from 1999 [CHA]
    Andrew O'Connor ("Family Catch Phrase"): Two episodes from 1994:
  • The premiere episode [CHA]
  • A Christmas celebrity special w/*Bob & Carol Holness* vs. *Johnny & Zoe Ball* (missing intro and end credits) [OB]
    Nick Weir:
  • His first episode from 2000 [CHA]
  • A 2000 episode where Nick makes an unforgettable entrance! [OC/652.11]
  • Two general 2000 episodes [1 OB/540.5, 1 OC/570.7]
  • A 2000 episode w/an audience game at the end [CHA]
  • The 2001 series premiere [CHA]
  • A general 2001 episode [OC]
  • Nick's last episode (though not mentioned) from 2001 [CHA]
    Mark Curry:
  • Two episodes from 2002 [both OC/881.6, 862.1]

    CELEBRITIES UNDER PRESSURE-Vernon Kay: The last episode from 2004; guests are Stephen Mulhern, Linda Robson, and Jenni Falconer [OC]

    CELEBRITY ADDICTS-Lisa Rogers: Three episodes from 2003 [all OC/994.6-8]

    CELEBRITY SQUARES (same as "Hollywood Squares")-Bob Monkhouse

  • One episode from 1977; guests are Ted Moult, Jean Rook, Katie Boyle, William Rushton, Frank Carson, *Roy Hudd*, *Les Dawson*, Nerys Hughes, and Arthur Mullard [SM]
    1993-94 ("The New Celebrity Squares"):
  • The 1993 premiere episode; guests are *Roy Walker*, *Jim Bowen*, Kim Hartman, Trevor (from the Chippendales), Lesley Joseph, *Andrew O'Connor*, Barbara Windsor, Sean Blowers, and *Bob Carolgees* [CHA]
  • 1993; guests are *Tom O'Connor*, Joan Sims, Wendy Richards, Darren Day, Ross Newton, Cheryl Baker, John Fashanu, Howard Stableford, and Sian Lloyd [CHA]
  • 1994; guests are Lesley Joseph, Joe Pasquale, *Roy Walker*, Liza Goddard, Sean Blowers, *Bob Carolgees*, Mike Doyle, Kim Hartman, and Kevin (from the Chippendales) [CHA]

    Jeremy Beadle:
    One episode from 1987 [OC/861.12]
    Ted Robbins: One episode from 1995 [OC]
    Dave Spikey: The 1997 premiere episode [OC]

    THE CHAIR-John McEnroe: Four episodes from 2002 [all OB]:

  • The premiere episode [862.2]
  • Two general episodes [863.4, 917.5]
  • The last episode [862.3]

    CHEGGARS PLAYS POP-Keith Chegwin: One episode from 1978 [SM]


  • One episode from 2000 [OB/905.3]
  • The 4th series premiere from 2001 [OB]

    James Bellini:
    The 1989 premiere episode [OB]
    Chris Tarrant: The 1991 series premiere [CHA/1032.2]
    Richard Madeley: The 1992 series premiere [CHA/1032.3]

    COME AND HAVE A GO...IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SMART ENOUGH-Nicky Campbell: The 2004 premiere episode (hour) [OC/918.8]

    COMMERCIAL BREAK-Jeremy Daldry: One episode from 1994 [OC/688.12]

    Nick Jackson:
    One episode from 1988 [CHA/540.1]
    Bob Carolgees: One episode from 1991 [CHA/540.2]

    Richard Whiteley & Carol Vorderman:

  • The 1982 pilot (titled "Calendar Countdown") [SM]
  • The 1982 premiere episode [RPT]
  • The 1985 Champion of Champions finals [OC]
  • One episode from 1987 (a new record is set!) [RPT]
  • The 1992 series premiere [RPT]
  • The 1993 Champion of Champions finals [RPT]
  • The 1,500th episode from 1994 (w/former champs playing) [OB]
  • The 1996 Champion of Champions finals [OB/408.5]
  • The 2,000th episode from 1997 (w/William G. Stewart hosting and no contestants or gameplay, just clips of memorable moments!) [RPT]
  • A general 1997 episode [OC]
  • Christmas 1997 episode (w/William G. Stewart hosting, Susie Dent at the board, and Richard playing against Carol) [OC]
  • The 1998 Champion of Champions finals [OC]
  • A celebrity special from 1998 w/*Graeme Garden* vs. Alan Coren [OC]
  • Two general 2000 episodes [both OC/654.5, 710.3]
  • A 2001 episode w/a blooper that's a real "gas"! (now 45 min.) [OC]
  • The 3,000th episode from 2001 [OC]
  • A 2002 episode w/a hilarious blooper! [OC/862.4]
  • The 2003 Champion of Champions finals [OC/881.5]
  • A special "Big Losers" episode from 2003 [OC/881.7]
  • The 21st anniversary episode from 2003 [OC/881.8]
  • The 2003 Champion of Champions finals [OC/917.6]
  • Valentine's Day 2004 episode [RPT]
  • A 2004 episode w/a mother vs. son game [OC]
  • The 2005 Grand Finals episode (and Richard's last show) [OC]
    Des Lynam & Carol Vorderman:
  • Des' first episode from 2005 [OC]
  • The 55th Grand Finals (and Des's last episode) from 2006 [OC]
    Des O'Connor & Carol Vorderman:
  • Des' first episode from 2007 [OC]
  • A 2007 episode w/the oldest contestant in the show's history [OB]
  • The 25th anniversary episode from 2007 [OC]
  • A 2008 episode where Des upstages Carol during the Numbers round! [OC]
  • A 2008 episode w/one of the show's oldest contestants [OC]
  • The 59th Grand Finals episode (and Des & Carol's last show, w/an emotional goodbye!) from 2008 [OC]
    Jeff Stelling & Rachel Riley:
  • Their first episode from 2009 [OC]
  • A full week of shows from 2009 [all OC]
  • The 2009 Champion of Champions finals [OC]
  • Former U.S. "WoF" champ Ryan Vickers' appearance from 2009 [OC]
  • A 2010 episode w/a dangerous letter combination in one round! [OC]
    Nick Hewer & Rachel Riley:
  • Nick's entire first week from 2012 [all OC]
  • Two special episodes from Christmas 2020 [both OC]

    CRACKERJACK-Stu Francis: One episode from 1983 (40 min.) [CHA/841.8]

    CROSSWITS-Tom O'Connor:

  • 1991; guests are Jenny Hanley and Chris Serle [CHA/540.8]
  • 1994; guests are Vicki Michelle and Charles Whatley [OB/134.10]
  • 1994; guests are *Carol Vorderman and Richard Whiteley* [CHA]

    Richard O'Brien:

  • All 13 episodes of the first series from 1989 [CHA]
  • A special 1991 episode w/kids playing (future "Jungle Run" host Michael Underwood is a contestant!) [CHA/1032.4]
  • A general 1991 episode [CHA/797.2]
  • Christmas 1991 episode [SM]
  • Christmas 1992 episode [CHA]
  • One episode from 1993 [SM]
  • One episode from 1994 [OB]
    Ed Tudor Pole:
  • His first episode from 1993 (w/an appearance by Richard O'Brien!) [CHA/654.7]


  • One episode from 199? [OB/730.9]
  • Two episodes from 1992 [OB/730.1-2]

    DEAL OR NO DEAL-Noel Edmonds:

  • The 2005 premiere episode [OC]
  • Four consecutive episodes from 2005 [all OC]
  • Christmas 2005 episode [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a .01 win! [OC]
  • April Fool's Day 2006 episode [OC]
  • A 2006 episode w/a £100,000 win! [OC]
  • Three general 2006 episodes [all OC]
  • Five consecutive episodes from 2006 [all OC]
  • The 3rd series premiere (w/couples playing) from 2006 [OC]
  • The hour-long 1st Anniversary Special from 2006 [OC]
  • Halloween 2006 episode [OC]
  • Christmas 2006 episode [OC]
  • A 2007 episode where Laura Pearce becomes the first-ever £250,000 winner! [OC]
  • The 1,000th episode from 2009 (w/greetings from hosts of foreign versions!) [OC]
  • Two hour-long LIVE episodes from 2011 [both OC]

    DEFECTORS-Richard Orford:

  • One episode from 2001 [CHA/905.4]
  • One episode from 2002 (now w/new music cues) [CHA/905.5]

    THE DESERT FORGES-Richard Fairbrass & Gabrielle Richens: One episode from 2001 [CHA/995.8]

    DICING WITH DEBT-Paul Tonkinson: The 2000 premiere episode [OB/877.3]

    DIDN'T THEY DO WELL!-Bruce Forsyth: The first two episodes from 2004 [both OB/881.11]

    DIRTY ROTTEN CHEATER-Brian Conley: One episode from 2007 [OB]

    DIRTY MONEY-Marcus Bentley: One episode from 2002 [OB/905.6]

    DISTRACTION-Jimmy Carr: The 2004 series premiere (FOR ADULTS ONLY!) [OC/917.15]

    DOG EAT DOG-Ulrika Jonsson (all eps 90 min.):

  • Six episodes from 2001 [all RPT/982.3, 999.1-2, 1007.2, 1009.3, 1021.3]
  • Two general 2002 episodes [both RPT/1035.3]
  • A celebrity episode from 2002 w/Lisa Rogers, Andy Kane, *Jenny Powell*, Kevin Woodford, *Vanessa Feltz*, and *Lionel Blair* [RPT/1045.12]

    DON'T FORGET YOUR TOOTHBRUSH-Chris Evans: One episode from 1994 (hour); guest is Lulu [OC/653.2]

    DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!-Darren Day & Davina McCall:

  • The 1998 premiere episode [CHA/874.5]
  • Two general 1998 episodes [both CHA/874.6-7]

    DOUBLE DARE-Peter Simon:

  • The 1987 series premiere [OB]
  • The 1991 series premiere [OB]
  • The 1992 series premiere [OB]
  • A celebrity episode from 1992 w/Sharon Davies and Nigel Taylor [OB]

    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY-Hughie Green: The 1955 premiere episode [RPT]

    DROP ZONE-Steve Jones: The first two episodes from 2010 [both OB]

    DUEL-Nick Hancock: One episode from 2008 [OC]

    EGGHEADS-Dermot Murnaghan: One episode from 2007 [OB]

    ELIMINATOR-Michael Underwood:

  • The 1st series finale from 2003 [OC/1033.9]
  • Two episodes from 2004 [both OC/994.10, 995.5]

    THE ENEMY WITHIN (same as "Dirty Rotten Cheater")-Nigel Lythgoe: Six episodes from 2002 [all RPT/981.2-3, 982.1, 1009.2, 1021.1, 1022.2]

    THE ENTERTAINERS-Angela Rippon: Leslie Crowther is the guest and talks about his career in this 1990 episode. [OB]


  • The 1992 series premiere [RPT]
  • A general 1992 episode [OB/408.1]
  • The 1993 series premiere [RPT]
  • The last episode from 1993 [RPT]

    EVERYBODY'S EQUAL-Chris Tarrant: One episode from 1989 [OC]

    EX-RATED-Mark Little: One episode from 2000 [OC/840.14]

    FACT HUNT-Al Murray: The 2005 premiere episode [OC]

    FAMILY FORTUNES (same as "Family Feud")
    Bob Monkhouse:

  • The 1980 premiere episode [CHA]
  • The 1982 series premiere [CHA]
  • A general 1982 episode [SM]
  • A special 1982 episode w/Olympic champs playing [SM]
  • The 100th episode from 1983 [CHA]
  • Three general 1983 episodes [all CHA]
  • Bob's last episode from 1983 [CHA]
    Max Bygraves:
  • His first episode from 1983 [CHA]
  • A 1983 episode w/the infamous "Irishman" question and a Big Money round that's a real "turkey"! [CHA]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1983 w/female columnists vs. morning show hosts [CHA/862.5]
  • The 1984 series premiere [CHA]
  • A general 1984 episode [CHA]
    Les Dennis:
  • His first episode from 1987 [CHA]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1989 (w/everyone in costume) [OB/917.4]
  • One episode from 1991 [OB/134.12]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1992 [CHA]
  • A "Guys vs. Dolls" celebrity special from 1994 (w/some GS hosts on the guys' team!) [CHA]
  • One episode from 1995 [CHA/540.9]
  • One episode from 1997 [CHA/917.13]
  • The 1998 series premiere (now w/a new set) [CHA/917.14]
  • A general 1998 episode [CHA]
  • One episode from 1999 [CHA]
  • One episode from 2000 [CHA]
  • A special "All-Star" episode from 2001 w/Star Chefs vs. *Game Show Hosts* [OC/652.9]
  • Les's las episode from 2002 [OC/861.8]
    Andy Collins:
  • His (disastrous!) first episode from 2002 [OC/861.9]
  • A general 2002 episode [OC/863.6]
    Vernon Kay:
  • The 2006 premiere episode w/Fearne Cotton vs. Chris Moyles [OC]
  • The 2007 series premiere w/Kim Ryder vs. Brian Dowling (includes the infamous "lesbian" answer in Big Money!) [OC]
  • Holly Willoughby vs. *Eamonn Holmes* from 2007 [OC]
  • Jenni Falconer vs. Ben Richards from 2007 [OC]
  • A Christmas 2008 soap opera special w/"Hollyoaks" vs. "Emmerdale" [OC]
    Penny Layden:
  • The first two episodes from 2020 [both OC]

    FAMILY MIS-FORTUNES (ITV, 2000)-Les Dennis: A half-hour clipfest of some of the funniest moments in the show's history! [OB/877.1]

    FAMILY MIS-FORTUNES 3 (ITV, 2003)-Andy Collins: Another half-hour of clips, this time w/the show's newest host. [OC]

    FAST FRIENDS-Les Dawson: One episode from 1991 [OB]


  • The 2002 premiere episode [RPT]
  • Two general 2002 episodes [both RPT]
  • A celebrity episode from 2002 w/DJ Spoony, Ann Marie Davies, and Ralf Little vs. Harvey, Terri Dwyer, and Abs [RPT]
  • The 2nd series premiere from 2003 [OC/863.5]
  • A celebrity special from 2003 w/Judi Shekoni, Ricardo Ribeiro, and Jakki Degg vs. Alex Sibley, Rachel Brady, and *Keith Chegwin* [OC/863.7]
  • A special "couples" episode from 2004 w/Helen Adams & Paul Clarke vs. Diana & Maj. Charles Ingram [OC]

    15 TO 1-William G. Stewart:

  • One episode from 1994 [OB/134.7]
  • The 15th Grand Finals episode from 1995 [OB/877.7]
  • A general 1996 episode [OB/878.7]
  • One episode from 2000 [OB/710.2]
  • A GS Hosts special from 2002 (end credits missing) [OC/862.6]
  • The next-to-last episode from 2003 [OC]
  • The 23rd Grand Finals episode (and last show of the series) from 2003 [OC/882.11]

    Neil Buchanan:
    Two episodes from 199? (both w/no end credits) [both OC/627.6, 797.4]
    Jeff Brazier: The first four episodes from 2006 [all OC]

    FLUKE-Tim Vine: One episode from 1997 [OC]

    FORT BOYARD-Melinda Messenger: Two episodes from 1998 (hour) [both CHA/841.3-4]

    Narrated by Caroline Quentin, this hour-long documentary tells the story of Britain's long-running university quiz bowl, w/reminiscences by former contestants and celebrities (some of whom were also former contestants!). [OB]

    Chris Tarrant talks about WWtBaM (including the Ingram scandal) and clowns w/fellow guest Jim Carrey in this 15-minute interview from 2003. [OB/882.17]

    Ant McPartlin & Dec Donnely:
    Two episodes from 2000 [both OB, and hour-long]:

  • Golden Girls vs. The Boys From Essex [542.5]
  • England vs. Scotland (mixed sex teams) [570.6]
    Ian Wright:
  • Bar Boys vs. South London Girls from 2001 [OB/637.4]

    FULL SWING-Jimmy Tarbuck: The 1996 premiere episode; guests are Tim Brooke-Taylor, Ian St. John, and *Ronnie Corbett* [OB]

    FUN HOUSE-Pat Sharp:

  • One episode from 1991 [OC/627.4]
  • A 1996 episode where all 3 stunts end in a draw! [CHA]
  • Three general 1996 episodes [all CHA]
  • The 1996 series finale; it's a special Christmas episode [CHA]
  • The 1997 series finale; it's a special Christmas episode [CHA]
  • Two episodes from 1998 [both OC/627.5-6]

    GAMBIT-Fred Dinenage: One episode from 1981 [SM]

    GAME SHOW LOSERS (ITV, 2002)-Harry Hill: An hour-long special profiling those contestants who struck out on national TV. [OB/864.7]

    GAMESMASTER-Dominik Diamond: One episode from 1992 [CHA/994.12]

    THE GENERATION GAME (all hour shows)
    Bruce Forsyth

  • One episode from 1974 [OB/917.3]
  • Christmas 1990 episode [OB]
  • Two episodes from 1992 [both OB/495.1, 918.1]
    Larry Grayson:
  • Christmas 1978 episode (w/an appearance by Terry Wogan) [CHA/881.9]
    Jim Davidson:
  • A special "best of" episode from 1999 [OB/627.1]

    Dave Benson Phillips:

  • One episode from 1997 [RPT]
    Dave Benson Phillips & Lisa Brockwell:
  • Two episodes from 2003 [both OB/1033.4, 1033.6]

    Michael Aspel/Una Stubbs/Lionel Blair:

  • One episode from 1979; teams are Libby Morris/Anita Harries/Hillary Pritchard vs. *Nicholas Parsons*/Don McClean/Arthur English [RPT]
    Michael Parkinson/Liza Goddard/Lionel Blair:
  • One episode from 1989; teams are Mary Parkinson/Marti Caine/Eve Ferret vs. *Leslie Crowther*/*Bob Holness*/Tim Rice [CHA]

    GLADIATORS-Ulrika Jonsson & Jeremy Guscott: Two episodes from 1996 [both CHA/995.9-10]

    GLOBO LOCO-Stephen Mulhern: One episode from 2003 [OC/995.6]

    GOING FOR GOLD-Henry Kelly:

  • The 1987 premiere episode [CHA]
  • The 1987 championship episode [CHA]
  • One episode from 1989 [CHA]
  • The 1990 championship episode [CHA]
  • The 1992 championship episode [OB]
  • The 1993 championship episode [OB]
  • The 1994 championship episode [OB]
  • A general 1995 episode (glitchy video) [OB/408.3]
  • The 1995 championship episode [OB]
  • Four consecutive episodes from 1996 w/fellow trader Gordon Beattie [all OB]
  • The 1996 championship episode [OB]

    GOLDEN BALLS-Jasper Carrott:

  • One episode from 2008 [OB]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) from 2009 [OC]

    THE GOLDEN SHOT-Bob Monkhouse: One episode from 1970; guests are Clive Dunn, Jack Douglas, and Jackie Lee [CHA]

    GRAND SLAM-Carol Vorderman & James Richardson: The finals episode (and last show of the series) from 2004 [OC]

    THE GREAT ANTIQUES HUNT-Jilly Goolden: One episode from 1998 [OC/250.1]

    GR££D-Jerry Springer: Three episodes from 2001:

  • The premiere episode [OB/618.3]
  • A general episode [OC/863.8]
  • The last episode [OB/863.9]

    GROUCHO-Groucho Marx: One episode from 1955 [SM]

    HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU-Angus Deayton: One episode from 1996 [OC/407.9]

    HI-SCORE-Julia Reed: Four episodes from 2002 [all RPT]:

  • Three general episodes [824.3-4, 829.4]
  • The finals episode [844.3]

    HOUSE OF GAMES-Mike McClean: The 2004 premiere episode [OC/1032.7]

    IN IT TO WIN IT (all episodes 40 min.)-Dale Winton:

  • One episode from 2002 [OB/905.7]
  • One episode from 2005 [OB]

    IN THE GRID-Les Dennis: The first five episodes from 2006 [all OB]

    INFATUATION-Bob Eubanks: One episode from 1995 [CHA]

    INTERCEPTOR-Annabel Croft: Three episodes from 1989 (hour) [1 OB/730.6, 2 CHA/841.1-2]

    A 3-minute techno-fied take on WWtBaM's signature music, interspersed w/clips of past winners. [882.16]

    Rory McGrath narrates this hour-long blooper special; features lots of clips, plus a behind-the-scenes look at "Family Fortunes" by some former contestants. [OB]

    IT'S A KNOCKOUT-Keith Chegwin & Lucy Alexander: Two episodes from 2000 [both CHA/873.4-5]

    JAILBREAK-Craig Charles: One episode from 2000 [OB/877.2]

    Chirs Donat:
    One episode from 1990 [OB]
    Paul Ross: One episode from 1996 [OC/688.7]

    JIGSAW-Adrian Hedley & Janet Ellis: The 1979 premiere episode [SM]

    JOKERS WILD (not our version)-Barry Cryer: One episode from 197? [RPT/542.4]

    Dominic Wood:

  • The 3rd episode from 1999 [CHA/840.15]
  • A general 1999 episode [OB]
  • One episode from 2000 [OB]
    Chris Jarvis:
  • Four episodes from 2001 [1 CHA/840.16, 3 OB]
  • One episode from 2002 [OB]
    Michael Underwood:
  • Three episodes from 2003 [1 OB, 2 OC/933.13; 933.16]
  • Two episodes from 2004 [1 OB, 1 OC/995.7]
  • One episode from 2005 [OC]

    JUNIOR MASTERMIND-John Humphrys:

  • The Grand Final episode from 2004 [OB]
  • The Grand Final episode from 2005 (hour) [OB]
  • One episode from 2007 [OB]

    KEYNOTES-Alistair Divall:

  • One episode from 1991 [OC/134.15]
  • Two episodes from 1992 [both OB]

    KING OF THE CASTLE-Alastair Stewart: One episode from 2001 [CHA/862.7]

    KNIGHTMARE-Hugo Myatt as "Treguard":

  • All 8 episodes of the 1987 series [all CHA]
  • All 16 episodes of the 1988 series [all CHA, also have 2 eps. from OC/663.7-8]
  • One episode from 1989 [CHA/841.9]
  • One episode from 1991 [CHA/994.13]

    Gordon Burns:

  • A general 1984 episode [OC]
  • A semi-finals episode from 1984 [OC]
  • The 1984 Grand Final episode [OC]
  • The 1987 series premiere [CHA]
  • A 1987 episode where a player scores *0* in the Response and Observation rounds! [CHA]
  • A 1987 episode which followed the one above (and Gordon comments on said performance!) [CHA]
  • The 1987 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • An "International Special" from 1988 [OC]
  • The 1988 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • The 1989 series premiere [CHA/1032.9]
  • A 1989 episode w/an Assault Course injury [CHA]
  • The 1989 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • The 1990 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • The 15th series premiere from 1991 (and debut of the new set) [CHA/540.6]
  • A 1991 episode w/a perfect Response round [CHA]
  • The 1991 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • The 1992 series premiere [CHA]
  • The 1992 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • The 1993 series premiere [CHA]
  • The 1993 Grand Final episode [CHA]
  • The 1995 series premiere (now w/Penny Smith as co-host and the debut of the Super round) [CHA]
  • A 1995 episode where then-unknown Simon Evans fails to properly complete the Super round (precedes the episode below) [CHA]
  • A 1995 episode w/Simon's disqualification announced AND another contestant disqualified for a Super round cheating incident! [CHA]
  • Two general 1995 episodes [both OC]
  • The 1995 Grand Final episode (and last show of the series) [OC, also CHA]
    Ben Shephard:
  • The 2009 series premiere [OC]
  • The 2009 Grand Final episode [OC]
  • The 2010 series premiere [OB]
  • The 2010 Grand Final episode (and last show of the series) [OC]

    LESLIE CROWTHER: A TRIBUTE (BBC, 1996)-William G. Stewart:
    A half-hour salute to the recently deceased performer/GS host; includes lots of clips, plus reminiscences by colleagues. [OB]

    LIAR-Paul Kaye: One episode from 2002 [OB/905.8]

    Martin Daniels:
    One episode from 1988 [OB]
    Adil Ray: The first two episodes from 2021 [both OC]

    LITTLE MONSTERS-Jayne Sharp: The 2003 premiere episode [OC/1032.5]

    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT-Bruno Brookes: One episode from 1991 [CHA/654.4]

    LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT-Nino Firetto & Debbie Greenwood: One episode from 1988 [OC]

    LUCKY LADDERS (same as "Chain Reaction")-Lenny Bennett:

  • One episode from 1991 [OB]
  • The 1992 series premiere (part of opening missing) [OB/134.11]

    LUCKY NUMBERS (same as "Trump Card")-Shane Ritchie:

  • One episode from 1995 [OC/134.8]
  • One episode from 1996 [OB/688.8]
  • Two episodes from 1997 [both OC/862.8-9]

    MAD FOR IT-Mike McClean and Yiolanda Tokkallos: One episode from 1999 [OB/798.4]

    MAN O MAN-Chris Tarrant: The 2nd series premiere from 1999 [OB]

    Magnus Magnusson:

  • The 21st Grand Final from 1993 (w/a montage of past winners and series trivia at the beginning, and an appearance by former champ Sir David Hunt to present the trophy at the end) [OB/D117.3]
  • The 24th Grand Final from 1996 [OB/407.10]
  • A celebrity episode from 2002 w/Adam Hart-Davis, Janet Street-Porter, Vic Reeves, and Jonathan Meade [OB/864.6]
    John Humphrys:
  • The 31st Grand Final from 2003 [OB/882.12]
  • A celebrity episode from 2003 w/Giles Brandreth, Andrew Motion, Tanni Grey-Thompson, and Stephen Fry [OB/882.13]
  • The 32nd Grand Final from 2004 (hour) [OB]
  • The 33rd Grand Final from 2005 (former "WWtBaM" champ Pat Gibson is a contestant) [OB]

    MATHS MANSION-Chris Jarvis (all 10 min.):

  • Episodes 7-14 from the 2001 series [all OB]
  • Episodes 19-25 from the 2001 series [all OB]

    MEMORY BANK-Rachel Pierman: The 2004 premiere episode [OC]

    THE MILLION POUND DROP-Davina McCall: The first two episodes from 2010 [both OC]

    MINUTE TO WIN IT-Darren McMullen: The first four episodes from 2011 [all OC]

    THE MR. AND MRS. SHOW-Nino Firetto: One episode from 1994 [CHA/878.10]

    A half-hour salute to the longtime "Countdown" host, w/lots of clips, plus reminiscences by co-host Carol Vorderman and other colleagues. [OC]

    MORE FAMILY MIS-FORTUNES (ITV, 2001)-Les Dennis: Another half-hour of "stupid answer" clips. [OC]

    MOVE ON UP-Richard Morton: One episode from 1997 [OC/1042.13]

    Tom O'Connor:
    One episode from 1983 [CHA]
    Jools Holland: One episode from 1998 [CHA/408.7]

    This hour-long special features ALL the National Lottery games, w/a multitude of different hosts. [OB]

    NEW FACES-Derek Hobson:
    A special "Winners' Show" from 1976; guests are Mickey Most, Jack Parnell, Jess Yates, and Danny LaRue (hour) [CHA/874.4]

    19 KEYS-Richard Bacon: Two episodes from 2003 [both OC]:

  • A "preview week" episode w/game show hosts playing
  • The (civillian) premiere episode

    NO KIDDING-Mike Smith: One episode from 1992 [CHA/654.2]

    NO WIN, NO FEE-Paul Ross: One episode from 2002 [OB]

    NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (same as "Moment of Truth")-Jerry Springer: The 2007 premiere episode [RPT]

    NOW YOU SEE IT-Jack McLaughlin: One episode from 1985 [SM]

    NUMBER 1-Krishnan Guru-Murthy: Two episodes from 2001 [both OB/652.10, 653.1]

    100%-Robin Houston:

  • Two episodes from 2000 [both CHA/994.9, 994.11]
  • Fellow trader Gordon Beattie's appearance from 2001 [OB]

    ODD ONE OUT-Paul Daniels:

  • Two episodes from 1983 [both RPT]
  • One episode from 1985 [RPT]

    100% GOLD-Melinda Walker: One episode from 1998 [OB/407.7]

    100% SEX-Robin Houston: One episode from 2000 [OC/653.5]

    Paul Roseby:
    One episode from 2000 [OC/654.8]
    Robin Houston: The "Sports Challenge" finals episode from 2000 [OC/653.11]

    1 VS. 100-Dermot O'Leary: The first four episodes from 2006 [all OB]

    ONLY CONNECT-Victoria Coren Mitchell: The 2008 premiere episode [OB]

    OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS-Hughie Green: The last episode from 1978 [CHA]

    THE OTHER HALF-Dale Winton: One episode from 2000 (40 min.) [542.6]

    An hour-and-1/2 of hilarious clips, plus reminiscences by those involved. [OC]

    PASS THE BUCK-Fred Dinenage: One episode from 1998 [OB/878.2]

    Kirsty Young:

  • The 3rd episode from 2000 [OC/569.7]
  • Two general 2000 episodes [both OC/541.2, 541.8]
    Kaye Adams:
  • The 2nd series premiere (and her first episode) from 2001 [OB/637.8]

    PERFECT STRANGERS-Adrian Chiles: Two episodes from 2007 [both OB]

    PERSEVERANCE-Andrew Castle: The 2005 premiere episode [OC]

    PLAY IT AGAIN (BBC, 2005):
    Narrated by Hugh Dennis, this half-hour clip show looks back at the 1950s golden age of panel games like "What’s My Line?", "The Name’s the Same", and "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral". [OB]

    PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT (same as "Card Sharks")-Bruce Forsyth

  • One episode from 1980 (has time code at bottom of screen) [SM]
  • One episode from 1981 [OB]
  • The 1982 series premiere (has time code at bottom of screen) [SM/878.8]
  • The 1985 series premiere [SM]
  • A 1987 episode w/newlyweds playing [SM]
    1994-99 ("Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Cards Right"):
  • One episode from 1994 [OC]
  • The 3rd series premiere from 1996 [CHA/917.10, also 933.15]
  • A 1996 episode w/engaged couples playing [CHA/917.9]
  • A general 1996 episode (missing Cash Cards) [CHA/934.2]
  • The 4th series premiere from 1997 [CHA/917.11]
  • Three general 1997 episodes [all CHA/861.7, 917.12, 934.5]
  • The 5th series premiere from 1998 [OB/407.1]
  • A general 1998 episode [OB/407.5]
  • A 1999 episode w/engaged couples playing [CHA/862.10]
  • Two general 1999 episodes [1 OB, 1 CHA/862.11]
  • A 1999 episode w/senior citizens playing [CHA/917.7]
  • The 2002 premiere episode [OC/861.10]
  • A general 2002 episode [OC]
  • One episode from 2003 [OC]

    PLAYING FOR TIME-Eammon Holmes: Three episodes from 2000 [all OC]:

  • The first two episodes of the 2nd series (episode 1 has part of end credits cut off, and episode 2 missing intro) [652.12-13]
  • A general episode [710.5]

    POKERFACE-Ant McPartlin & Dec Donnely: The 2007 premiere episode [OC]

    Mike Reade:

  • Christmas 1983 episode w/Lee John/Dave Edmunds/Mari Wilson vs. Limahl/Roger Taylor/Midge Ure [OB]
  • Huey Lewis/Phil Collins/Elvis Costello vs. Nick Lowe/Midge Ure/John Martyn from 1984 [OB]
  • Duran Duran vs. Spandau Ballet from 1984 [OB]
    Chris Tarrant:
  • A "Top of the Pops" 30th anniversary special from 1994 w/Bruno Brookes/Alan Freeman/Janice Long vs. Mica Paris/Dave Dee/Robin Gibb [OB]

    POP UPSTAIRS/DOWNSTAIRS-Mark & Lard: One episode from 1999 [OC/654.9]

    Leslie Crowther:

  • The 1984 premiere episode [SM]
  • The 2nd series premiere from 1984 [SM]
  • Two general 1986 episodes [both SM]
  • The 1986 series premiere [OC]
  • The 1987 series premiere [SM]
  • A general 1987 episode [OC]
  • The 1988 series premiere [OB]
  • Two general 1988 episodes [1 OC, 1 SM]
  • The 100th episode (and last show of the series) from 1988 [OC]
    Bob Warman ("The New Price is Right"): Four episodes from 1989 [all OB]:
  • The premiere episode; games are Lucky Seven/Race Game/Pick-a-Pair
  • Ten Chances/Danger Price/Hi-Lo
  • Side By Side/Switcheroo/5 Price Tags (missing intro)
  • Money Game/Bargain Bar/Cliffhanger (missing 2nd One-Bid)
    Bruce Forsyth ("Bruce's Price is Right"):
  • The first episode from 1995; games are Danger Price/Pathfinder/Switcheroo [OB/D23.1]
  • Master Key/Pick-a-Pair/Danger Price from 1995 [CHA/882.9]
  • Money Game/Plinko/Race Game from 1995 [CHA/882.10]
  • 1 Right Price/Secret X/Cliff Hangers from 1995 [OB/688.4]
  • The 1996 series premiere; games are Pick a Number/Hole In One/Make Your Move [CHA/882.7]
  • Pick a Number/Hole in One/Danger Price from 1996 [OC/688.5]
  • Lucky Seven/Check-Out/Make Your Move from 1996 [CHA/933.17]
  • The 1997 series premiere; games are Pick a Number/Check Out/Credit Card [CHA/882.8]
  • Lucky Seven/Race Game/3 Strikes from 1997 [CHA]
  • Most Expensive/Plinko/Danger Price from 1997 [CHA]
  • Split Decision/Secret X/Plinko from 1997 [CHA/861.4]
  • Pick a Number/Credit Card/Most Expensive from 1997 [CHA/934.4]
  • The 1998 series premiere; games are Hi-Lo/Danger Price/Brucie's Bargain Bar [CHA]
  • Lucky Seven/Make Your Move/Cliff Hangers from 1998 (missing intro) [OC/407.2]
  • Any Number/Credit Card/Clock Game from 1998 [OB/407.6]
  • Pick a Number/Check-Out/3 Strikes from 1998 [CHA/861.6]
  • Make Your Move/Credit Card/Pathfinder from 1998 [CHA/874.2]
  • Side By Side/3 Strikes/Cliff Hanger from 1999 [OC/541.3]
  • Lucky Seven/Plinko (a new record is set!)/Joker from 1999 [OB/688.6]
  • The 2000 series premiere; games are Let 'em Roll/Push Over/Clearance Sale (all debuts!) [CHA]
  • Hi-Lo/Bruce's Bargain Bar/Any Number from 2000 [OC/878.3]
  • The last episode (though not mentioned) from 2001; games are Push Over/Cliff Hanger/Swap? [CHA]
    Joe Pasquale:
  • The 3rd episode from 2006; games are Pick-a-Pair/Cliff Hanger/Joe's Bargain Bar [OC]
  • The 4th episode; games are Pick-a-Number/Danger Price/On the Right Track [OC]
  • Christmas 2006 episode [OC]
  • Safecracker/Deck of Cards/Any Number from 2007 [OC]
    Alan Carr:
  • The aired pilot from Christmas 2017 [OC]
  • A special episode from Christmas 2020 [OC]

    PUNCHLINES-Lenny Bennett: Christmas 1982 episode [OB]

    Steve Jones:

  • 1989; guests are Floella Benjamin and *Andrew O'Connor* [CHA]
  • 1990; guests are Janice Long and *Keith Chegwin* [CHA]
  • 1990; guests are Dee Hepburn and Stefan Dennis [CHA/409.3]
    Donny Osmond: Three episodes from 2007:
  • The premiere episode; guests are Phil Tufnell and Natalie Cassidy [OB]
  • Guests are Paula Wilcox and Lionel Blair [OC]
  • Guests are Lesley Joseph and Dave Gorman [OC]

    THE $64,000 QUESTION-Bob Monkhouse:

  • The 1990 premiere episode [OC]
  • The 3rd series finale from 1991 [OB]

    A QUESTION OF POP-Jamie Theakston:
    The 2001 series premiere w/Carol Decker/Suggs/Ritchie Neville vs. Claire Richards/Noddy Holder/Midge Ure [OB]

    QUIZ (ITV, 2020):
    All 3 hour-long episodes of this dramatic series based on the Maj. Charles Ingram "WWtBaM" scandal and his subsequent conviction. [all OC]

    QUOTATION MARKS-Vanessa Feltz: One episode from 2000 [OC/541.5]

    RAISE THE ROOF-Bob Holness: One episode from 1995 [SM]

    RAVEN-James Mackenzie: All 4 episodes of the 2005 series [all OB]

    RED ALERT LOTTERY-Terry Alderton: One episode from 2000 (hour); guests are Geri Halliwell, Steps, and Will Smith [OB/652.4]

    RED OR BLACK?-Ant McPartlin & Dec Donnely: The first two episodes from 2011 [both OC]

    REVERSE A WORD-Scott Mills: The 2004 pilot (10 min.) [OB/917.16]

    ROLL WITH IT-Keith Chegwin: One episode from 1991 [OB/653.3]

    Leslie Crowther:
    One episode from 1977 [SM]
    Mike Reid: One episode from 1979 [SM]
    Johnny Vegas: A special "Sport Relief" one-off special from 2002 [OC/1032.8]

    RUNWAY-Richard Madeley: The 1991 series premiere [SM]

    RUSSIAN ROULETTE-Rhona Cameron:The last episode from 2003; it's a "Boys vs. Girls" show (*Jenny Powell* plays in game 2!) [OC/1008.7]

    Nicholas Parsons:

  • One episode from 1972 [OC]
  • One episode from 1982 [OC/881.10]
  • One episode from 1983 [OB]
    Peter Marshall:
  • One episode from 1989 (missing intro) [OC/688.9]
    Keith Chegwin:
  • Fellow trader Gordon Beattie's appearance from 1997 [OB]
  • One episode from 1998 [CHA/409.5]

    SAY THE WORD-Andy Crane: One episode from 1997 [CHA/407.3]

    SCATTEGORIES (199?)-Martin Daniels:
    An unsold pilot based on the classic party game, played between two celebrity/contestant teams; guests are Kate Copstick and *Ross King*. [SM]

    SCRATCH 'N' SNIFF'S DEN OF DOOM-Donald "Scratch" Austen & John "Sniff" Eccleston: One episode from 2007 [OC]

    SECRET FORTUNE-Nick Knowles: The first two episodes from 2011 [both OB]

    SHAFTED-Robert Kilroy-Silk: All 4 episodes of the series from 2001 [all OC]

    SHOOTING STARS-Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer:

  • One episode from 1996 w/Alice Beer, Robby Williams, and Mark Lamarr vs. *Gordon Burns*, Dermot Morgan, and Ulrika Jonsson [OB/407.8]
  • All 8 episodes of the 4th series from spring 2002 [all OB]

    THE SIMPSONS QUIZ SHOW (CHANNEL 4, 2004)-Jamie Theakston:
    A half-hour special in which two celebrity teams compete in a test of knowledge about the famous animated TV family; teams are Nick Frost/Krishnan Guru-Murthy/Iain Lee vs. Sara Cox/Ralf Little/Richard Bacon. [OC]

    SMALL TALK-Ronnie Corbett: One episode from 1994 [OB]

    SOAP ADDICTS-Milandra Burrows: Three episodes from 2002 [all OC/994.3-5]

    SPLATALOT!-Richard McCourt & Dominic Wood: The first five episodes from 2011 [all OB]

    SPLIT SECOND (not our version)-Aonghus McAnally: One episode from 1997 [CHA/407.4]

    SPORT ADDICTS-Bradley Walsh: Two episodes from 2002 [both OC/994.1-2]

    STAKE OUT-Anthony Davis: Five episodes from 2002 [all OC]:

  • Four consecutive episodes [995.1-4]
  • A general episode [OC]

    STARFINDER-Tom Zikas: The 2003 premiere episode [OB/1033.11]

    "Strike it Lucky":

  • One episode from 1990 [CHA/409.4]
    "Strike it Rich":
  • Two episodes from 1996 [both CHA/933.7-8]
  • A charity special from 1997 (Michael really bends the rules in the bonus round!) [CHA]
  • Four general 1997 epiodes [all CHA/933.9-12]
  • One episode from 1998 [OC/409.2]
  • Two episodes from 1999 [both OC]

    SUB-ZERO-Robin Banks & Jemma James: One episode from 200? [OB/730.7]


  • One episode from 1995 [OC/688.10]
  • The 1999 series premiere; it's an all-sisters show [CHA]
  • An all-students episode from 1999 [CHA]
    2007 ("Dale's Supermarket Sweep"):
  • All of the premiere week [all OC]

    SWAPHEADS-Johnny Ball: One episode from 2002 [OC]

    THE SWEEPSTAKES GAME (same as "Celebrity Sweepstakes")-Bernard Braden:
    One episode from 1976; guests are Jackie Pallo, Joan Bakewell, Lloyd Lichfield, Russell Harty, Sandra Dickinson, and Frank Carson [OC/581.4]

    TV SCRABBLE-Toby Anstis: A special "Battle of the GS Hosts" episode from 2002 w/Mark Curry vs. Andy Collins [CHA/934.3]

    TV YEARS: THE 80S (ITV, 200?)
    A 30-min. segment showing clips of the network's popular game shows through the decade, plus reminiscences by current personalities. [OB]

    TAKE A LETTER-Jenny Hull: One episode from 1997 [CHA/652.1]

    TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT-Richard Arnold: The first five episodes from 2006 [all OB]

    TAKE YOUR PICK-Des O'Connor:

  • One episode from 1992 [CHA/652.8]
  • One episode from 1997 [CHA]

    TAKEOVER BID-Bruce Forsyth: One episode from 1990 [OB]

    TALKING TELEPHONE NUMBERS-Philip Schofield & Emma Forbes:
    One episode from 1994; guests are Paul Zenon, *Roy Walker*, Karl Magee & Barry Phelan, and the Bee Gees [OB]

    TARBY'S FRAME GAME-Jimmy Tarbuck: One episode from 1987 [OC]

    TELL THE TRUTH (same as "To Tell the Truth")-Graeme Garden:
    One episode from 1983; panel is Peter Cook, Beverly Anderson, Willie Rushton, and Victoria Wood (end credits missing) [OC/688.11]

    TELLY ADDICTS-Noel Edmonds:

  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1988 w/Michael Grade, Susan Rainish, Ernie Wise, and Leslie Grantham vs. Bill Cotton, *Terry Wogan*, Margaret Ford, and Tim Rice [OB]
  • A celebrity "Christmas Comedy Special" from 1989 w/Frank Garson, Lisa Goddard, George Latham, and *Graham Garden* vs. *Chris Tarrant*, Barry Cryer, Jessica Martin, and *Jim Bowen* [CHA]
  • The 1990 series premiere [CHA/873.7]
  • A general 1990 episode [CHA/873.6]
  • The 1991 series premiere [CHA/864.8]
  • Two general 1991 episodes [both CHA/873.10, 874.1]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1993 w/Frank Carson, *Carol Vorderman*, Jonathon Morris, and Gwen Taylor vs. Craig Charles, Diane Bull, Gary Olsen, and Philippa Forrester [OB]

    THIS IS YOUR LIFE-Michael Aspel:

  • Richard Whiteley is surprised in this 1987 episode. [OB]
  • Leslie Crowther is surprised in this 1994 episode. [OB]

    3-2-1-Ted Rogers (all hour):

  • The 1978 premiere episode [CHA]
  • One episode from 1982 [CHA/652.3]
  • Christmas 1983 episode [CHA]
  • A celebrity special from Christmas 1987 w/Jean Rogers & Frederick Pyne, Ricky Tomlinson & Sue Johnston, and William Tarmey & Elizabeth Dawn [CHA]

    THROUGH THE KEYHOLE-Sir David Frost & Lloyd Grossman: One episode from 1999 [OC/541.6]

    TIME PLEASE!-Eammon Holmes: One episode from 1992 [CHA/654.3]

    TODAY'S THE DAY-Martyn Lewis: One episode from 1994 [OB]


  • "Cash For Questions" (15 min.): A 2000 behind-the-scenes piece on the US version of "WWtBaM", including interviews w/Philbin, John Carpenter, Jason Block, Beth Plummer & Michael Davies [OB/918.9]
  • "Major Fraud" (90 min.): The award-winning documentary on the Maj. Charles Ingram "WWtBaM" scandal, which includes footage of Ingram's unaired game, plus interviews w/the participants, cast/crew, and others. [OC/863.1]
  • "The Final Answer": In this half-hour follow-up to the above, Martin Bashir reports on the latest developments in the Ingram scandal, and clips of the Ingrams' American TV interview for "20/20". [OC/863.3]

    TOPRANKO-Anthony Wilson: One episode from 2002 [OC]

    TREASURE HUNT (not our version)-Kenneth Kendall: Two episodes from 1985 (hour) [both CHA/873.2-3]

    A TRIBUTE TO COUNTDOWN: 3,000 AND COUNTING (CHANNEL 4, 2001): A half-hour salute to the long-running letters/numbers game. [OC]

    TRIVIAL PURSUIT-Tony Slattery: One episode from 1994 [CHA]

    TRUST ME-Nicholas Bateman: One episode from 2000 [OC]

    TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES-Steve Penk: The aired 1998 pilot; guests are The Dreamboys, Gaynor Faye, Wendy Richard, and Simon Rouse [OC]

    TURNABOUT-Rob Curling:

  • One episode from 1994 [OB]
  • A tournament finals episode from 1995 [OB/D116.3]

    Bamber Gascoigne:

  • A "Red Dwarf" special from 1992 w/series fans vs. cast members [OB]
    Jeremy Paxman:
  • The 1996 championship episode w/the London School of Economics vs. Imperial College (John Simpson appears at the end to present the grand prize trophy) [OB/407.11]
  • A special "International Challenge" episode from 1997 w/Michigan vs. Imperial (U.S. Ambassador William J. Crowe appears at the end to present the grand prize trophy) [OB/407.12]
  • A special 1998 episode w/"Mastermind" champions vs. "University Challenge" champions [OB/409.1]
  • One episode from 2007 [OB]

    Davina McCall:
    Two episodes from 2002:

  • The 2nd episode [OC/861.11]
  • The 1st series finale (and Davina's last episode) [OB/881.2]
    Mel Sykes: Three episodes from 2003 [all OC]:
  • The 2nd series premiere (and her first episode) [881.3]
  • A general episode [881.4]
  • An episode w/a £700,000 jackpot at stake!
    Gaby Logan:
  • The 3rd series premiere (and her first episode) from 2004 [OC]


  • The 2001 premiere episode [OB/904.4]
  • A general 2001 episode [OB/904.5]
  • A general 2002 episode [OB/904.6]

    WANTED-Ray Cokes: One episode from 1997 (hour; glitchy video) [OC]

    THE WEAKEST LINK-Anne Robinson (all 40 min.):

  • A general 2000 episode [OB/710.4]
  • Fellow trader Gordon Beattie's appearance from 2000 [OB]
  • A special "Champions' League Edition" from 2000 (Gordon returns!) [OB]
  • ATGSer Nick Gates' appearance from 2001 [OB/627.3]
  • A special "Champions Edition" from 2001 [OB/569.6]
  • Nine general 2001 episodes [2 OB/637.1-2, 6 RPT/945.1-2; 954.2; 981.1; 1007.1, 1009.1, 1021.2]
  • A special "Sports Star Edition" from 2002 [OB]
  • A special "Game Show Hosts Edition" from 2002 [OB]
  • Three general 2003 episodes [all OB/934.6, 934.9]
  • A special "Unusual Athletes Edition" from 2003 [OB/934.10]
  • A special "Doctor Who Edition" from 2007 [OB]
  • A special "Strictly Come Dancing Edition" from 2008 [RPT]

    Eammon Andrews:

  • One episode from 1957; panel is David Nixon, Isobel Barnett, Barbara Kelly, and Gilbert Harding [RPT]
    Emma Forbes:
  • 1994; panel is June Whitfield, Kate Robbins, Peter Smith, and Roy Hudd [CHA]
  • 1996; panel is June Whitfield, Peter Smith, Denise Black, and Roy Hudd [CHA]

    WHATEVER YOU WANT-Gaby Roslin: One episode from 2000 (40 min.) [OC/542.1]

    Nicky Campbell:

  • A celebrity episode from Christmas 1988 w/Brian Reagan, Sue Jenkins, and John Ayles [OB/917.2]
  • One episode from 1995 [OB/134.14]
  • A special couples episode from 1996 [CHA/917.8, also 933.2]
  • Three general 1996 episodes [all CHA/882.5-6, 933.1]
  • A special Armed Forces episode from 1996 [CHA]
    Bradley Walsh:
  • Seven episodes from 1997 [all CHA/861.5, 864.9, 874.3, 933.3-6]
    John Leslie:
  • A 1998 episode where TWO cars are offered! [CHA]
  • Two episodes from 1999 [both OC/570.3, 570.5]
  • A general 2000 episode [OC/541.7]
  • A "Coronation Street: 40 Years" special from 2000 w/Nigel Pivaro, Naomi Russell, and Chris Bisson [OC]
    Paul Hendy: Two episodes from 2001:
  • A general episode [OB/862.12]
  • The last episode [RPT]

    WHITTLE-Tim Vine: One episode from 1997 [CHA/301.8]

    WHO DARES WINS (same as "The Rich List")-Nick Knowles:

  • The first two episodes from 2007 [both OB]
  • The first two episodes of the 2nd series from 2008 [both OB]

    Series 1, Fall 1998:

  • The first 7 episodes [all OB/866.1-2, 863.10-14]
    Series 2, Winter/Spring 1999:
  • A great (half-hour) episode [OC/510.14, also 569.1]
  • The last episode (hour; ends w/series clips, including a £500K win!) [OC/569.8]
    Series 4, Early Fall 1999:
  • Tony Stanton's £125,000 win (hour) [OC]
    Series 5, Late Fall/Winter 1999:
  • Four consecutive Christmas episodes (all half-hour, episode 4 missing intro) [all OC]
    Series 6, Winter 2000:
  • David Neale's £250,000 win (hour) [OB/540.11]
    Series 7, Spring 2000:
  • The first two episodes (episode 1 half-hour, episode 2 hour) [both OC/569.2-3]
  • Peter Lee's £500,000 win (half-hour, intro/end credits missing) [OB/860.1]
  • Former Aussie WWtBaM champ Paddy Spooner's appearance (hour) [OC/569.4]
  • Margaret Whitaker's £250,000 win (hour; she was the first woman to do so!) [OC/593.2]
  • An episode w/a Fastest Finger rarity (hour) [OB/540.10]
  • An episode w/all female contestants in the Hot Seat (hour) [OC/782.7]
  • An episode w/a £125,000 win (half-hour) [OB/627.10]
  • The last episode (50 min.) [OC/569.5]
    Series 8, Fall 2000:
  • The 100th episode (w/former contestants in the audience; hour, end credits missing) [OB/860.2]
  • The episode where Judith Keppel becomes the first-ever £1,000,000 winner! (hour) [OC/570.8]
  • John Randall's £500,000 win (hour, end credits missing) [OC/860.3]
  • Ben Whitehead's £125,000 win (hour; end credits missing) [OC/710.1]
    Series 9, Winter/Spring 2001:
  • Two consecutive episodes where Steve Devlin wins £500,000 (episode 1 hour, episode 2 1:15) [both OB/860.4-5]
  • Mike Pomfrey's £500,000 win (hour, missing intro) [OB/860.6]
  • Maj. Charles Ingram's wife Diana's appearance (hour, end credits missing) [OB/860.7]
  • David Edwards' £1,000,000 win (the 2nd ever; hour) [OB/860.8]
    Series 10, Fall 2001:
  • The premiere episode; it's a "Coronation Street" special w/Suranne Jones, Sean Wilson, Vicky Entwistle, David Neilson, Melanie Kilburn, Clare McGlinn, Stephen Beckett, Angie Longsdale, Scott Wright, and Naomi Russell (hour) [OC/860.9]
  • Robert Brydges' £1,000,000 win (hour) [OC/697.7]
  • Peter Spyride's £500,000 win (hour) [OB/860.10]
  • Ingram accomplice Tecwen Whittock's appearance (actually 2 shows edited together because of Ingram's unaired win; hour, part of opening/end credits cut off) [OC/861.1]
  • A "Celebrity Doubles" special w/Emma & Bryan Forbes, Jonathan Ross & Jane Goldman, Sir Steve & Lady Ann Redgrave, Fiona Phillips & Martin Frizell, and Jasper Carrott & Jenny Davis (1:15) [OB/861.2]
  • Future US "WWtBaM" champ Jeff Gross's appearance (hour) [OB]
  • Briony Poole's £250,000 win (hour) [OB/861.3]
  • Two special Christmas celebrity episodes (w/no Fastest Finger rounds) [both OB/864.2-3]
    Series 11, Winter/Spring 2002:
  • The 250th episode (half-hour) [OB/863.10, jumpy video, also RPT w/better quality]
  • Roger Walker's £500,000 win (half-hour) [OC/864.1]
  • Four special "Celebrity Doubles" episodes (all half-hr.) [all OC]
    Series 12, Fall 2002 (all episodes an hour from this point on):
  • The premiere episode [OB/882.1]
  • A special celebrity episode [OB/918.1]
  • The 300th episode (aired live!) [OB/918.2]
    Series 13, Winter/Spring 2003:
  • A special Easter celebrity episode [OB/882.2]
    Series 14, Fall 2003:
  • Two special 5th anniversary episodes (w/former £1M winner/celebrity teams playing) [both OC/864.4-5]
  • Mark Jessop's £125,000 win [OC/882.3]
  • Fiona Bangert's £250,000 win [OC/882.4]
  • Two special "University Editions" [both OC/934.7-8]
    Series 15, Winter/Spring 2004:
  • Two consecutive episodes where Pat Gibson becomes the next £1,000,000 winner! [both OC/918.3, 918.6]
  • Two Easter celebrity specials [both OC/918.4-5]
    Series 16, Fall 2004:
  • Two special "Celebrity Doubles" episodes [both OC]
  • Gary Alexander's £125,000 win [OC]
  • Four consecutive episodes [all OC]
  • Three Christmas celebrity specials [all OC/1033.1-3]
    Series 17, Winter/Spring 2005:
  • Simon Curtis's £250,000 win [OC]
  • A special Mother's Day episode [OC]
    Series 20, Dec. 2006:
  • Two consecutive episodes where Ingram Wilcox wins £1,000,000! [both OC]
    Series 22, Fall 2007:
  • One episode (now w/the new format/theme/graphics) [OC]
    Series 23, Winter/Spring 2008:
  • Two general episodes [both OC]
    Series 27, Spring/Summer 2010:
  • The first two episodes [both OC]
    Series 30, 2014-15:
  • A partial 2014 episode w/Paul McCartney playing for charity [OB]

    An hour-long special that shows an uninterrupted version of Maj. Charles Ingram's never-aired and negated £1,000,000 win. [OC/863.2]

    A 1:45 made-for-video special showing memorable moments, behind-the-scenes footage, clips of foreign versions, and more!

    WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?-Clive Anderson:

  • 1988; performers are Tony Slattery (TS), Betty Thomas, Paul Merton, and John Sessions (JS) [RPT/594.1]
  • 1989; performers are Mike McShane (MM), Chris Langham, Sandy Toksvig, and JS [RPT/594.2]
  • 1991; performers are Josie Lawrence (JL), Greg Proops (GP), Sandy Toksvig, and MM [RPT/594.3]
  • 1992; performers are GP, Archie Hahn, Ryan Stiles (RS), and Chip Esten [RPT/594.4]
  • 1992; performers are Sam Johnson, Jane Bruckner, RS, and Chip Esten [RPT/594.5]
  • 1993; performers are GP, RS, JL, and MM [RPT/594.6]
  • 1993; performers are GP, Russell Fletcher, RS, and JL [RPT/594.7]
  • 1993; performers are Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie (CM), RS, and TS [RPT/594.8]
  • A compilation show from 1993 [RPT/594.16]
  • 1994; performers are Steve Frost, CM, RS, and TS [RPT/594.9]
  • 1994; performers are MM, GP, RS, and TS [RPT/594.10]
  • 1994; performers are GP, CM, RS, and TS [RPT/594.11]
  • A compilation show from 1994 [RPT/594.15]
  • 1995; performers are CM, RS, Caroline Quentin, and TS [RPT/594.12]
  • 1995; performers are GP, MM, RS, and TS [RPT/594.13]
  • 1995; performers are GP, MM, RS, and TS (again!) [RPT/594.14]

    WIN BEADLE'S MONEY (same as WBSM)-Jeremy Beadle: One episode from 1999 [OC/697.9]

    Danny Baker:

  • One episode from 1990; guests are Coleen Nolan, Maureen Nolan, Paul Coia, and *Paul Ross* [OB]
    Bob Mills:
  • One episode from 1996; guests are Janet Krankie, Linda Nolan, Ian Krankie, and *Nicholas Parsons* [RPT]
    Liza Tarbuck ("Win, Lose or Draw Late"):
  • The 2004 premiere episode w/Karen Taylor, Kate Garroway, and Sue Perkins vs. *Paul Ross*, Brendan Courtney, and Edward Paul [OC]

    WINNER TAKES ALL-Bobby Davro: One episode from 1998 [CHA/652.5]

    WINNING LINES (all episodes 40 min.)
    Simon Mayo:

  • Two episodes from 2000 [both OB/542.3, 542.7]
    Philip Schofield:
  • One episode from 2001 [OB/637.7]
  • The 2002 series premiere (now w/new music cues) [OB/905.9]
  • The 2003 series finale [OB/934.11]
  • A 2004 episode w/a great Wonderwall round [OB]

    Paul Daniels:
    Two episodes from 1994 [both OB]
    Bob Monkhouse: Two episodes from 2000 [both OB/569.9, 570.4]

    WITHOUT PREJUDICE?-Liza Tarbuck: Three episodes from 2004 [all RPT/931.1-2, 954.1]

    An hour-long documentary on the life and times of the "Countdown" host, which includes clips, plus interviews w/colleagues and A-list celebrities. [OC]

    A WORD IN YOUR EAR-Gordon Burns:

  • *Bob Carolgees* & Diane Abbott vs. Janice Long & Peter Fiddick from 1994 [CHA]
  • *Tom O'Connor* & Sian Lloyd vs. Carol Smillie & Patrick Moore from 1994 [CHA]
  • *Bob Holness* & Suzanne Dando vs. Michaela Strachan & Roger Black from 1995 [CHA/540.12]

    YOU BET!
    Bruce Forsyth:

  • One episode from 1989; guests are *Bob Holness*, Suzi Quatro, and John McCririck [OB]
    Matthew Kelly:
  • His first episode from 1991; guests are Nick Skelton, Vicki Michelle, and Brian Glover [CHA]
  • His second episode; guests are Eric Bristow, Gemma Craven, and David Jensen [CHA]
  • His third episode; guests are Annabel Giles, *Andrew O'Connor*, and Johnny Briggs [CHA]
  • Christmas 1992 episode; guests are Kriss Akabusi, Judi Spiers, Annabel Giles, and Andrew O'Connor [CHA]

    Jeremy Beadle:
    One episode from 1993 (missing last 5 min.) [OC]
    Lisa Riley: One episode from 1999 [OB]
    Harry Hill: A special "best of" episode from 2005 [RPT]

    YOUR FACE OR MINE?-Jimmy Carr & June Sarpong: One episode from 2003 [OC]

    YOUR KIDS ARE IN CHARGE-Anthea & Wendy Turner: One episode from 2000 (40 min.) [OB/542.8]

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